The Case for a Truth Commission


Yes it’s that time again! Democrats are in the news for a growing list of corruption, and so…they go for the distraction. Rather than kick out the members of their party who are corrupt, they try and distract; to point fingers at Republicans. Sorry. It doesn’t work anymore. Democrats hold both houses of Congress and the White House. No wonder Sen Pat Leahy is trying SO HARD to distract and even point fingers at Republicans who are no longer even in DC! I guess the good senator missed my challenge.

Best line of Sen Leahy’s reasoning for looking back and forming an Orwellian Truth Commission was this:

During the past several years, the U.S. has been deeply divided. This has made our government less productive and our society less civil. President Obama is right in saying that we cannot afford extreme partisanship and debilitating divisions. As we commemorate the Lincoln bicentennial, there is a need, again, “to bind up the nation’s wounds.” Rather than vengeance, we need an impartial pursuit of what actually happened and a shared understanding of the failures of the recent past.

What makes that so good is the bit before it:

For much of this decade, we have read about and witnessed such abuses as the scandal at Abu Ghraib, the disclosure of torture memos and the revelations about the warrantless surveillance of Americans.

So what is to be done about the abuses of the Bush years?

Yeah, ok. Real impartial here, huh? Sounds to me like Sen Leahy’s already made up his mind about “abuses.” Does he care that Abu Grhaib’s been investigated several times, that people were punished for it? If Sen Leahy looks back at fmr Pres Bush who had 8 attorneys fired for political reasons, will he also look back at fmr Pres Clinton who fired hundreds for political reasons? Leahy mentions the warrantless wiretaps, but that’s been investigated, gone through courts, and been upheld.

Seriously, are there still lemmings out there who think that Leahy’s hearings or any of the hundreds of similar political witch hunts are good, genuine, necessary, are not divisive, will not further divide the nation, and are not political distractions? If so, let’s at least agree to prioritize and have hearings on those who are IN power before having hearings on those who are long gone.

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What are you talking about, ‘diversion’? …there’s been for years calls for Bush investigations–you know yourself it was going to happen when McCain lost the election.

You say ‘Rather than kick out the members of their party who are corrupt, they try and distract…’

Yet here…

WashPost– Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s blunt warning to Sen. Roland Burris that he should resign amid revelations that he did not tell the whole truth about his contacts with associates of former governor Rod Blagojevich ramps up the pressure on other lawmakers to follow Quinn’s lead, and drastically increases the chances of a special election being held to fill the seat.

You know Burris will most likely be gone before Spring.

You shrouding investigations into Bush’s actions as diversions may have some truth (as in ‘keeping the pressure’ on the gop), but the bulk of the reality is before Burris was even considered for the Senate there were calls for congressional investigations from plenty of dems in of congress. Leahy coming forward in bold voice now was expected, not to mention Whitehouse, Conyers, and all the rest.

Calling it a low down diversion ignores the reality that it was hoped and explected for years.

braindrain, the only reason they care about Blago and Burris is
because they embarrassed the messiah.
You also deliberately ignore all the corrupt dems they have done
nothing about. Heck, a few even got promoted.
Go back to puffho and enjoy the fake racist video they have of Gibson.

Just because some nutroots have been calling for Bush to be put on trial for years does not mean that this should actually be done.

And what’s the point of putting forth Gov. Quinn as another distraction. Burris is the least of the Democrats “culture of corruption”. Richardson, Daschle, Geithner, Murtha, Rangel, etc., etc., etc. are those who are the problems today. Of course, perhaps in order to get a pound of flesh today, you will agree that these characters’ “truth squads” can be deferred until the Republicans once again are at the controls.

What are you talking about, ‘diversion’?


You say ‘Rather than kick out the members of their party who are corrupt, they try and distract…’

Yet here…

WashPost– Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn’s blunt warning to Sen. Roland Burris that he should resign amid revelations that he did not tell the whole truth

Not seeing much pressure from within the Dim Party inside the Beltway though are you?

Hearing any calls from within Congress?

No, not so much.

The pressure on Burris is coming up from the grass roots and the newly appointed gov of IL who very well may be an ethical kind of guy who is raging against the machine.

Any calls or pressure from the Dims regarding:









Et al?


That’s the sound of your argument going down the drain.

Thanks for playing though.

I just realized that “Drain” is yet another iteration of Jan/sanjay/timebug, etc.

What a waste of human flesh you’ve turned out to be.

I predicted something like this about a year ago. Granted, in my scenario, it was Obama, not Leahy, and the media compared it to Khruschev’s secret speech denouncing Stalin (most real people saw through the ploy). Of course, I didn’t expect it to happen until about 2011 or so. I guess I gave the Dems too much credit.

The “New Era of Responsibility” has been reduced to a button.
Put it next to your Gerry Ford “Whip Inflation Now” button.

As a fiercely bipartisan organization, it’s great to see some coverage of this issue on the right. It’s a shame Representative Flake’s proposal to investigate the connection between campaign contributions and earmarks was squashed. We’ve done a little research, inspired by this incident, to highlight the inefficiencies created (to put it lightly) by major campaign donations to the right people. Here’s the one-page PDF report: