GOP Calls For Ouster Of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano


Well whadda ya know…The GOP’s backbone is growing a bit stronger:

House Republicans are calling on Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to step down or be fired in the wake of a controversial department memo that has sparked indignant battle cries from conservatives and some veterans.

“Singling out political opponents for working against the ruling party is precisely the tactic of every tyrannical government from Red China to Venezuela,” said Texas Rep. John Carter, a member of the party’s elected leadership who has organized an hour of floor speeches Wednesday night to call for Napolitano’s ouster. “The first step in the process is creating unfounded public suspicion of political opponents, followed by arresting and jailing any who continue speaking against the regime.”

This is the same lady who insulted vets in the latest DHS warnings about “right-wing extremism” and has insulted Canada by stating the 9/11 attackers came from that border. When confronted with that error she said:

“I can’t talk to that. I can talk about the future. And here’s the future. The future is we have borders.”

Hey everybody! We have borders….duh

Then she said the Canadian border should be treated the same as our border with Mexico, a country with a huge drug war going on.

But at least she is one of the few Obama appointees that has paid her taxes.

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Why is the GOP ALWAYS behind the curve?


What curve? Try making a point that makes sense; then wean have intelligent, meaningful dialogue.

Jeff V


I think what Mark means is that the GOP always seems to be lagging behind on its’ response time when issues like the Homeland Security Secretary come up.

This issue bubbled to the surface way back on the 9th or 10th. Today is the 22nd.

Way slow.

Issues like this are times that Steele needs to be out in front of every camera out there, when they happen. Aye’s right, took WAY TOO LONG to respond.


She won’t be going anywhere, sadly.

My mother is from Cuba. She left as castro was consolidating his power.
With all the socialist moves and this “enemies list”, she told me this is
exactly how it started in Cuba. However, she said not even castro moved as quickly
as the obamination and dems.

i am sure they are going for a forever ruling party, that they will never be voted out of office if all this crap keeps up and the gop doesn’t start swingin. we can only do so much as informed conservatives, we can share info with people and get the message out, but the gop leadership needs to give us a hand. also, side topic….again, look at her, she is ugly, that is why she is a dem. just sayin’

Yeah, I was happy to see her leave AZ but this is worse I think. I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere either. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but do you see a general philosphy in the Obama administration to put incompetent idiots in positions that will undermine the stength and security of the nation. Obama can then say “Ooops, I made a mistake in hiring that person.” but then enjoy the fact the damage has been done without people really pointing the finger at him.

@Stomp: clearly you are using your head when most americans weren’t on election day.

Obama knows the media will cover for him when they screw up. Look how they
went after Geithner in an effort to protect him. Once public attention was off
obama they let things cool down with Geithner.

Obama certainly has the knack at picking extremists, corruptocrats, and incompetents
for his administration.

For those that tried to argue he did, still think obama picked “moderates”?

Napolitano must resign now.

Oh, and Jackboot Janet also just declared that entering the US illegally is not a crime (it is). This is our top immigration official???

Steeeeee-rike three!

One of the guys that I work with grew up in Albania. He is a legal citizen of this country. He said exactly the same thing as Hard Right’s mother said. To him, it feels like Deja Vu all over again. He is scared. He remembers you couldn’t even say anything bad about the government. He and his parents were afraid all the time in Albania under the communists. He said Obama and the Dems sound and say the exact same things as those socialists leaders in Albania..

Worse than blaming Canada for 9/11, she’s shirked responsibility for American border security onto Canadians! Our CBSA doesn’t question people LEAVING the country for America, that’s the Department of Homeland InSecurity’s job.

In the same vein, how often is the proposal of the removal of terms on the presidential office made?

I don’t care WHO is in office, I want terms left in place. Heck, I’d like to see the original ones re-imposed on congress.

I just can not and do not want to imagine this group of losers in office longer than necessary.