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Democrats show how they pick up after themselves.

If only each of the litterers could be fined and the funds applied to the cost of the Inauguration.

Obama inauguration as a sliding door

I guess the recycle bins weren’t labeled clearly enough or maybe there weren’t enough of them?

You can always tell when Democrats meet.

Just another example of “do as we say, not as we do” environmentalism.

Kind of like 600 private jets that flew environmentally conscious celebrities and Democrat big wigs in for the inaugural.

Rush has already dubbed this “Hurricane Latrina”

I think it’s really a reflection of the lack of respect they have for themselves, so why support their surroundings with respect? It’s the governments’ job to fix their messes anyway, right? Personal responsibility is a foreign concept to liberals.

Hmmm, somehow, out of the 2 million people who were there and heard President Obama issue his call to service….I don’t see anyone picking up trash in the national mall. More proof that his speech fell on deaf ears

Thanks for posting that video Scott. It’s even worse than the photos. What symbolism that blowing trash gives to that historic day.

Did you notice that the person who put that on You Tube entitled it:
Post-Barackalyptic Wasteland

Maybe the One should have declared the 21st a day of service instead of the 19th.

It’s worse than that every year after the Fourth of July…great fireworks, huge mess.

After the vid, there’s a few links to litterfreeinauguration and vids showing how it took days to clean up after his other rallies. Recall as well that after the DNC convention there were trash bags FULL of American flags.

Call me crazy, but I’m gonna guess there were more Democrats in those crowds than anyone else, and as such, given the mess after the DNC convention, the election night in Chi-town, the inaug on the mall….I think we can say that the Democratic Party does not TRULY consist of people interested in the planet-at least not interested enough to bend over and pick up their own garbage.

Nice job people. America’s front lawn, the National Mall.

Way to go

Nit Wit: I’ve been to quite a few large public events on the mall and never seen as much trash as there was after O’s big day. Safe to say there will be more pounds of trash per person generated at this event than the typical 4th of July.

Of course I can’t make the same statement in regard to other large gatherings of liberals on the mall. For some reason you folks just trash the place and expect someone else to clean up your mess.

So much for your concern about the environment.

My Mom would call those people “common” (and that’s not a good thing).

Well, MEchille hasn’t gotten her Senior Citizen Happy Volunteer Corps organized yet to clean up the public parks. She said they would have to work for every public dollar they are “given” and that they are perfectly capable of cleaning up dog poop in the public parks. I’ll bet by the time they have their next million dollar orgy, she’ll have them que’d up. I saw that determined look on her face this morning in church, with the arms crossed…she looked a little pissed off…probably because of the trash…hahahaha.

Ann: I saw some of those photos and wondered if Michelle wasn’t mad that they had to share the pew with Bill and Hillary Clinton?

Are you kidding me? My parents took us kids to DC for the 4th of July celebration in 1976. It was the largest crowd of people I had ever been among, and still the largest for me, yet there was not all this trash to my recollection. My dad would have made us kids clean the entire Mall ourselves had he seen us doing this back then.

Why should we be surprised? The Liberals, and I mean the far left Liberals are basically hedonists and pagans. People who have no respect for the life of the unborn, who think that homosexual love fests are appropriate, who think that smoking pot should be legalized, who think that celebrity is more important than honesty and who basically live a life of pleasure instead of responsibility – we cannot expect a whole heck of a lot from them.

They live with an entitlement mentality, think that higher taxes will actually improve the education system and never question little items of interest such as: Why won’t President Obama un-seal his birth certificate records and his college records? Is he possibly a foreign national?

No, these people live on Fantasy Island – they live in the “feel good”, have an emotional chill, and let’s all lock arms generation. They scream “economic conservation” and “let’s go green” and then turn a historic city into a landfill. They’re hypocrites and they’re downright ignorant.

Did anyone hear the last prayer that was prayed where another minister spewed off his racist rhetoric after millions of white people had just helped to elect a black man to the highest office in the land? That was about the most un-dignified inauguration I have ever seen in my life. And we expect better out of these people? Red and yellow, black or white, rich or poor, young or old – they should have been ashamed of leaving trash in our nation’s capital. This is symbolic of the lack of respect they have for this nation.

“This is symbolic of the lack of respect they have for this nation.” (Dixie Dawg)

Right. In fact, it is clear that they hate their nation. They hate it so much, that they want to “change” it… lol

Hey it’s just Tup. They turned it into a slum. What else is new?

This post is another bogus bunch of BS… first of all any crowd of that size will leave a mess republican or democrat it does not matter.. Secondly I personally saw on one station people that were picking up.. they interviewed them.. it was just citizens doing it.. so much for Scott and his BS #7 post.

Well Real, I have to take exception to your comment to some degree.

While you saw “one station people” picking up….let’s see. I’ve had a hand in planning/executing 4 major events in DC since 2007 (all outdoors) and attended an additonal 3. Planning another awesome event for April which will include a parade.

After every single one of our events, the Parks Dept. had little to clean up. And I have the pictures to prove it.

So…no, the size of the crowd does not matter. It’s the respect that the crowd has for their environment and surroundings that matter. Heck, even after a motorcycle run we pick up cigarette butts from the parking lots!


Yeah I hate it when I go to a cinema and afterwards someone just throws their trash on the floor. And then seeing that I realise that they must be a liberal. It is because they love the idea of babies getting aborted and gay orgies that makes them want to treat the place like a garbage pit? Or it because they litter it turns them into selfish people who want to pay more taxes. Hard to fanthom really…all I know they are scum and that conservative never litter, never swear or spit. lol

To Poster #20 – Real American Patriot

It is ironic that after the Liberals scream “environment, green, carbon emissions, litter, etc. etc.”, that it is the Liberals who make such an ungodly mess on the National Mall. If they are going to play the Global Warming, “Save the Environment” card, then they need to practice what they preach. If you have a piece of trash or litter, then either put it in a trash can or hold onto it until you can properly dispose of it. If everyone would have been decent and not “trashed” our nation’s capital, it would have also saved a lot of money in clean-up crew.

The most important part of this discussion is the hypocrisy of people who go around encouraging going green (which is not a bad idea), solar energy (which is a good thing), taking care of our planet (which is a good thing) and decreasing carbon emissions and pollution (which is also a good thing). However, it was reported that 600 private jets flew in for the inauguration. Now, just out of curiosity, how much fuel does that burn? They need to quit talking out of “both sides of their mouths”. Based on a large part of Obama’s political philosophy about the environment, there shouldn’t have been one single piece of trash on the National Mall. Based on the picture we see above of the National Mall, Liberals are obviously more skilled at “talking trash” than picking up trash.

To #20 – GaffaUK

I’m referring to a very common mindset of those in the Liberal electorate who do not practice what they preach. Consequently, I don’t always agree with the antics of the Republican Party even though I am a Conservative. I am an Independent Conservative who recognizes the flaws in both parties. There are major problems on both sides of the government fence, to include corruption, greed, lies and hypocrisy.

This country is ripe for a straight-forward third party who respects the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. Both parties are swiftly destroying this country, especially the economic base. It was both parties who voted for the biggest bank heist of all time called the “BAILOUT”.

Yes, there are offenders on the so-called Conservative side as well; however, what happened yesterday with the trash was just plain ridiculous. At some point, people need to behave responsibly and have respect for property.

@ Dixie

I agree with your last post. A mess is a mess – and there’s no excuse for picking up litter irrespective off their views. I’m sure plenty of those 2 million did pick up their litter. Only takes 1 in 10 to spoil it. I’m just joking because you rolled the issue into so many ‘broadly’ liberal issues which I don’t think are really connected. Except the hypocrisy of any of those who are green and did litter.

What happened yesterday was just a fore-telling of what we will see more of in the future. If you look at both political parties and their inept ability to defend and secure this country…….and then you look at what my husband refers to as “The New Ignorance”…….where people accept anything they are told without ever raising a question, then you can see a “zombie-like” mindset that has permeated this country in the last twenty years.

The litter is just a symbol of a much bigger problem. As the enthralled masses leave a mess for people to clean up, our government leaders (Republican and Democrat) are leaving a mess for generations to come – and they will expect our children and grandchildren to clean it up. However, by then, unless a miracle of God takes place and the electorate wakes from their slumber, we may be reduced to a third-world country.

Our country is being littered with Socialistic legislation, illegal immigration (and the drug dealers to prove it), more wars and rumors of wars, bankruptcies, foreclosures, mortgage meltdowns and Executive Orders which could turn this country into a dictatorship almost overnight.

