Wife Of Crooked Politician Endorses Hillary….Surprised?


From the recent news it’s looking like Jacques may need a pardon soon, who better to befriend then a Clinton then huh?

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won surprise backing from the wife of former French President Jacques Chirac on Thursday, together with a pledge to join her on the campaign trail.

The Chiracs’ political affiliations are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the Clintons’, but the former French first lady said she had always thought Democratic candidate Clinton had the makings of a U.S. president.

“She’s a woman who is not liked by everybody. But she’s strong and she has convictions,” Bernadette Chirac, well-known for a forceful character of her own, told the weekly Le Figaro magazine.

In the later years of his presidency, Jacques Chirac was widely vilified in the United States for his vocal opposition to the Iraq war led by President George W. Bush.

His wife met Clinton several times when her husband Bill Clinton was in the White House before Bush.

“From the first look, the first words, Hillary Clinton is a friendly, smiling person who never lets herself be caught out,” she said.

She even expressed interest in attending the Democratic convention in Denver in August. “And if I can be of any use to her somewhere in the campaign, I’m available. I’d like to go with her and I’m going to suggest it to her.”

Opposite ends!  Now that is a hoot.  In France Jacques may be thought of as center-right, but in the US he is the model of what a lefty aspires to be.

….and convictions?  She has done a bang up job of avoiding being convicted so far.  Why is it that criminals and their families seem to flock to the Clinton family?

Ok, enough with the stand up schtick…..I am getting worried.  Hillary CANNOT lose the primary.  She wins the primary there is no way she gets into the White House, 100% certainty a Republican becomes the next President.  Obama wins the primary and its anyone guess.

Come on Hillary, get your act together!  Pull it together and win that primary….


Check out Fausta’s blog, he has posted up a little of Jacques’s tainted history which so attracted him to the Clintons.

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Come on Hillary, get your act together! Pull it together and win that primary….

Pulling this comment out of context——could you imagine the headline? “FLOPPING ACES ENDORSES CLINTON” 🙂


On the other hand, while understanding your motives, I’m not sure Obama could handle a general election with his lack of (especially) foreign policy experience. Chirac-lite at best.


I know, funny that I want her to win the primary but she is so polarizing, so hated, she could not beat our guy. Obama is not that polarizing….thus, a better chance. Not saying he would win, it’s just I would be a bit more worried.

The only question is, do the Clintons seek CHICOM money and criminals, or do the CHICOM’s and criminals seek the Clintons? Some way they have a weird marriage thing going on.

You’re right that Obama stands a better chance than Hillary. Here’s what’s incredible to me: John Edwards (according to a pretty comprehensive Gallup poll taken in September) stands a much better chance than the two democratic favorites of winning a hypothetical election against ANY republican candidate.

Yep, we need Hillary as the nominee! 2008 won’t be any fun without her!

Crooked? This is how you refer to a respected leader? This is absolutely disgusting. Anyone with any sense will vote for Hillary.

Ahh… The leftist insane clown posse strikes again with “vote for Hillary”!

Respected leader? Chirac? Mr. “oil for new weapon systems” scandal himself! Not only was he ousted, but France did a 180 and now activly fights islamofascism. Chirac and respected only go in the same sentence when “not” is placed in between.

That said Hillary makes Chirac look clean.