The New Zawahiri Tape


And the laughs keep rolling.  Zawahiri released his latest diatribe and it’s a doozy.  This time he calls Bush a alcoholic and gambler:

Bush suffers from an addictive personality, and was an alcoholic. I don’t know his present condition (Americans know best about that, as they are experts in alcohol and addiction to it), but the one who examines his personality finds that he is addicted to two other faults: lying and gambling. As regards lying, his record is well known, and he has gone down in history as one of its most notorious liars.

Which I’m sure the DummiesU kiddies will love.  But it appears the Democrats haven’t done enough to appease al-Qaeda, not that they haven’t tried:

As for the Democrats in America, I tell them:

The people chose you due to your opposition to Bush’s policy in Iraq, but it appears that you are marching with him to the same abyss, and it appears that you will take part with him in the defeat and certain failure, with God’s permission. And the American people shall discover that you are all one side of the same coin of tyranny, criminality and failure; that failure which – by the grace of God – has neutralized the endeavors of the traitors who entered Kabul and Baghdad on the backs of American tanks, and has dashed their hopes as they see the Mujahideen come closer and closer to victory, which has led them to urgently appeal to America for help and implore it to continue to occupy their lands and raise the banners of the Cross over their heads.

How special that must make you Democrats feel huh?  He appreciates all the help but hey, do a little more will ya!  Like maybe elect Obama!

The MSM is playing up this part:

And we – by the grace of Allah and His guidance – have pledged allegiance to the Commander of the Believers, Mulla Muhammad Umar, who is an Afghan.

That’s why I ask my Muslim brothers in general and the callers and Mujahideen and their media organizations in particular to highlight the concept of Islamic brotherhood and disown all partisanship, loyalties and animosities based on nationalism, and I ask them not to allow the wrongdoing of a faction or entity motivate them to speak evil of that party’s entire people or race.

And trying to spin it as if AQ has a new leader.  Not sure what to make of it, is Osama dead?  I doubt many know.  The Counterterrorism Blog has a bit more analysis:

Zawahiri urges followers in Lebanon to not give up any land, and he does so without differentiating between Sunni or Shiite there. But, according to a press release by the SITE Institute, he "charges that the leaders of Fatah are apostates, and encourages its members to ‘return to Islam’ and fight, but not necessarily join Hamas, Palestine Islamic Jihad, or al-Qaeda." By talking out of both sides of his mouth, Zawahiri is trying to have his cake and eat it too – he’s trying to provide leadership but avoid entanglement in the Sunni-Shiite split which is now a key issue facing the Muslim world, and which he helped to build through his years in Sunni-based Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda.

The whole translated text can be found here courtesy of Laura Mansfield.

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I believe this section was aimed directly at Moqtada al Sadr:

“The long beards, huge turbans, majestic titles, purported lineages and popular myths are no substitute
for the truth and cannot conceal the crimes of cooperation with the Crusaders, loyalty to the infidel
invaders and killing of the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan; those crimes which the Muslim Ummah knows
who committed and which shall detonate a volcano of Islamic rage against the charlatans who claim to
defend Islam.”

He is angry that al Sadr is cooperating with the Iraqi government. He is also supposedly a direct descendant of Mohammad.

Interesting that Sadr is reported to have fled to Tehran:

Al Queda fanned the flames of sectarian divide in Iraq. And now they cannot put that genie back in the bottle (a little middle east lingo there).

At first, I only caught fragments of Zawahiri’s screed on the radio. I thought at first it was a speech by Nazi Pelosi.

Yeah, al Sadr probably bugged out because al Qaeda had basically put out that he is “fair game”. He is probably more afraid of AQII than he is the MNF. He is probably looking for protection from al Qaida, not us. We would have already killed/arrested him if that is what we wanted to do.