After all of that being said – all people seem to be concerned with is charisma, charm, oratory skills, good looks and smooth dance moves. Who cares where a politician is from or what views they truly espouse? Who cares if they attended a radically and ideologically crazy church of Black Liberation Theology aka Socialism…….Who cares if the politician lives down the street from Louis Farrakhan and Tony Rezko, not to mention Bill Ayers. Who cares if he seals the vaulted copy of his birth certificate in Hawaii? Who cares if he seals his records at Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard University? Who cares if he might have something to hide?

Do people realize that (just say for instance) if Obama is not a true American citizen and is a foreign national – that whatever laws he passes through Congress would be null and void? There are numerous lawsuits in the U.S. Supreme Court right now about his eligibility to be President and they are being thrown out one by one. And no one in our government – YES, that’s right folks, NO ONE is insisting that he prove his eligibility for office by producing a vault copy of his birth certificate. He could clear this up in five minutes by just being honest with the American people. Yes, our country is being littered with discouragement because the American people don’t have the hope that our leaders are going to be upfront and truthful with us. After all, they do work for “We the People”!

Gaffa: There were less than one million there. Your information again seems to come from sources who either have an editorial bias favorable to Obama or are willing to lie to the American people.

If I can find a more accurate crowd count with little effort I don’t understand why you can’t do the same.

Taking into account the more accurate estimate, your 1 in 10 figure becomes closer to 1 in 4.

If you want to stress the positive from that stat the headline would read: 3 out of 4 Democrats are NOT total trash!

What I really love are the private planes the “Green Celebrities” flew in on. Apparently so many they shut down a runway just to have parking space for all of them. Now that’s what I call awareness. It’s all a game of class warfare and self righteous sanctimonious nonsense. Hypocrites all.

Hmmmm, looks a lot like the Mall after a 4th of July celebration….

Hmmmm… no it doesn’t.

I’ve been on the Mall numerous times following 4th of July celebrations and I’ve never seen anything like this even in the area of where the most people were gathered.

People attending a 4th of July celebration usually have more respect for their country AND themselves than apparently these squalid Obamaton litterbugs do.

Sure it does Mike. It’s even worse because there are all those syrofoam coolers that have been trampled into rubble.

Sheesh, so you think there’s an equal mess left for the Fourth? Who do you think is leaving all those styrofoam coolers? Doesn’t DC enjoy a big Democratic majority? Just wondering.

So sad to see that….even more sad reviewing of the postings above that will do and say anything to split the US between two party lines, The North and the South, The good and the Bad, the Black and the White, the Right and the Wrong. I’m guessing all of us could work a little harder to make things better for each other or we can continue on our decline and really embarass ourselves while the rest of the universe observes.


After eight years dissent is ‘abruptly’ no longer the highest form of patriotism and we find someone who anguishes over how the “rest of the universe observes” us. This universe you speak of viewed the never ending hostile dissent directed toward our former president and country throughout his effort to conduct two wars, so did the terrorists we were fighting. Unfortunately, it gave our them encouragement to fight on putting our troops and civilians in the cross hairs causing death and injury. Take your preaching somewhere else.


I couldn’t agree more with you.

“Rush has already dubbed this “Hurricane Latrina””

As a “white” person, I find this racially offensive.

This is what our president is talking about when he speaks to the political divide. Why does, trash, TRASH – for crying out loud – have to be partisan.

Good grief. Give me a freakin’ break.

Grow up.

If any multitude of people that dense gathers – regardless of political race – trash is going to happen. People were packed in like sardines. I have no idea of the number or location of trash receptacles but I can just calculate that with the density, it was hard to move anywhere.

“Hurricane Latrina” is a “racially offensive” dubbing of massive garbage after the inaugural????


Ah… we got to the point in civil rights where a young black man with no qualifications could reach the highest political office in America. But this is a nation who needs it’s dreams recaptured, according to him.

And he has so mesmerized everyone else into feeling guilt, that they can hear the words “Hurricane Latrina”, and it’s racial.

We are going retrograde in civil rights now. I used to never think of people as black, white or Asian. Now… I am being forced to because *everything* is “racially offensive”.


Get over your white guilt, Vilma. And stop trying to impose it on the rest of us.

@Vilma Beckland: What does being white have to do with the phrase “hurricane latrina?”

Do you think only blacks suffered in Hurricane Katrina?

And as for Obama curing the political divide is that why he dismissed GOP complaints about the stimulus by telling House Republicans “I won?”

Finally, you can’t deny that there was more trash from this crowd per person than any other gathering on the Mall in history.

Check with the Park Service if you need to confirm that fact.