Plenty Of Impropriety To Go Around


Ray Robison has a good post up at American Thinker on some shady dealings involving some top Democrats such as Pelosi, Hillary, & Obama.

On August 2nd, 2007 Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) submitted a bill to the U. S. House of Representatives which raised a potential conflict of interest involving the Speaker’s widely publicized family stock holdings, corporate sponsors, and former staffers turned lobbyists. The Speaker submitted the bill called the Early Treatment for HIV Act (ETHA) to the House with bipartisan support. It would allow states to decide whether or not to extend Medicare benefits for HIV treatment to some currently not covered.

Speaker Pelosi submitted ETHA one day after Medicare officials announced new rules to cut back on significant expenditures for the drugs PROCRIT® made by Johnson & Johnson and EPOGEN® made by Amgen. The new Medicare rules were primarily geared to reduce the use of the drugs for cancer patients. Those pharmaceuticals are used to treat anemia often seen as a side effect of HIV medications and for other conditions. Both companies enjoy massive revenues from the sales of those medicines, with Johnson & Johnson reporting $3.2 billion in earnings from PROCRIT® and a similar drug and Amgen showing $6.5 billion for EPOGEN® and a similar drug during 2006.

Last year Amgen started losing stock value as word of the cuts spread. A press release from Amgen at its’ corporate website stated “”Recent changes in coverage rules and adjustments to Amgen’s FDA approved labels for EPOGEN(R) and Aranesp have and will adversely affect Amgen’s revenue.” The company then announced layoffs.

The ETHA bill would increase the number of HIV infected persons able to receive government assistance. A PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis conducted in 2003 estimated that the act would increase eligibility for treatment by 30,000 people. In turn the government purchasing of the anemia medications associated with their treatment will certainly increase, making up some of the difference caused by the planned Medicaid purchasing reductions. In effect, this law could turn things around for Amgen and increase Johnson & Johnson stock values.

Considering that the bill was submitted only one day after the Medicare announcement, some viewed it as a reaction to the new guidelines and an attempt to improve the finances of those two drug makers.

The reason why the whole thing looks shady is because Nancy owned over a half a million dollars worth of Johnson & Johnson stock plus two of her key staffers left her side and went on to become lobbyists for Amgen. What a coincidence huh? How about the fact that in the days just before and after this ETHA bill was submitted a bunch of Amgen executives made donations to her campaign totaling thirty grand.

Then you have a bundler of Hillary’s, a former Deputy Chief of Staff for Bill and now a lobbyist, receiving 1.7 million dollars from Amgen. Being a bundler means you can all but guarantee some of that money went into the coffers of Hillarys.

Barack received twelve grand from some Amgen executives just prior to and immediately after a vote in the Senate on a non-binding resolution telling Medicare to back off the new regulations, which was approved unanimously.

So what does all this mean? It means the Times will go after a McCain story with little to go on, print it on its front page above the fold, but will ignore a story that has plenty of evidence to dig into because the principals have a (D) after their name.

How else do you explain it?

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This won’t even make a blip on the lame ass medias radar. Hell, they never even took up the feinstein conflict of interest story which broke, what about 2 years ago. That hag sat on the committee handing out government contracts and low and behold, her hubby’s company got many of said contracts. Putting millions of American Taxpayer dollars into their private fortune. She is retiring a very rich woman thanks in large part to that conflict of interest. So this is nothing. The media won’t pick it up and the unwashed masses will continue to believe osama/obama’s claims that he will change the status quo in DC. He is already, at only 3 years in congress, as corrupt as teddy, sanfran nan, dirty harry, difi and the rest of the whores in congress who think the American Taxpayer is a bottomless piggy bank who’s existence is simply to make them rich. Fuck them all.

“ontinue to believe osama/obama’s claims that he will change the status quo in DC. He is already, at only 3 years in congress, as corrupt as teddy, sanfran nan, dirty harry, difi and the rest of the whores in congress who think the American Taxpayer is a bottomless piggy bank who’s existence is simply to make them rich.”

And the leftists they rode in on.


I thought “Big Pharma” was evil?
Can’t wait for these guys to institute Universal Healthcare. I’m sure there won’t be any hanky-panky there!

How much longer will we allow the selective prosecution of our elected officials? Senate leader involved with land deals Crickets, Rick Renzi (Arz.) involved in land deals, indicted. Down right thievery with Diane Fienstein more crickets. At one time I thought that our conservatism was winning, G-D how wrong I was, until we learn to fight on the same level with the Democraps, we will continue to lose.

Prosecution and investigation of crimes is done by the Executive branch.
I am sure that the DOJ would have loved to have been able to indict more Democrats but they were not able to do that. Pre 2006 when the Republicans were in strong control of both Houses of Congress they also failed to find evidence of wrong doing by Pelosi, Reid et al.

“Prosecution and investigation of crimes is done by the Executive branch.”
Blocked every step of the way by Democrat Senators who insist on only AGs that will do their bidding. The last thing in the world the Democrats want is voter fraud investigated. The Sound Politics blog in Washington State pointed out, illegal aliens, dead voters, criminals etc, that voted in the 2004 election. The AG for the state refused to investigate. He was fired along with others. The Democrats are still (as far as I know) investigating what they consider, the terrible crime of firing someone for not doing their job.
Voter ID laws have be taken to the Supreme Court, because the Democrats insist that their voters are to dumb to get a proper photo ID and therefore all voter ID laws must be eliminated so that their illegal aliens, their dead, their criminals can voite. How else can the Democrats win an election. But the Executive branch is supposed to enforce this.

The Democrats have a representatives, found with money in the freezer voting for laws that affect all Americans, when he should be in jail IMO. How does this make sense.

“representatives, found with money in the freezer ”

Man, the safe was full. Can’t leave it out on the desk, people in Washington might steal it.!