Media Obsessed with Sarah Palin’s Daughter Should Ask About Joe Biden’s Son


Why did Barack Obama try to shift $3.4 million in taxpayer funds to lobbyist R. Hunter Biden’s clients?

With no less than three stories above the fold on Tuesday’s front page of the New York Times questioning McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (see front page here) and dragging Palin’s family through the mud we might rightfully ask when the NY Times and the Bristol Palin obsessed media will question Senator Biden and Senator Obama on the earmarks Senator Obama inserted into federal legislation benefiting the clients of Biden’s son: lobbyist R. Hunter Biden?

The following news story is the odd exception in a media that seems silent on the character and questionable associations of Barack Obama:

Obama, Biden’s Son Linked by Earmarks
Candidate Got Funding for Nursing Program
By James V. Grimaldi and Kimberly Kindy
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, August 27, 2008; A16

Sen. Barack Obama sought more than $3.4 million in congressional earmarks for clients of the lobbyist son of his Democratic running mate, Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, records show. Obama succeeded in getting $192,000 for one of the clients, St. Xavier University in suburban Chicago.

Obama’s campaign has taken a hard stance against the world of lobbying in the nation’s capital. Obama said he limits his own efforts to get money for pet projects — a process known as earmarking — to those that benefit the public. He has posted his earmark requests on his presidential campaign Web site to encourage transparency.

Since Obama announced his selection of Biden on Saturday, attention has focused on Biden’s lobbying connections as well as his son’s lobbying activities. R. Hunter Biden is one of many relatives of members of Congress who work as lobbyists.

The younger Biden started his career as a lobbyist in 2001 and has registered to represent about 21 clients that have brought in $3.5 million to his Washington firm, according to lobbying disclosure forms.

Sen. Biden has collected more than $6.9 million in campaign contributions from lobbyists and lawyers since 1989, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The story above appeared on page A16 of the Washington Post. But today’s Wash. Post front page carried two stories on Sarah Palin and the news of her 17 year old daughter’s pregnancy on the front page above the fold.

And while we are on the subject of Democrat family corruption, let’s not forget that Biden’s son is no isolated example. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s sons have been enriching themselves as lobbyists and land dealers for years. But don’t expect to read about that on the front page or hear about it on the nightly news.

Meanwhile, Dems have released Palin’s Social Security Number and Home Phone Number to the news media. And they say President Bush is a threat to civil liberties?

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And don’t forget Tom Daschle’s (D-S. Dakota)wife was a lobbyist for Boeing while he was the Senate majority leader. This was when Boeing and Congress were pusning the infamous and grossly unfair (to the government) leaseback program for the AF tanker program.

Unlike the McCain “lobbyist” story on the NY Times where they intimated infidelity, you can be sure Tom Daschle was sleeping with that lobbyist.

What makes you think the Dems released Palin’s Social security and phone number?

I have serious doubts about that statement!!! which makes me wonder about everything else you wrote.

Do you really think that came from the democratic party or any democratic party official??

That is a very sick thought Mike!!


This is all a distraction by the sexist Democrats and media so they don’t have to talk about how the war in Iraq has been won and their judgement was abysmally lacking.

Certified Real American Patriot (CRAP for short): If you had bothered to follow the links to the hit piece put out by Dems you would see where Palin’s SS number was on the form (Politico has blanked it out). But the phone numbers are still there.

How long will it be before members of your left wing goon squad call the Palin home to harass them?

It is a sick thought that people would do this CRAP. But then, it’s your party running the slime machine saying that Palin’s son born with Down Syndrome was really the child of 17 year old Bristol and now suggesting that women should stay home and raise the children.

You have a lot to apologize for. And you can start by apologizing to me and readers here for accusing us of doing the same slimy CRAP you people now revel in.

Mike, the link is broken and I can’t even get into the main page at Red State.

UPDATE: Bristol Palin’s fiance and father of her baby will join the family for the GOP convention in Minnesota!

Levi Johnston, groom to be.

Missy: I see Redstate is currently down. I have the link to the document filed at Politico but I am not going to put it up. If you like you can find it there. I don’t’ want one of these left wing kooks to say they got the phone number here.

I don’t expect the media to follow this story. Their to busy working for Obama’s campaign staff.

the lefties are really showing their true colors aren’t they? very parasitic of them. the libs are sure that mccain is gonna ask palin to step back from the nomination. if i wasn’t so strong in my beliefs and i wasn’t so set against obama i might actually believe this shit. they just keep pounding this shit out, keep repeating it and it gets worse with each telling. the dems need to be stopped, how can they keep attacking? and when will the msm start doing their jobs? when will mccain defend hi pick, show some backbone?

What makes you think the Dems released Palin’s Social security and phone number?

Because the phone numbers and home addresses are at Politico.

The SSN has been redacted since the original posting was made.

Do you really think that came from the democratic party or any democratic party official??

Yep. The Democrats in Alaska specifically.


I love it when Sky says “PROVE IT”

It’s just so assertive.

Too bad Sky has to pretend to be “Real American Patriot” here instead of who he really is.

I guess he is used to pretending to be someone he is not since he does that in real life too.

Aye: I edited your comment to remove the link. If CRAP wants to find it he can do it himself.

AND THE GAME IS AFOOT – playing by MSM rules (and holding their own)


… two words that don’t belong together in the same sentence.

And, speaking of “fair game,” Rep Barfy (gaypimp) Frank “leads” them in the direction they were already stampeding.

Now, what’s the latest on Michelle O’Bonkers?

Oh, and I do hope the uncompromised objectivity of the MSM is not drawn into question here.