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“What are we doing here?”  That is a question I hear quite often from those who oppose our actions in the Middle East.  What are we doing here?  We are giving people the opportunity to fight for their freedom.  Freedom is not a concept that is given, it is earned.  It is the costliest of human aspirations and the one thing most easily squandered.  I take the dhimmitude that infects the West today as my “Exhibit A”.  Those who have no concept of the cost of freedom are willing to give it away all in the name of a false “peace”.  But what is Peace without Freedom?

Peace without Freedom is Slavery.  I will never be a slave.  If I lose my life in this land, I will have died a Free Man.  If those who outlive me surrender in the name of “Peace” because they are too terrified and selfish to sacrifice for the cost of Freedom, they too will die.  However, they will die as slaves, or dhimmi, which is the same thing.

“But the Iraqis were better off under Saddam than they are now!”  That is another moronic statement I hear far too often.  It not only shows a disgusting amount of historical ignorance, but an even more disgusting amount of unwillingness to see the truth.  The left wing “useful idiots” who state this ignore that fact that CNN admitted to not reporting Saddam’s atrocities so they could keep their Baghdad office open.  The media fails to mention the million plus bodies we dug up in mass graves.  Bodies put there by Saddam in the 90s.

You will not get the truth from the Main Stream Media (MSM).  Do you know that my living area was destroyed twice in the month I have been here?  No?  Funny, I live here and I never saw the destruction they speak of either.  These were made-up or incredibly embellished/slanted reports.

One attack was a rocket strike on the US Embassy Annex (Presidential Palace).  Supposedly several of us were killed and injured.  Just one small, minor problem; it did not happen.  There was a rocket attack.  It probably was an Iranian manufactured rocket also, to Hell with the fools who wrote the ISG Report.  But it only gave two people minor injuries from flying glass.  That’s it.

Another story was a supposed bomb attack, vehicle borne, on our living areas.  It too suffered from a minor issue.  It never happened!  There was a light mortar strike on an empty swimming pool at 9:30 pm on a cold night.  Oddly enough, no one was at the pool.  But that was miles from the Embassy living area.  These are just two of the hundreds of suspect media reports from the MSM.

But I have digressed.  So, what do I get to see in Iraq.  Well, I missed the last election, but everyone should see this picture again.

The fact that people in the West (the USA especially) reduce the pure courage and determination of the Iraqi People for Freedom to a trivial joke enrages me.  The Iraqi People gave “The Finger” to the “insurgents”, National Socialist Ba’athists, and imported terrorists.  The Iraqi People chose the hard road of Freedom.  But the leftist “Peace at any and every cost” crowd could care less.  I despise these leftists for their shallowness and selfishness.

Then I see this picture:


Iraq was a country where the soldiers were used to terrorize the population.  Her soldiers were employed by Saddam to rape, pillage, and burn in order to maintain his absolute rule.  In the end, a few Coalition Divisions and air support wiped them out.  The Iraqis were not a professional army.  They were Saddam’s goons.

But that is different now.  Now there are dedicated schools for Iraqi Soldiers.  A growing Non-Commissioned Officer corps exists.  The Iraqi Soldiers of today is better educated, better lead, and better supported than he ever was.  Would they be on par with the Western Coalition today?  No, but few are and we train heard just to keep that proficiency ourselves.  That said, the Iraqi Army is probably the best armed force in the Arab/Persian world.  If you cannot look at this picture and be touched by the emotional comfort the Soldier is providing the child, then I doubt anything I have to say will matter as your heart is full of hatred for the USA, our President, our Armed Forces, and the good Iraqi People.

So how does this affect yours truly?  I helped equip this Soldier you see hugging the child.  Everything he has on him and even that generator behind him are things I helped provide.  That is my contribution to the war now.  I help to build a professional Iraqi Army.  My years as an Armor Officer are over.  I have moved to Acquisitions.  My vengeance to the terrorists no longer comes from the muzzles of my tanks, but from the ability of the Iraqis to hunt and kill the barbarian terrorist thugs themselves.

But what about the “cut and run” mentality?  I can only say to the people who support this stupid notion the following:  If we cut and run from the Middle East, we WILL have terrorists on our own streets in America.  Will you grab a gun and defend our home then?  Or will you continue to cower and stab you defenders in the back?  Will you fight as a Free Person or die as a slave in an Islamic Caliphate?

This IS the war which will determine whether Western Freedom or an Islamic Caliphate slave state will prevail.  Iraq is just one battle in this war.  If we win here, the terror supporting states surrounding Iraq will fall.  If we lose, a nuclear armed terror empire will surely form with the goal of our complete genocide.  Ironically, the people who will suffer the most under this Caliphate are the ones protesting our fighting it.  The groups shouting “Queers for Palestine” and “Boobs not Bombs” will be killed by these terrorists they support first.  ANSWER/ACT/Move-On and others will follow shortly there after.

