Feel The Love?


MSNBC ran a video this morning of Obama trying to heal the rift in the Democrat party by raising some funds for the Hillary Clinton campaign during a stop in New York City. Problem is he forgot. He finished his whole speech, was walking off stage to music and then ta-da! He remembered and ran back to ask for some funds.

Listen how they introduce the video on MSNBC:

“As cool and as suave as he is”

No shills there huh?

This was an event designed to get the two sides together and oh boy, did he fail this one:

It was supposed to be a moment for Obama to soothe some of the tension that still exists between the two camps. It was supposed to be a chance for Obama to solicit donations to help retire Clinton’s campaign debt, that could total $30 million. It was supposed to be all that. The only problem is, he almost forgot.

He delivered a 32-minute speech to the crowd of 1,000 people at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on Park Avenue in New York City, and began walking off the stage to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered.”

…Obama seemed to realize he was about to fuel the feud-fire by his forgetfulness, and quickly rushed back on stage, saying, “Hold on a second guys, I was getting all carried away!” And then, the pitch: “Sen. Clinton still has some debt. And I could have had some debt if I hadn’t won, so I know the drill. There are many supporters of mine here who have not yet given something to help her retire that debt.”

In fact, estimates are that the Obama camp has only raised about $100,000 to help Clinton so far.

Feel the love? Think this will bring those Hillary supporters into the Obama flock?

Hillary is already humiliated by losing this race, being in debt to her eyeballs, and then asking Obama to help get her out of debt and what does Obama do? He pretty much forgets she exists. But I guess its hard to think about others when the only important one who exists is yourself. Lets be honest, the man is a arrogant elitist snob who behaves as if he is due the Presidency. Hopefully he continues on pissing off those Hillary supporters.

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Curt opined:

“As cool and as suave as he is”

No shills there huh?

You mean like the uncritical media types who perpetuate the myths of McCain as a ‘maverick’, s ‘straight-talker’ and an ‘independent’.

Those kind of shills?

The naive Obambi waif screwed up. Looks like 143 days wasn’t enough experience.

Yeah… Obama cares so much…. He says “turn on the music again” after that pitiful appeal.

And what is it with him getting his suit carry from the back of the SUV? Isn’t that routine an old Carter trick of carrying the luggage to show what a common man he is? Who believes that?

Oh… I forgot. “Arthur” is here.

Hey Artie… In case you were not aware, many of us have been bothered by McCain’s maverick and independent streak for YEARS.

You might recall that I personally confronted McCain with that status at a private meeting here in November.

Don’t try and pass that Kos Kool Aid here Artie. You might be drunk with it but no one else is.

I only wish you and your fellow Obama acolytes would do the same.

The “love” and unity isn’t any worse than McCain and the conservative base regarding immigration:

Mike puffed up and typed:

You might recall that I personally confronted McCain with that status at a private meeting here in November.

Sorry but that escaped me Mike.

I do try to commit each of your posts to memory.

This was a deliberate ommission. His whole speech was pre-written and he read it off a teleprompter. That has to be true because he was coherent this time. This endorsement was left out the speech on purpose. It should have been part of the speech not an unimportant afterthought. This was an insult to Clinton but maybe more to Bill. There is no other way to take it. There is bad blood between them and it will be a long time if ever the they reconcile. Fun, fun, fun.

I wish the Hillary thing a long life of choking on its own bile.

Keep whistling past the graveyard, folks

It’s the Democratic crackup and meltdown. Happening right before your eyes. Operation Chaos – Mission Accomplished.

We won’t know until November, but I wouldn’t count your chickens just yet. Speaking of figures, here’s some interesting ones:

Pew Survey released yesterday

Are you satisfied with your candidate?

Democrats 74%
Republicans 49%

Have fun holding your noses in November.