The Michelle Obama Whitey Tape Update: New Anti-Obama Site Owner Says He Heard Tape


A commenter clued me in on a site called Ex-Hillary Supporters For John McCain and some comments left by the site owner Ed recently about the “Whitey” Michelle Obama tape. He purports to have heard two minutes of the tape over the phone. Here he is answering questions from visitors on this site:

Yes, I heard about 2 minutes of her ranting at Bill Clinton and Hillary over the phone. Ed

Yes, it is a DVD, I only heard the audio part, they would not send me a sample. I understand that it is over 30 minutes long some of it had been edited. From what I was told, this will make every white American angry. What she thinks of the white America is disgusting. – Ed

The tape was made at the conference in June or July of 2004. It was of a conference at the Trinty church. Louis Farrahkan wife was there as was her body guards, who taped the event.

Yes, I trust this person very much. This person is not a “Republican”, in fact I don’t know what their political stand is. Also this is not a White person. I will not release this person name and prehaps I have said too much now. This person sent me a email asking me to call them. They said the reason they wanted me to know was that this web site has had almost a 1 million in less than a week. I was very surpirsed and honored that they choose me to talk to you. I will try and get them to release the DVD before the convention. I will use everything that God gave me to get this job done. I am a Texan and we don’t give up. ED

Please allow me to explain why this person will not release the DVD before the date as they have stated. one example is Doug Wilder, former governor of Va or WV, I cannot remember, said on more than one occasion,”If Obama does not get the nomination, then all blacks will consider it stole from Obama, and the riots of 1968 will be nothing compared to those of 2008″.
More than just this leader has made those statements. The person that has the DVD is afraid to release it before the date they have set. They do not want to be the person that started the riots. This person feels that all the thugs are waiting on is a reason to start and destroy this country. The reason I was told and allowed to hear it, was because I could tell everyone it exist and that Obama will not be the president, that was the reason I was given. I understand this person position and I respect them. I cannot and will not violate their trust in me. Even if this mean Hillary is not our nominee, I cannot help it. Thanks for your time and understanding – Ed

No idea who this Ed guy is nor how reliable he is. Some in this thread say they read that Ed stated the tape was to be released in November, I can’t find it on the page and he says in the comments that he took down some information from the front page for “safety reasons.”

So take it for what its worth.

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Black leaders (sic) like Doug Wilder, the worst governor to ever serve in Va, threatening to destroy the country if their ‘boy’ doesn’t win shows just how much the black leadership has influenced the black population, in the wrong way.
I look at Wilder, Je$$ie, $harpton and now Hu$$ein as after only one thing, money in their own pockets as salve for their inflated ego’s. They are nothing more than con men, some better educated than others, but con men non the less. The democrat party has split into the Sexist group and Racist group we knew they were. and put it on show for the world to see.

Considering all this started with Scarry Larry I am keeping my powder dry totally until something shows up and is broadcast and then will be the time to deal with it if it is established.

This could all to easily be a bait and switch deal just to try to draw out commentary on the right that would be used down the road in the general.

I also look at this as a tactic to freeze Super Delegates to the convention when Hillary may work a back room coup attempt to get the nomination.

Questionable sourcing, moving reports and moving release dates inspire little confidence.

Also AJStrata has a post up that the alleged tape situation almost perfectly follows the plot line of a political thriller he came across.

Recommend lots of salt here in truck load amounts and don’t get painted into a ‘all repubs are racist corner’.

I don’t believe there is a Whitey Tape. Some people just like to make up stories to make themselves important. But, I have done some research to see what I could find out because I like tracking down stuff like this. Here is what I have found out:

Earlier, Larry Johnson was claiming this was at the Rainbow Conference between June 26 and July 1, 2004 at the Trinity Church. On your last post though it sounded like Larry had backed off from a specific time and place. The 33rd Rainbow Conference was at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Tower. Here is the internet archive snapshot of that:

It wasn’t at Trinity, although I suppose some of it could have been held there. Nothing about Trinity is on the conference schedule though:

But, then again, John Kerry was there and I don’t see him on that schedule either:

Also, here is an internet archive snapshot of videos available as of November 2005 from Trinity:

On that older archived list of videos I don’t see anything about a conference in June or July 2004. It is interesting to compare, however, that November 2005 list with what is currently shown on Trinity’s site. I noticed in the archived list it has videos from July 4, 2004 which were later removed. There were also videos from June 20, 2004 that were removed along with other dates too.

