Skye in DC


Just arrived in DC for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The schedule is jam-packed with good events. Looking forward to talking with Sen. DeMint, networking with other grassroots organizations and having the coolest bloggers on the planet spend quality time with me.

I’m also ready to capture the conference better than before – check the sweetness:

I’ll be Twittering the conference as well as posting on FA, MidnightBlue and on PA WaterCooler. Photo collections will be posted to FLICKR, and videos to YOUTUBE.

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Are we going to see some glam shots of you in those shoes?

Girl, have a great time! Certainly wish I could have been able to go this year, but will do my utmost to squirrel the pennies away for next time around.

BTW, I’m jealous of all your gear…

I’m across the river in Arlington. I’m a liberal Dem who met John McCain in June at his Arlington HQ, became a PUMA, and voted for him. If you get the chance, talk to the Repubs and ask them what the heck they’re thinking with Bobby Jindal. A creationist? They need to get a clue and start doing what they need to attract centrist and even left of center Democrats. The far right conservative evangelicals wouldn’t support McCain and now look what we’ve got.

Paul Krugman knows we’re making the same mistakes Japan made in the mid-1990s that led to their lost decade but the GOP seems to be tongue tied. This is no longer an issue of partisan politics. This is about survival of a way of life so Obama represents a sort of existential threat. All the GOP could muster was the incredibly weak voice of Jindal?

Good luck with the conference, Skye!

Actually, the evengelicals were luke warm for McCain but really showed up for Sarah Palin.

PUMA’s were never a real factor in this race. They just like to think they are, but statistics show otherwise.

Jindal had the content and message that was lacking in Obama’s empty speech. I can’t wait to hear more from him.

What ganja do the liberal dems smoke in Arlington??


With an attitude like that, conservatives aren’t going to have much success. I’m hoping the GOP takes back the Senate next year. Keep pissing on anyone who offers support.

At least Sen. Byrd stood up against a member of his own party:

Byrd: Obama in power grab – John Bresnahan –

The GOP is in a shambles and doesn’t have a voice these days.


With friends like liberal dems, no wonder why Republicans lost badly.

Do you mean Senator Bobby “Sheets” Byrd – the Klan representative to the DNC?

The GOP is in shambles due to the RINO’s in charge. Times are changing, and 2010 is looking better for conservative Republicans.

Change can be a good thing:

Ron: Should Pennsylvania GOP’rs embrace Sen. Arlen Specter in 2010 despite his abondonment of GOP unity on fiscal responsiblity?

No, why should the GOP help Specter? There are a lot of Dems like me who were very angry with the 3 RINOs who voted for that damn huge spending bill that’ll do next to nothing to help the economy during this recession.

As for Sen. Byrd, I’ve never been a fan but I applaud anyone who will stand up to Obama and what he’s trying to pull. I’ve been warning about Obama for over a year. There are still a bunch of Democrats who know enough not to trust Obama and who would like to help the GOP if given a chance. Some of us are concerned Jews, like me, who read LGF which is where I saw this link. I’m concerned Obama and his anti-Israel staff will screw Israel so I look to conservatives for help.

I like Michael Steele and wish him luck with the GOP. Democrats last year were screwed by the DNC and that’s what led to the PUMA movement. We’re very fragmented now but there are still a bunch of pissed PUMAs. We’re probably very like-minded on some issues like Obama and major problems with the MSM.

so what size shoe do you wear? heh. those are gorgeous!

I think I just saw Skye on a film clip FOX just aired, couldn’t see if she had the shoes on. Watch to see if they air it again, maybe she’ll become a youtube hit! Our own TV personality.