Time To Lose


Patrick Ruffini wrote an excellent editorial yesterday in which he details the success of "the surge":

Early indications are that the troop surge into Baghdad is working. It hasn’t been reported on widely, but murders in Baghdad are down 70%, attacks are down 80%, Mahdi Army chief Moqtada al-Sadr has reportedly made off for Iran, and many Baghdadis who had fled the violence now feel it’s safe enough to return. The strategy that Congress is busy denouncing is proving to be our best hope for victory.

In Iraq, there’s a sense that change is in the air — literally. Omar of Iraq the Model spots a B-1 Bomber in the skies of Baghdad for the first time since the end of the major combat. On the ground, Omar writes that the signs that Iraqis are getting serious about security are more palbable. With the help of Compstat-like technology, security forces are cracking down at checkpoints (even ambulances are getting stopped) and getting nimbler about locating them strategically so the terrorists don’t know what to expect.

This turnaround in Baghdad is confirmed at home by the media’s near-deafening silence. If it seems like you’ve heard less about how Iraq is spiraling into civil war in the weeks since the surge was announced, this is why. Even some discordant voices in the media are starting to wonder what’s happening. Time magazine worries that it’s "Quiet in Baghdad. Too quiet." That’s right — a dramatic reduction in violence is actually bad news.

My favorite line:

When the Army and Marine Corps are on offense, carrying out combat operations and clearing out insurgent strongholds, we win. When we lay back, carrying out routine patrols and playing Baghdad beat cop, we lose.

This is how you win against an insurgency.  You show the Iraqi people that you are not leaving, that your taking the fight to the terrorists, and they will help.

Check out this video the DoD put out on Friday in which they document the change on one of Baghdad’s worst streets:

Now why do the Rats want to run n’ hide just as the streets are starting to turn around?

All for power my friends.  If they force the US to lose then the lefties will be happy as they scream "Bush was wrong" and will support them in their bid for more power. 

So, as the surge works we will continue to see stories about the horrible horrible Iraq situation from our liberal MSM.  If they can’t find bodies to report on they will report on the risks that contractors take in working in Iraq.  Not about the good they are doing by building new schools and public utility facilities.  No, it’s the risks.  The MSM and the Rats do this because they know we could win if the public understood just how well things are going in Iraq.  The Rats want nothing of the sort, as Joe Biden said on Chrissy Matthews show on Friday, they just need time.  More bodies means more success for the Rats in their campaign to cut n’ run:

Time….hopefully in time the situation will deteriorate to the point where they can claim victory in their campaign to lose Iraq.  Time….to get the lefties in our MSM to screech failure over and over and over again while ignoring all the positive stories from Iraq.  Time…..to mount protests beside our sacred memorials.

Time to lose is the new Democrats motto.

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Could the Anna Nichole Smith Non-story be on all the networks all the time because there is not enough bad news from Iraq? Just a question.

You show the Iraqi people that you are not leaving, that your taking the fight to the terrorists, and they will help.

Besides sending the wrong message to our enemies, Congress trying to push forth no-confidence resolutions and cut fundings needed to finish the job also sends the wrong message to the Iraqi people. Why on earth would they put themselves at risk, by openly siding with us, when we appear to be on the verge of abandoning them to the violence-makers?

Let’s all hope that the good news continues.

And we can bet on one thing if it does:

Democrats will race to the cameras and claim that the ONLY reason the surge succeeded is because of Democrat threats to cut the funding for the troops and force a pullout.

It would be a ridiculous assertion, but since when has that ever stopped them?

Democrats were never about us doing it “better” in Iraq as John Kerry said, it was about us never doing it at all or ever again.

This whole undermining event that is taking place in the congress will hopefully come to a head. The MSM refuse to point out that what congress via the Murtha plan is trying to do is a violation of the constitution. They same group that scream that a President can’t listen to phone calls between 2 terrorists is deafeningly silent as the Congress try to sieze the power of Commander in Chief by dictating troop movements. They can either vote the money away or not. That is the only constitutional authority they have.

The surge is going to work the only thing that can stop it is if the Dems get away with cutting off their supplies and cutting the throat of the Iraqies. (just like they did in Vietnam)

sorry for the multiple Curt I always have trouble posting to your site