Nancy Pelosi Admits Knowledge Of Waterboarding….BUT Didn’t Think The CIA Would Use It


Politico first notes that Pelosi said she was never briefed on the waterboarding: (h/t Gateway Pundit)

Nancy Pelosi denies knowing U.S. officials used waterboarding

But when confronted with the evidence that she did indeed know…evidence including a 2007 WaPo article referencing a hourlong briefing in 2002 where she and three others were told of the waterboarding and given a tour of the detention facility…she does the tried and true “well…but” excuse.

“Well…But” the CIA didn’t tell me they would really use it!

Which proves she lied. Period.

The Democrats deserve this worthless piece of work…they really do.


And now we’re finding out that the left’s hyperventilating about the number of times waterboarding was used was another nimrod moment:

A Corner exclusive: How many times have you read and heard in the mainstream media that terrorists were waterboarded more than 180 times?

It turns out that’s not true. What is?

According to two sources, both of them very well-informed and reliable (but preferring to remain anonymous), the 180-plus times refers not to sessions of waterboarding, but to “pours” — that is, to instances of water being poured on the subject.

Under a strict set of rules, every pour of water had to be counted — and the number of pours was limited.

Also: Waterboarding interrogation sessions were permitted on no more than five days within any 30-day period.

No more than two sessions were permitted in any 24-hour period.

A session could last no longer than two hours.

There could be at most six pours of water lasting ten seconds or longer — and never longer than 40 seconds — during any individual session.

Water could be poured on a subject for a combined total of no more than 12 minutes during any 24 hour period.

You do the math.

Hmmm….works out to about one hour of waterboarding if my math is correct.

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We’re thinking along parallel lines again.

You beat me by 4 minutes.

Now back to topic: it’s worth repeating that ONLY THREE TERRORISTS WERE WATERBOARDED!

If Congress spent half the time reading Obama’s spending bills as they have boo hooing about waterboarding OF THREE MONSTERS we wouldn’t have all that pork and wasteful spending.

and a “cheers” and tip’o’ glass to you, Mr. Curt for beating Mike to the rum punch. LOL I tell ya… he’s a tough one to beat. We need more fabulous gardening weather if we’re to beat him to the keyboard on FA. He’s johnny on the spot with the breaking stuff.

BTW… Pelosi didn’t “lie”. She, like her fellow powerhouse Congressional Dems, just prefer to rewrite history and pass off their votes as “but that’s not what I meant!”.

Perfect example, Hillary on the AUMF… as per an MSNBC story Feb 12, 2007

Throughout her weekend campaign visit here, Clinton stuck to her guns: She said she voted to give Bush authority to send weapons inspectors to Iraq, and that her vote was not an endorsement of pre-emptive war. She also said she would never have sought to invade Iraq if she had been president in 2002.

So say they all, in retrospect.

But of course, the problem is, the damn bill is titled “AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ RESOLUTION OF 2002”.

And that translates to a vote for “diplomacy” and no military force to back it up how??’

Considering this is a successful political ploy – ala rewriting history for a population with the retention for current events equivalent to a gnat – why is it surprising that Pelosi tosses down the same ace, with the media’s aid?

@MataHarley: I would have beat Curt to the “punch” but I got so wrapped up in that timeline from Obama’s Attorney General (the totally unqualified Eric Holder).

It’s clear from that memo that either there existed a massive criminal conspiracy to violate federal law and the U.S. Constitution or there was the most meticulous and thorough effort to stay within the law and still take every measure to assure the safety of our citizens.

Do Democrats really want to remind people that had they been in charge it is entirely likely that we would have been hit again multiple times with thousands of lives lost?

Let Dems go out and tell people how we would be better off if thousands of Americans were dead!

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 13 This post is a suggested read at,

Pelosi is what’s wrong with the Democrats and all of the liberals who have gone over the edge. She would lie faster than breathe, to score political points with her wacko constituents, and this is politically expedient to bash the Bush admin in front of her San Franciscan idiocracy! They are gleeful over the prospect of endangering our national security, and even more so about destroying the people involved in the case.

Pelosi has gone completely bat-sh** insane. How incredibly stupid does she think we are? I am starting to warm to Obama the tiniest bit because I am getting deathly scared of Biden and Pelosi, should either of them have to rise to the presidency.

This whole era is a total freakish nightmare!!

I”ve heard of splitting hairs but this takes the cake. Is her stupidty a natural instinct or is it an act?

The Dems knew: they were briefed, the White House sought legal advice, the justice department worked overtime and the Dem leadership pleads “ignorance”???

Somehow, I think the Dems got surprised when Cheney decided to fight back and give his side of the story. When he challenged congress to release ALL of the details (including the intel they got and its effects) Pelosi and crew got caught flatfooted and the backtracking ensued.

Personally, the genie is out of the bottle and I don’t think Obama can stop it now (I wonder if he really intended to stop it). It has a life on it’s own and will only get ugly when MoveOn, Code Pink and others start demanding that Bush/Cheney/Rice do a “perp walk”.

The potential blowback can be immense and Barry must realise that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Payback will be a bitch as the next Republican administration will want to “investigage” Obama “policy crimes”. By then, NO ONE will want to serve for fear of having their reputation trashed or savings spent on lawyers.

If you thought Bork got a raw deal, you haven’t seen nothing yet.