Obama Runs From Trinity


Why not join another church?…if Trinity United Church of Christ conformed to the caricatures being peddled by some commentators, there is no doubt that I would react in much the same way.
Barack Obama, Mar 18, 2008

Like other predominantly black churches across the country, Trinity embodies the black community in its entirety
Barack Obama, Mar 18, 2008

And now over two months later:

Sen. Barack Obama is leaving Trinity United Church of Christ, his longtime religious home in Chicago and a place that has triggered repeated controversies during his presidential bid.

Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt confirmed Obama is essentially resigning from the church. No other details were immediately available, although Obama is expected to speak on the topic later this evening.

Why now? Has the church suddenly changed from when you joined 20 years ago? No, it has not. Instead, its become a political albatross. So you, being that typical politician, have jettisoned it.

This lefty laments at his flip-flopping:

So in an attempt to turn manufactured right-wing ammo into blanks, Obama has completely separated himself from his minister and his church. What worries me is this: Can we expect a President Obama to cave in to the whims and will of the right on policies and issues he knows are important, if this nation is to move forward in a progressive and compassionate manner? Can we expect him to genuflect to negative reports by an uninformed, misinformed or ill-willed media?

I love it. Manufactured. “US of KKK!” “The chickens…have come home….to roost!” “God damn America!”….yup. Manufactured.

But the lefty is correct. He has caved on those he once called his “spiritual mentors,” and for one reason only….to become President of the United States.

More here.

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The problem for Obama is that he cannot control what was happening at Trinity Church and apparently, the people who run that church either didn’t care or were too stupid to think that performaces like the self hating white boy Rev. Pflegler would do any damage to Obama.

Now, the haters at Trinity can have themselves a fine old time bitching about whitey and no one will care.

Meanwhile, Obama is giving his remarks in a few minutes to explain his decision on the same day the Democrat Rules Committee has determined that Hillary’s delegates in Florida and Michigan will only have half a vote each.

Trinity Church goers, whose ancestors were counted as 3/5 of a person got a better deal.

I believe that Obama used the church to get votes as both a state and then federal senator. He doesn’t need the church to run as president now so he abandoned it. Maybe he will join something else to get votes.

Wonder what the Trinity churchgoers think of their boy now that he has thrown them all under the bus? The guy is a lose-lose either way.

It’s all about the Change people.

It’s all about the Change.

And Hope-ing you won’t notice.

god i can’t stand the man. he doesn’t even know where he stands on anything. he is trying to be all things to all people, and you can’t be that. i would rather see a person stand by their beliefs then to see them do what he is always doing. for that alone he should be thrown under a bus. a very large bus driven by the people he has thrown under the same bus.

Well of course you can not control believes …

But we can clearly see if you don’t believe in Obama your gone.

Obama change you could believe in, or is it Exchange, this what Obama wants you to believe in.

Change you can believe in

No, Exchange you can believe in.

O.k. Mr Obama go to the customer service window and America will give your money back.

Obama always waits until the ball is ove to want to dance.

Uh wahhhh!!!

Really now. I’m willing to venture that most voters won’t give a rat’s ass about this. Just like they gave a rat’s ass with regard to the coke snorting, alcoholic, AWOL, fundie that’s currently in office. Twice.

Get a grip.

Gopo8. Obama is a cowardly sniveling, poor excuse for an American, and nothing you say about Bush is going to change that. Good try in stealing thread, but this is about the lack of character in Obama. Just sit back and watch him go down in flames, then lets hear you squeal like the spoiled child you are. Obama is the worst sort of politician, the kind that has no loyalties to the country that he wants to lead. No thank you I’ll use my common sense and oppose him with every thing I have.

MTP today had on Obama’s spokesman, Daschle. Haven’t got exact quotes from transcript yet, but said that because of the most recent event, the Obama’s decided it was best to part company with the church.

How very convenient, as it was an issue that would have haunted them throughout the general. And I must disagree, Mike’sA. I think Obama has plenty of influence in Trinity to control what goes on there. So, IMHO, it was stage events to get rid of Wright, and stage events to get rid of Trinity before the superdelegates use that as an excuse to change to Hillary in Denver, as they have the right to do. Until the fat lady is on stage, there’s no clear winner. And I’ll bet HRC will go the whole 9 yards… as she should.

Pelosi, however, is livid.. In a SF Chronicle interview she threatens to “step in”

Pelosi pointedly warned Clinton supporters, some of whom are threatening to take the delegate fight as far as the Democratic National Convention, that such a strategy could seriously damage the chances of electing a Democrat to the White House in November.

“There is too much at stake in our country for us to be thinking that we can afford the luxury of intraparty battles eight weeks before the election,” Pelosi said in her strongest words yet on the tussle over seating the Florida and Michigan delegates. “We’ve had many months to have a debate, to come to a conclusion. And one way or another … we have to come together.”

Pelosi told The Chronicle earlier this week that if the matter of seating the delegates is not decided by late June, she will “step in” if necessary to prevent a fight at the convention in late August.

Ahhh.. the DNC “goddess” speaketh… The fate of the delegates has been decided, but it’s not going down well with the masses. The DNC is now officially a party of elite delegates who ignore the voters’ choice, and now we learn they have a goddess of absolute dictatorial power at the helm.

It’s interesting that the “party” who supposedly cares so much about freedom, liberty, free speech, each vote counting…is now trying to shut down the process. The obvious hypocrisy we all enjoy time and again as fodder for entertainment.

Obama quitting his church only NOW represents nothing more than the poorest of judgement at all levels:

* prior to joining did he not investigate the quality of this church? No person I know who joins a church hasn’t done this first principle act.

* after years and years of, intermittently or not, listening to this tripe never detracts his choice to attend

* only now after the revelation of the anti-American rhetoric that spews forth does he renounce his membership, but not because he wants to, but because he’s being pressured to do so

* it never occurred to him before the campaign that the anti-American rants were not only inappropriate for associating one’s self to such a church, but that they were inappropriate as an American, to begin with

* what will he do with every choice and every decision placed at his feet for action?

* what will he do with every American’s concern for providing for the common defense, promoting the general welfare and securing the blessing of our liberty to ourselves and our posterity?

It’s not a black and white campaign because of race, it is a black and white campaign regarding who we should be voting for in November.

“…if this nation is to move forward in a progressive and compassionate manner?”

It isn’t the government that dictates the compassion of this nation. Acts of compassion by individuals require the liberty of free choice to so act – and thus spring from the kindness or goodness of a person. Compassion, in a sense, gets its definition from a person willingly overriding their own selfishness to help another.

The government can only approach this in two ways: Encourage compassionate acts (the way that promotes Liberty which is the governments purpose), or mandate people to carry out a warped sort of forced mock compassion (This is borderline fascism).

Not to mention, thinking the American people will suddenly be more compassionate under a President Obama than they are under President Bush is quite absurd.