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Great photos, Mike. My favorite one is the one with the Queen.

And you are right, Mike, there is now more Pro-American Leaders Elected since Bush took Office. I am anxious to see how Prime Minister Stephen Harper will get along with THE ONE. He is so brilliant, he probably already knows by now that he is a fraud. I think he will tell him to go to hell with is Kyoto nonsense and all of his other idiotic ideas, like changes on NAFTA for instance. This impossible relationship between the two, will probably hurt both of our countries.

The first photo was by far my favorite.

Thanks for this week, Mike and FA.
I love the pic of him and Condi. Great minds! They both have expressed, basically, that we won’t be hearing from them anymore. 🙁
The picture with Jenna is very sweet. The photographer snapped the shot just as he was about to embrace her. It looks almost like he is aware of her delicateness.

This is an awesome photo essay. Lots of photos here I’d never seen before.

My favorite is the President driving his truck at his Crawford ranch.

He’s a classy and honorable man. God Bless him!

President Bush is my hero. This is a wonderful retrospective of his service to our country and to each of us. Thank you so much. I will be telling friends and family about it.

Thanks, Mike. What awesome photos. I believe my favorite is the one where the President addressed the nation on 9/11. The compassion he showed will stay in my thoughts. On a lighter note, the picture of Queen Elizabeth is terrific. He is still my hero.

You’re welcome Deann. Looking back through the thousands of photos over the past eight years was a nice walk for me down memory lane. Selecting the handful to be viewed here was the hard party. I’m glad you enjoyed the final product.

P.S. It seems a few of the photos that I had forgotten to delink from the White House web site are now gone. Sorry about that.