So I leave you with this one photograph.

An Iraqi girl holds a Beanie Baby and a handbill given to her by Iraqi soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 4th Public Order Brigade during Operation Thunder Goodwill Aug. 17. Photo by U.S. Army Spc. David Kobi, 55th Signal Company

To those who serve and support our efforts and are part of the war to crush the rising tide of terrorism and hijacked Islam, you will look at this picture, and like me, promise those little eyes that we WILL NOT FAIL.  I looked at this picture the most today writing this letter.  I kept asking myself if I have done everything I can to give her the opportunity to work for freedom and live in true peace.  I hope I have.  I know others have given everything in that cause.  3,000 Americans have given their lives so little children like this girl will not live under tyranny.  Many thousands more have given years of their lives to fight the rising tide of tyrants in the world.

To those people, I give my sincerest thanks and love, as everyone who reads this should also.  They are the ones who make life worth living.  It does not matter who these supporters of Freedom are or what they can provide to the effort.  The fact that they provide is enough.

To those that want to surrender for “peace at any cost” or “cut and run” because they are too selfish and pathetic to defend their own Freedom, let alone the Freedom of others, I ask you to look into this young lady’s eyes and tell her that her life is insignificant.  I want you, Mr/Ms “I support the Troops but not the war” and even “I don’t support any U.S. ‘ANYTHING’ even though it gave me EVERYTHING on a silver platter” to look at this girl in the face.  Tell her that she is worthless to you.  Tell her Mr/Ms Leftist that you will gladly let the terrorists kill her and her family, and sleep very well afterwards knowing that your cowardly treason killed her.  Look her in the eyes and tell her that those who were given everything free of charge will expend nothing to give her the most basic need of humanity.  Look her in the eyes and tell her that she is not worthy of being Free, but your worthless, traitorous hide somehow is.

Then you can burn in Hell for I have no other use for you.

From Curt – ChrisG, a Veteran of the Iraq war, and frequent commenter here at FA wrote this piece while still in Iraq.  I asked him if he would like to write something for FA when he gets the time and he graciously allowed me to post this piece.  Hopefully he can find the time for more in the future.  Welcome Chris!

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As I started to readyour post, I realized that I dod not have to read the whole post to know that you are right on.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Just in case anyone forgets.

NP and great photos, Chris. Stay safe.

Great article and photo’s. The only problem is that not one democrat in government gives a s*** about anything or anyone except power for themselves and they’ll take that if they have to bow to every criminal in the world. It’s really hard for any democrat to be respected. They won’t even accept the fact they are responsible for the slaughter of 3 to 5 million is Southeast Asia. Hanoi John even denied recently that the well documented slaughter happened. There is no help other than death for the slime in the democrat party.

Loved to see this again ChrisG! Hope you are doing well, and I also hope you will continue writing. God Bless you!!

amen and amen.

Thanks for taking the time to write this, Chris. Thanks for everything you are doing on behalf of us, the Iraqi people, and most especially on behalf of that girl in the picture, and the millions like her.

The process to democracy in the face of those attempting to sabotage it, is a painful one. But removing Saddam was the first step in the right direction. Under Saddam and his ruthless sons, the children of Iraq would have no chance of a brighter future. At least now, that chance is being fought for.

Chris: Thanks for that first-person-experience post! I wish all the doom and gloomers whose only information about Iraq comes from the defeatist media would read it.

Great post

A very excellent piece that simply says why we fight, the progress that’s been made, and the importance of why we need to win.

I offer my smart salute to ChrisG.

Beautiful photos, great post.
Sadly, you touched on something that should not be true, but it is. Too many Americans, descendents of better and bolder people than they are, don’t really deserve to live free any more. They benefit from, but don’t appreciate, the efforts and sacrifices that have bought and still hold on to this rare gift. They are either too thick or too contrary to understand that a country can’t become free or remain free unless its young generation is willing to lay down their lives for their family and their people.
If the America-hating Americans are able to continue to spread their corruption unhindered, through our education system and media, we will one day lack a generation of defenders. Then we will wait for our slavemasters, who will take whatever the appeasers offer, and then take everything else, too. There won’t be an army of brave heros for us like there is for Iraq. God bless you for your sacrifices, and bless your country for generations to come because of you.

“But the Iraqis were better off under Saddam than they are now!” That is another moronic statement I hear far too often. It not only shows a disgusting amount of historical ignorance, but an even more disgusting amount of unwillingness to see the truth.

The Iraqis themselves do not appear to feel they are better off. See here, for example.

The media fails to mention the million plus bodies we dug up in mass graves.