PS. If there is a tape a November release date would be a couple weeks too late. Most of the media would completely ignore the story until the election was over. Any Republican would instinctively know this. But, the people who claim to have the tape are not Republicans.

So if we find out that Michelle hates and despises white people, and so Democrats refuse to nominate him, black people will riot on the streets like animals? And he doesn’t want to be the one to “start it”? If American blacks are so primitive, criminal, racist and hateful that they would riot en-masse, then that just means it is time to stop making excuses for them.

Think about it, black people rioting because they don’t get to force the nomination of a whitey-hating, communist, nation of islam loving dipshit. That would blow the top off the multi-culti kumbaya crap.

Adding -Ed at the end of a column or comment (in italics) is generally only to indicate that it is made by the Editor. Unfortunately, that is also a name so…

“Take it for what it is worth”

What it is worth is nothing at all. Would any Conservative give any credence to a “quote” from John McCain that was substantiated by an unknown source, unnamed, but “trusted” by another poster, known to hate John McCain?

Of course not.

But I can see the Conservative e-mails and blogs gearing up. Just as they did for the “Obama is a sleeper Muslim agent” a year ago.

Smarty is already gearing up for the riots in the streets, over an unsubstantiated claim from a biased source.

RFW and JustaDude pretty much summed up my feelings on this. There is most likely no tape and this was a bait and switch to project onto republicans and conservatives (two different groups). Supposedly these leftists have the tape but it is all “this person said” and “the DVD is out (but)”.


As usual, day late, dollar short, and your “conservative this/that” bile is WRONG.

Curt and the rest have been mulling this over and previous posts questioned its authenticity and reasons for delays. Commenters above hit the nail on the head: This could just be a leftist bait and switch to make conservatives look bad (think Willy Horton). The left counts on projectionist parrots like you to injest their garbage and spew it back, along with your cut and paste projectionist antics.

These are from LEFTIST web sites, but your hate of conservatives blinds you to it, as it did the calls for riots in Denver if Hillary was chosen.

Hillary is out. Her only chance of going anywhere after this, besides back to the Senate, is to become Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, so she can implement universal health care. She will not be the VP because Obama will have a huge target on his back with Bill and Hill each aiming at it.

As for McCain, well, he must please both conservatives, moderates, and Ron Paul independents to win. This doesn’t mix well with many Hillary supporters, so by November, once her supporters have grieved her campaign loss and can focus on the political reality, they’ll vote Obama.

To this discussion, I also contribute a video. The first part of it deals with the so-called racially charged term “Whitey.” The video is called “Whom Among Whitey Will Vote for Obama?”

When finished, please return to Flopping Aces and continue reading.



I do not like Hillary, but I have never called her “killary” or that “B” word. You show such hatred for those in your party, what is in store for those of use who oppose socialism?


Please check out his site and point out his hate. You would at least have a legitimate target then.

Hillary is out. Her only chance of going anywhere after this, besides back to the Senate, is to become Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, so she can implement universal health care.

Technically, Wry, the fat lady is only warming up in the wings. Supers – the ONLY delegates that put Obama over the finish line – do not cast their ballots until Denver… or when the fat lady actually starts warbling. Until then, they are free to change their minds.

Thus the desperate push to get the ultimate dirt out on Obama prior to Denver by HRC supporters. And of course, they must blame the sources of it on the evil GOP for it not to backfire on Hillary herself. All political games being played.

But the truth is, if a genuine scandal surfaces to break Obama’s back before the convention opens, the Supers will rush in to nominate Hillary… and if dirty enough, with the blessings of the majority of the DNC party. So I’d wait on your final prouncements until the DNC convention’s lights have gone out, and the balloons deflated.


