Just Let Them Win Dammit!


Don Surber reminds us of a few Democrats who broke ranks with their party and did the right thing, they voted for victory.  No more talk of defeat and "lets just cut our loses and go home" kind of talk.  No, they understand that our troops need our support, not empty cheers as they are stabbed in the back.  Check out this video of Representative Jim Marshall from Georgia, a Democrat, who understands this all too clearly:

As Outside The Wire posted today, if you want to support the troops……let them win dammit!

Oh, and before I close out this post take a look at an email from a soldier over in Iraq who wrote to his parents the following:

The friggin terrorists tried to hurt our friends today. The attacked some IPs not to far from us, and then when the armor near us responded to the IPs cries for help and came rushing over with some serious firepower, they ran like little girls. My unit saw no action, but we sure heard it. A round flew over us, and so some of the guys who were working with us who dont go out to much took cover. The rest of us just laughed. It was funny. We were behind a hill, and about a kilometer away, so we were pretty safe. A few IPs [Iraqi Police] got hurt, and so prayers go out to those wounded guys. They have to live in this country where thier families could be killed for thier involvement in the Iraqi Police, so I have alot of respect for them.

It really amazes me how the IPs and Iraqi Army persist even though our politicians doubt them back home. I’ve seen them take terrorists, and detain them. I’ve seen IA tanks hold the high ground. I dont know why we doubt these guys. They do more of the heavy stuff than we do. They really are stepping up, and though they pay the price (I saw them get hit, they took one KIA, and one more had his guts hanging out) they still fight on. These guys have some serious beliefs in what they can make their country into. I believe in them.

This whole thing going on back home is just not right. We should not run and abandon this country. Saddam needed to be punished. He had ridiculed the world, and had opressed his people. People say that we have brought carnage? We have not done nothing compared to Saddam. He was a killer and did it to his own people. I’m not sorry that we came here, and I’m sure not going to run out on these people. I’m no person to ever do that, and I’ll stand by these people here.

One of the translators told me some about the former regime. His brother was killed by Saddam. Every time we talk he says more and more about how much better it is for Iraqis now. The kids smile and wave when they see us pass by. The people here are always nice to us as well. It might be because we carry automatic weapons, but so did Saddam and they sure didnt like him.

IP’s = Iraqi Police
IA’s = Iraqi Army

It’s working people.  They are gaining the confidence that only comes from great instructors and are battling to help their new Democracy survive…..if only we stay the course.

An even better illustration of what the Democrats are doing comes from Midnight Blue:

Just so very sad.

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