Can you suggest some source to support this figure? I can find estimates that Saddam killed about a million people, about a quarter of whom ended up in mass graves. Actual bodies dug up don’t seem anywhere close to a million though according to anything I can find.

Balanced against these million that Saddam killed (over a period of twenty years), consider the estimates of civilian excess deaths under American protectorship, here. Perhaps a million, perhaps somewhat fewer, over a period of four or five years. Of course the culpability for these deaths falls (with a handful of exceptions) on the insurgents, but it probably goes a long way to explaining the results of the poll linked to above.

The Iraqi People gave “The Finger”

Democracy unfortunately is no panacea. There are enough Shiites that I expect any national election to result in a Shiite state prime minister. Hamas won Palestinian elections, but they are not a force for freedom.

If we cut and run from the Middle East, we WILL have terrorists on our own streets in America. Will you grab a gun and defend our home then?

We already have a handful of terrorists every year. But since you seem to envision some sort of massive increase: yes, of course, if our other lines of defense somehow fail I’ll happily defend this country. Thing is, your scenario doesn’t make any sense to me. No middle eastern country is capable of seriously threatening us.

If we win here, the terror supporting states surrounding Iraq will fall

Sounds like you’re on board for an attack on Iran.

If we lose, a nuclear armed terror empire will surely form with the goal of our complete genocide

‘Surely’? When did you acquire prophetic powers? And when you look at the current political situation in the Middle East, why do you think in terms of unity and empire rather than fragmentation and civil war?

…because they are too selfish and pathetic…your cowardly treason…your worthless, traitorous hide

Another guy who can’t believe that someone would disagree with him without being a total moral degenerate. You know, there are even people in the armed forces who don’t support the war (in the sense that they think it should end with our swift withdrawal, not in the sense that they don’t do their duty). I did software development work for advanced C4 systems (CPOF), used by the third ID in Baghdad. Even people who help the war effort don’t necessarily agree that it’s a good idea.

On more than a few days we discussed the US Declaration of Independence and its significance to the world. The Iraqis had very little Western history and knew very little about US history specifically.

Sadly I see this also. It reminds me of several quotes form Orweil, John Stewart Mills, and others on the fragility of freedom.

This post was written in March of this year. I gave Curt a few others also. I am happy to say that this post has been translated in Arabic and was well received by the Iraqis.

I must note that I am currently back in the USA, though still working directly with the people I deployed with. I volunteered to return as soon as I got back, even with a newborn on the way (he is now a very healthy 2 mo old).

Thank you for your work on the C4 systems we use. I am happy you found the few percentage points of Soldiers who support your views. I and a VAST majority of others DO NOT. And yes, very visible and loud portions of the “anti-war” movement ARE moral degenerates and violent ones at that. I am glad you do not count yourself among them.

First off, you continue to quote the lancet study with other studies from “independent groups”. I have to doubt how “independent” these studies were, but at least you cite that US troops are NOT going around shooting civilians. Your “anti-war” comrades, however DO NOT.

Now for Saddam’s mass grave data you seem to have trouble finding.

There are dozens of others, but the spam blocker will probably not let the post go with them (too many links). The ROUGH figure is 5 million died under Saddam. This does not count the Kuwaitis and graves yet to be found. Nor does it count the Sunnis Saddam killed/imprisoned.

“No middle eastern country is capable of seriously threatening us.”

I beg to dissagree. No Middle Eastern country has to have ICBMs to threaten us and not all threats are weapons in the direct sense. These countries have terror training camps (Saddam had Salmon Pak and the Ansar al Islam camp and backed homicide bombers in Palestine). These terrorists then come to the USA and, though we catch some of them, our courts are ineffective in protecting the populance. Some Islamic nations have nuclear weapons facilities (Iran and now hints that Syria has weapon sites). They have assistance from North Korea and financial backing from groups in the West (CAIR and others). They also have chemical and biological agents and the will to use them. Biological weapons are perhaps the most dangerous as they do not require large delivery systems to create weapon stocks (a little botulism goes a long way). Plus, a bio-agent is difficult to trace and causes mass panic. Just look what a little food contamination does to the populace. In addition, the countries do not have to threaten us, they send in their colonial jihadists to hunt “kuffers” (one was caught in Dearborn, Mi a week ago) and impose their society on the West. Europe is not being threatened by a Middle Eastern country, but it is becoming less and less safe for non-Muslims to live. Even now in Belgium, a Muslim can protest all he wants, but any counter-protests are suppressed. France suffers from organized “spontaneous” riots and cannot patrol many of its cities. In England, sections of cites are no longer truly under English control.

“Sounds like you’re on board for an attack on Iran.”

