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This poor lady has suffered a number of medical problems lately, all the best Mrs Bush!.

Get Well Soon.

My best wishes go out to the bush family, and Barbara at this time.

Mega-dittos on the get well soon!

Sidenote: the bunny ears reveals a side of the Bush family that the MSM would rather the rest of America (indeed the world) doesn’t know about: the Bush’s are
not evil, nasty, mean, and rotten to the core. They can be just as light-hearted, fun-loving, and very entertaining folks, and above all else they are very gracious people.

Barbara is a kind and caring lady, and loved by most of Texas (even though George and Barbara are not native Texans.) She is not pretentious or self-serving; she’s the “real deal.”

Jeff V

one of the nicet first ladies ever, get well soon barbara, I love that photo, I do crap to my wife like george did to barbara

Funny picture- you’d probably slam Obama for doing the same…

I knew at least one moonbat would be a douche on this thread
Way to go Mentally Unfit.

Get well Barbara!

Yeah Hard Right, I really went overboard there… sorry I was so offensive.

@ruaqtpi2: The Bush’s good natured sense of humor and down to earth attitudes are no suprise to anyone who has met them. I met the first President Bush when he was President-Elect at the White House and he stopped to talk about a mutual friend (my Political Science professor in College). He made me feel instantly comfortable even though it was difficult to put the fact that he was heading for the top job out of my mind.

All the Bush family are like that.

I’ve always loved Barbara Bush, what she quietly did for children, her life long work for literacy, a wicked sense of humor and lots of spunk. We also raised Springer Spaniels like her Millie, always got a kick out of Millie.

Another story about President Bush 41.

A third grade teacher in my son’s school, the famous Miss Sandberg, had her students send letters to candidate’s during Bush 41’s first run. Not all the letters went to presidential candidates, but the child that wrote to Bush, got a letter back. He kept up the letter exchange with her during the campaign and then invited her to the Inauguration and a ball, she went. They are probably still writing back and forth.

She later became the voice of Ariel in the Little Mermaids and I can’t even remember her name but remember what house they lived in, I hope it’s the cold meds, sheesh!

Mentally unfit, You’re such an a–hole you actually think it’s
not a big deal. Here’s an idea, do something really different for
a leftist-show some class and shut off your unbalanced hate for a moment.

I think your irony meter’s still broken…


That was Jodi Benson. She also performed on Broadway in Crazy for You, along with one of my acting teachers. At the time, I worked in the gift shop right next to the theatre. I remember Ronald Reagan coming out after seeing the show, proclaiming it was the best show he’d ever seen. Of course, it was Gershwin!

Looks like Mrs. Bush is gonna pull through just fine. There was a lovely video on Yahoo, showing a very emotional human side to her hubby. Wishing them well.


Cary, thanks for your information. I was wrong, the little girl Bush41 corresponded with couldn’t be the one that was Ariel. Jodi Benson is from the same town but is older, this little girl would now be in her 30’s. So now, it’s going to drive me crazy until I figure out what production she later starred in. I have to learn to not trust my memory, erased for some time due to medication years ago, and look how I just confused the two, ugh.

It’s still a nice story, regardless of who the girl was! I’m glad you shared it.