Political Cartoons of Yesteryear


As the Republican convention neared with no clear choice for the GOP presidential nominee, a 1920 cartoon shows the frazzled Republican elephant surrounded by conflicting newspaper headlines. REUTERS/Clifford Berryman/National Archives/Handout

A 1948 cartoon shows President Harry S. Truman, the Democratic Presidential nominee, looking at poll numbers and headlines just days before the election. Despite predictions of a landslide victory for Dewey, Truman won the election, one of the biggest political upsets in U.S. history. REUTERS/Clifford Berryman/National Archives/Handout

A 1922 cartoon shows the Republican elephant and Democratic donkey leaving a Congressional session. REUTERS/Clifford Berryman/National Archives/Handout

A 1921 cartoon highlights the dilemma faced by members of Congress to explain votes on various issues to diverse interests back home. REUTERS/Clifford Berryman/National Archives/Handout

A 1912 cartoon shows the three presidential candidates on the eve of the contentious 1912 election: former President Theodore Roosevelt for the Progressive (Bull Moose) Party, Woodrow Wilson for the Democratic Party, and incumbent President William Howard Taft for the Republican Party. REUTERS/Clifford Berryman/National Archives/Handout

A 1930 cartoon shows the Democratic donkey consoling the defeated Republican elephant as the old year sets over the horizon. REUTERS/Clifford Berryman/National Archives/Handout

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A nice walk through the past. And what a great way to take our minds off our troubles at the same time.

Dr Sues also did a series of political cartoons lambasting the “America First”, isolationists, and head in the sand crowds in the 1930s. It was interesting to see his art in an overt political usage.

Wordsmith! What great cartoons, how do you find these places. The moral is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. There always were and always will be those who sling mud simply for POLITICAL reasons. Shame on them! Once again thanks for your efforts.

One question? How do I add your blog to favorites. I could not find a home link to your post.


Those are the ones. It is amazing that we won WWII with the lack of unity we had going into it and through it.

Oddly, or not, we can post the same cartoons today with the exact same meanings. Defeatists and appeasers never change.

Fascinatingly, in 1920 Hoover won the Democrat primary in Michigan but came in fourth in the Republican prmary.

i <3 this

nmjuu?? immma have your bbaaabbbeee