While I have a few pieces of Iranian munitions to return to Iran, if/when we are victorious in Iraq, Iran could fall without a US shot. Iran is not a stable country and her people are calling for their leaders and the mullahs to step down. They are met with armed religious police and many are killed and imprisoned. What I want is to give these people, and others in the ME and alternative to Jihad and Islamic dictatorships bent on global jihad. That will stop the wars and THAT is what I meant: A domino effect. A successful Iraq could prod others in the region to move against their theocracies, dictators, and kings. It could also relieve a lot of pressure on Lebanon when Iran and Syria become too busy putting down pro-freedom insurrections to help Hezbollah. It may not be pretty and it may not reflect everything the West desires in the end, but if the people are victorious, then there is hope for a more peaceful M.E.. Notice that “hope” is not a guarantee.

That said, time is running out for Iran. I doubt they will get the 12 years Saddam had to disarm. I do not doubt that the UN will be just as ineffective as it was with Saddam. However, even typically spineless EU governments are very concerned that a nuclear armed Iran with North Korean missiles could easily hit central EU countries. Hitting the EU will hurt the USA almost as much as a hit on Los Angeles or New York.

“‘Surely’? When did you acquire prophetic powers? And when you look at the current political situation in the Middle East, why do you think in terms of unity and empire rather than fragmentation and civil war?”

Prophecy is not required and don’t call me Shirley. Part of my job is pattern analysis. Two and two equal four. For example, not responding in the 1990s to increasing terror attacks made each one more devastating and culminated in 9-11 for the USA. A growing number in the US military were stating this throughout the 90s. Running away from Iraq and Afghanistan will leave large power vacuums and not only will M.E. countries step in, but China and Russia also have aspirations for the region.

Now, will there be unity or a Shia/Sunni civil war? Probably no true unity for a few years, and maybe even a decade and there will be fighting along sect lines. However, of all the geo-political regions, the Middle East, historically, has formed large empires and that is when they were the strongest. There are many ‘wild cards’ in the area:

-A strong Iran with a puppet Syria
-China and Russian interests and support
-Sunni countries with large, untested armies and masses of ready to die human bombers with large birthrates (Iran also has a growing issue with IEDs in Pashdun areas).
-AQ with populist aspirations of providing an alternative to kings and Islamic states with one Caliphate to take on the world with.
-A socialist West too mired in its own self-hate to stand against anyone or even stand-up for itself.
-A section of the West very ready to stand against the rising tide of global Islam.

Out of this comes the following for the M.E.:
1-Endless civil war which disrupts oil production and forces the world to act in order to stop it (Europe and China are the largest exporters of M.E. oil; the USA gets %17.6 of our oil exports from the Persian/Arabian Gulf). Some would say this is the best result as it draws the radicles out of the West and to the M.E.. However, resource cost skyrocket and unless the USA starts drilling on its own territory and building refineries NOW, we will suffer greatly at home (something we have not had to do at all during this war). Also, as much as we wish there was something besides oil to run on, very little exists operationally for a 300 million+ people nation which will allow us to at this time, despite the Billions of dollars spent on research. Also, the world would demand we go in and stop this civil war. We would be back to square one.

2-Civil War followed by a Persian Empire: Iran creates nuclear weapons and dominates the rest of the M.E. or in some other way wins the civil war. The Persians now unite the M.E. with the singular purpose of destroying the West and subjugating all other religions and peoples.

3-Same as #2, but with a Whabbahist in charge of a new Sunni Caliphate. This Caliph now relentlessly attacks the West with everything they have.

4-No civil war. Some power (Shia or Sunni) takes control of Iraq and turns it into a terrorist safe haven. The USA is too paralyzed to react and is attacked by graduates of these camps (again).

5-The USA/Coalition stays in Iraq, beats both the AQI and Iranian backed Shias. We help their government actually run with a minimum of corruption (unheard of in the M.E.) and provide for their people. The People of Iraq get their acts together and work with each other, creating a better Iraq, free of Whabbahism and Shia theocracy (it still will not look like a USA/EU mirror, but it will be different than anything yet tried in the region). People of other Middle East nations see that the Iraqis have good things in life and live at a high standard. They demand the same from their governments, who cannot deliver and try to suppress the dissenters. Instead of giving in as they have in the past, these dissenters topple the governments and ask for Western help on how to run the new governments.

#5 is the most difficult to do in the short run, but if we do not change the face of the M.E., we will be attacked again and again by terrorists with cloaked support from the Islamic nations which fund them.

ChrisG – 2 bbartlog – 0

I followed the link to this first ChrisG post from the obit posting.

Reading this I can only think that beyond the obvious loss to family and friends, his passing is a terrible loss to the nation of strong and rational voice.


Thanks for bringing Chris G’s thread back into the cycle, appreciate reading it again, he gave us so much! Welcome to FA!