I never said I was a Democrat, and I, obviously, have no love for Hillary or Bill. My reasons for this are pretty well documented on The fact is, I’ve voted for presidential candidates all my life.

Now, I’m undecided. As the video I posted earlier mentions, there are a lot of positions on which Mr. Obama and I disagree, yet still I like him. McCain, on the other hand, I find a little less appealing each day — especially as he attempts to show the conservatives of his party that he’s a conservative while showing the moderates that he’s a maverick. That can only lead to the dissolution of integrity and principles.

I look forward to the general election campaign — especially the debates. It’s going to be fun to watch.



You make a very good point. As the old saying goes, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” (John and Hillary sittin’ in a treat…)

Despite that, I believe Obama will endure the process up to and through the convention. Part of what makes me like him is his ability to bend and shape himself around the bitter bullets of dirt and the desperately manufactured “scandals,” much like Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix.” Then, when he gets tired of it, he sends them all back from whence they came in the form of new supporters who are tired of the political games that have been played in this country since it was founded.

I believe old-school politics will take a hit this year, as well as those who practice them. I may be wrong. The odds are sure against it.

Of course, as you said, if a genuine scandal should surface, that could end Obama’s run. I agree with that. But if there were such a scandal, don’t you think it would’ve been found by now?

Thanks for the comments!


But if there were such a scandal, don’t you think it would’ve been found by now?

No, it’s more likely it will be saved for closer to, or even during, the convention if held by someone on the left.

If held by the right, it will be held as the classic October surprise.

Of course, if Hillary holds a surprise it is very possible that she will hold it beyond the convention and release it in October, thus torpedoing Obie while not having her fingerprints on it.

Personally, I find enough in Obie’s positions, policies, and questionable associations to disqualify him from being worthy to be President.

Aye Chihuahua,

No, it’s more likely it will be saved for closer to, or even during, the convention if held by someone on the left.

Perhaps. However, with respect to Hillary’s campaign prior to when she suspended it, wouldn’t you think she or someone on the left who favored her would’ve brought out the most destructive scandal they hand in their hand to end Obama’s run before she suspended it with a mountain of debt?

I find the theories interesting. I know I have plenty of my own. But what many of them have in common is their deceptive, cutthroat nature. This is what we’ve become accustom to, but it is also what many voters–especially the new ones–will chose to condemn. Therefore, I believe the person who can come off as not being what we typically expect from politicians this year will be our next president.

Perhaps. However, with respect to Hillary’s campaign prior to when she suspended it, wouldn’t you think she or someone on the left who favored her would’ve brought out the most destructive scandal they hand in their hand to end Obama’s run before she suspended it with a mountain of debt?

Hillary suspended her campaign but did not concede or withdraw, thus she can keep control of her pledged delegates, continue to raise funds, and retire campaign debt.

The Clintons are a very shrewd bunch and she is playing her cards very wisely.

There is an 800lb gorilla looming over this election season which hasn’t been present in past Presidential elections. The race issue.

They have to be extremely cautious that they have plausible deniability regarding any scandal that comes out, especially if it is racial.

Any valid criticism of Obie can and will be twisted into a racist attack. We’ve seen some of that already. We see it here on this blog periodically.

Everything, regardless of its’ nature, can and will be twisted into something that it is not. Hillary cannot afford to get caught up in a racial scandal.

She would lose the support that she does have and would ruin her chances to return from the dead in the future.

There was no Rainbow-PUSH conference at Trinity Church in 2004. There was a conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago but Michelle Obama was not a speaker there (nor was Louis Farakhan) and there was no DVD made. The tape is a fiction and this “Ed” person sounds disordered to me.

V.O.R. The specifics do sound a bit confused, but I have heard that Michelle Obama was at an event where she was a panelist, not a speaker, and could have made these remarks at that time. I hope we get to the bottom of this mystery in about 140 days to be precise.

“Leftist Bait”?

As usual, Conservatives must ascribe all evil to Liberals, toeing the line that all Conservatives are all perfect all the time.

Note how well it is working with Mike’s America right now.

