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PA voters should also be energized to hold John “In Cold Blood” Murtha responsible and get him to apologize for his slander.

And dont forget this is the state that Obama said “bitter Pennsylvanians were clinging to guns or religion” (paraphrased).

Get out there PA and be heard!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s the DemocratIC party, not the ‘democrat party’.

From Democrat to Republican and back to Democrat
Spectre is simply going home 🙂

Good news for Pat Toomey…he won’t have to waste money running against Spectre for the Republican nomination…
….a $ saved is a $ usefully spent to retire the RINO.

It is NOT DemocratIC – it is the the Democrat Party! Time to recall Specter – Get out there and make your voice heard. This POS is a loser and is only interested (by his own admission) in power – he is lacking in integrity and principle!

FYI to those who aren’t from the Philly area

Between serving on the Warren Commission and becoming a senator, Specter was twice elected district attorney in Philadelphia, where he earned a tough-on-crime reputation. His most famous case, however, came in 1979, when he was in private practice and thinking about running for the Senate. A man named Ira Einhorn, better known as the “Unicorn,” had been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend; she had been missing for a year and a half when police found her mummified corpse squeezed into a trunk hidden in Einhorn’s closet.
Einhorn was a celebrated leftist and is credited with helping found Earth Day. He also had strong ties to Philadelphia elites — a group of people Specter was cultivating for his prospective Senate campaign when he agreed to become Einhorn’s lawyer.
At an arraignment, the government demanded a $100,000 bail for Einhorn. Before Judge William Marutani, Specter called this “excessively excessive” and insisted on a reduced figure. Marutani wondered if Einhorn might “split for parts unknown.” He mentioned Norway as a possible destination. “I have to disagree with your last statement,” replied Specter. “Anybody is as likely to go to Norway as anybody else.” Through the future senator’s efforts, Einhorn’s bail was dropped to $40,000. The accused man only had to put out ten percent of it in cash to secure his release.
As things turned out, Specter was proven correct: Einhorn didn’t flee for Norway. He went to Sweden instead, slipping out of the United States shortly before his murder trial was scheduled to begin. Einhorn remained a fugitive until 1997, when police found him living in France under a phony name with his Swedish wife. He was eventually extradited to the United States. In 2002, he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.
Specter, who quit the case soon after the bail hearing and rarely has spoken about it since, says he has no regrets about representing Einhorn or demanding the reduced bail. “If I had been D.A., I would have had him detained — there would have been no bail at all,” he told me in an interview last year.
But by 1979, the tough-on-crime prosecutor had become a tough-on-prosecutor criminal defender. Perhaps he was just doing his job. It must be remembered, however, that his job, for which he volunteered possibly to curry favor with potential political supporters, involved reducing bail for a murderer who fled from justice.


Good news a RINO has left the Republican party…the start of a stampede ?
Don’t know about you guys but I am starting to get with this “Hope & Change” thing.

Adios RINO

Pat Toomey the guy looking to replace Spectre has an article in the Washington Times

“*A central question will be whether Mr. Specter can be trusted on anything”

Keep hitting the trust thing and Spectre will be gone for good…that’s my opinion 🙂

@philly_nj: “Keep hitting the trust thing and Spectre will be gone for good.”

You forgot one thing Philly. Now that Specter is a Democrat any reminder to the voters about what a lying traitorous bastard he is will be reported as negative campaigning which only Democrats are permitted to engage in.

Watch for Specter to throw the kitchen sink at Toomey with nary a peep about negative campaigning.

Specter had already started with the negative campaign ads against Toomey several weeks ago. I think it would be poetic justice if Arlen didn’t get reelected afterall!

@philly_nj: “Keep hitting the trust thing and Spectre will be gone for good.”

Mike’s America
You forgot one thing Philly. Now that Specter is a Democrat any reminder to the voters about what a lying traitorous bastard he is will be reported as negative campaigning which only Democrats are permitted to engage in.

I don’t think its unreasonable for voters to to ask …..
“Do you trust Arlen Spectre to represent your state’s interests, your job, your future before his own personal interests, job and future ?”
“Arlen Spectre can’t make up his mind about which party he wants to belong to, can Democrats trust him not to change his mind again.

Or in Philly speak:
“You cant trust Arlen to dance with the folk who brung him you know when you get him to the ball he’s just gonna whore around”
(sorry to anyone my language offends)

Thing is Spectre knew Pennsylvanians were against the pork bills and the stimulous packages and the bailouts, he receive mountains of emails and phone calls, but he ignored the folk he represented and not only voted with the Democrats but encouraged other Republicans to stand with him and he was well aware that it was his vote that got at least one of those bills passed.

Being from Philly/Bucks, I expect there will be one hell of a negative dirty tricks campaign against Toomy. Note that in each of his wins, Spector was actually the more conservatve candidate and actually already had supporters from 1/2 the media to both do the attacks and protect him from the left. The PA GOP problems are, 1st – No get out the vote program for its own voters in the face of an extemely effective Dem program; just look at the turnout figures. 2nd, the GOP is lower tech than the Amish in the face of a Dem machine that is really, really good and financed with contracts from state agencies. 3rd, PA has been since FDR a Reagan coalition state, not conservative, although the consensus majority is quite socially conservatve; the GOP and, sadly, both Bushes, destroyed the Reagan coalition and gave a social conservatve red state to the Dems. Against the combined Dem/media party blitz, I am afraid Toomy has less chance than the Poles horse cavalry vs Panzer blitz of WW2; gallant, heroic, bloody and dead.

@philly_nj: All those questions are reasonable just as it was reasonable for us to ask if Obama was a closet socialist in 2008.

I don’t see Toomey backing down even though he knows the media will be one sided in how they report “negative” campaigning.