Dept Of Justice to Obama: Might Have to Keep Gitmo OPEN After All


For YEARS Senator Obama boasted about closing the Gitmo Gulag while he was campaigning. As President-elect, he vowed to close it. As President he gave an order to close it (but the fine print said only IF the Dept of Justice said it was feasible and after an extensive study). Then he thumped his chest to Americans that he had ordered Gitmo closed. He told it to the Canadians on his first big trip far from home. Obama bragged about his decisiveness on the matter to every visiting foreign leader. He went to Europe and bragged about closing Gitmo as he gave speeches apologizing for American arrogance to each and every country.

Then he came back

And after 3 months of investigation, the Obama Dept of Justice has reached the same conclusions that President Bush’s did years ago:
-no one will take the detainees
-no (Democrat) member of Congress can get re-elected if you put the detainees in their district
-a lot of the remaining detainees are too dangerous to release
Gitmo just might not be able to be closed after all

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Shocking!! Who’d a thunk it?

Jeff V

Does this mean with the opening of Cuba for travel that American relatives will be able to bring all sorts of stuff and money to the getmo boys?
Never mind I forget [ha] no Americans or Cubans being held at getmo.

What will bho do when Cuba decides to arrest an American going to visit their family?
Because you know this will happen sooner or later.
Like most things this guy does it is a feel good but not thought through.


They’ll need to keep Gitmo open to house the political prisoners they are planning to take under the recent Homeland Security order.

But don’t you understand…democrats/leftists aren’t required to actually DO anything. They are only supposed to make the proper, politically correct and popular STATEMENTS! Say the right thing, and you have done your job as a left wing political hack. The MSM will take it from there.

I have the solution. We build a new prison for the detainees just off the Washington DC Mall. Say at 1601 Pennsylvania Ave.