How about another explanation? This is just one Conservative making up a lie to spread about and rev up emotional hatred of Barak Obama, based on false information. Just as the Washington Times and FoxNews tried to do a year ago with the “Madrassa” story. Liberals were not behind that lie, Conservatives were.

And they likely are now, even if a fellow Conservative is not permitted to acknowledge the possibility of it even happening.

The only problem with your explanation is, Phillie Steve, da guy who’s “making up a lie”, as you say, is a Hillary liberal…. aka Larry Johnson at No Quarter. Who says that both a DNC and GOP say they have heard it.

ooops… bad time to abandon your Bush hatred for general, all purpose, Conservative hatred, eh? :0)

I don’t know if there’s a tape. I don’t care if there’s a tape. I don’t care if it surfaces or not. I have seen BHO and Michelle quite clearly as the Marxists and affirmative action advocates they are. That’s quite ’nuff for me.

Just as the Washington Times and FoxNews tried to do a year ago with the “Madrassa” story.

We’ve already beaten the Madrassa issue to death in another thread. How many NY Times articles and reporters do you wish to talk about? How about Obama Campaign Headquarters, MSNBC? Care to mention that unemployed news anchor, Dan Rather? Does Jack Kelley sound familiar? Jayson Blair?

Maybe you might try to acknowledge that there is liberal media bias and false information.

Conservative give any credence to a “quote” from John McCain that was substantiated by an unknown source, unnamed, but “trusted” by another poster, known to hate John McCain?

Pot, meet Kettle.

Good point about the person to whom this point is attributed. Then he’s a jerk too and speaking as a Democrat myself, Republicans are welcome to him, and all his smears. He will feel well at homein the party of Lee Atwater.

All Steve knows is his hard-wired hate for what he “thinks” “conservatives” are. All he has is his tired shouting points fed to him by his masters. Projectionism, copy/paste “conservatives this/that” and “free consercative pass” are religious hymns to him. A religion of marxist brainwashed bile.

Nice stream of hate and venom there.

Philly Steve is becoming a Johnny One Note:

Nice stream of hate and venom there.

Your ignorant bile filled post usually are Steve, but do not pat yourself on the back.

While I have no trouble believing that Michelle Obama would, in fact, make public comments like that, here’s what makes me doubt that the tape exists:

The tape was supposedly made in 2004 and in it, one of the things that Michelle Obama is supposed to have said in it is “Why’d he let New Orleans drown?”, referring to Hurrican Katrina.

Well, Hurricane Katrina didn’t hit New Orleans until the summer of 2005. Either Michelle Obama is psychic, or the story is BS. Now maybe she said the other stuff and really didn’t say “Why’d he let New Orleans drown.” Or maybe the event at which she was taped took place in 2005 and not 2004.

But it smells to me like a Clinton smear job. The person who started the rumor, Larry Johnson, is a known Clintonite, and the web site from which the above comments were lifted is, after all, a pro-Clinton, anti-Obama website.

I think it’s no better than 50/50 that this tape exists.

OK… here we are almost a year later… where’s the tape, the dvd, the transcript, a deposition, ANYTHING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

JFC, no wonder the Republicans took a huge beating this November. The American People have finally realized that lies, although comforting, are still just lies.

Some employees are simply irreplaceable. Take Michelle Obama: The University of Chicago Medical center hired her in 2002 to run “programs for community relations, neighborhood outreach, volunteer recruitment, staff diversity and minority contracting”.

In 2005, the hospital raised her salary from $120,000 to $317, 000 nearly twice what her husband made as a Senator.

Oh, did we mention that her husband had just become a U.S. Senator? He sure had. And that he immediately requested a $1 million earmark for the UC Medical Center, in fact?… You betcha by golly… He surely did. Way to network Michelle!

But now that Mrs. Obama has resigned, the hospital says her position will remain unfilled. How can that possibly be??? Especially if the work she did was vital enough to be worth $317,000?

Oh, by the way, let me add that Michelle’s position was a part time, 20 hour week job at $317,000.00 per year !!

“IN GOD WE TRUST!!”–we better because you sure can’t trust your elected officials.

The Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

Thomas Jefferson