The AP Whining, & Whining Some More


Funny thing, it’s going on 32 hours since the AP first reported that the Iraqi MoI has admitted that Jamil Hussein is real and what do we have to show for it?  Nada.

The Iraqi MoI has not issued a statement to anyone, neither has Centcom. 

Deja vu?

Meanwhile Kathleen Carroll is whining that a AP stringer may face arrest for unauthorized communication with the media.

"I never quite understood why people chose to disbelieve us about this particular man on this particular story," Carroll told E&P, referring to Jamil Hussein, an Iraq police captain. "AP runs hundreds of stories a day, and has run thousands of stories about things that have happened in Iraq."

Carroll pointed out that critics should be more concerned with the fact that Hussein could face imprisonment for being a source to journalists than how AP handled the situation. "A man who is a legitimate police official who has talked to journalists is threatened with arrest for doing so," she said. "Doesn’t that bother anybody other than me? Officials being threatened with arrest for talking to reporters ought to be of concern."

Nevermind that he gave false information to create even more sectarian division….lets all pull out our kleenex for the poor widdle AP stringer, who was so unafraid of any possible repercussions that he gave his name, rank, and employment location in over 60 stories. 

Just like they did with Bilal Hussein, who was found with terrorist contraband, they are now crying over another source with questionable ties.

I would settle for some confirmation that this guy exists from someone OTHER then the AP at this point seeing as how we can’t trust them as far as we can throw them.

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Ms Carroll’s protestations are rather (Dan?) weak. But this is a fascinating story and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

It could possibly make a great movie, someday, if a producer can be found who isn’t afraid of the Clintons, Streisand and the rest.

But my immediate concern is the safety of those who are putting themselves on the line here.

The Islamic fascists don’t have a lot of military power. But their propaganda wing is fairly formidable. I would estimate that it makes up about ninety percent of their threat to the free world.

Hear that, Ms. Carroll. Forget the sleeping pills. Try telling the truth. It’s not too late to make a difference.


“let all pull out our kleenex” Let or lets?

Wouldn’t it be even nicer if the MoI and Centcom let Jamil do several one on one interviews with an unbiased reporter/journalist. Live and taped. He is not the soul property of AP, and the truth needs to be spoken from his lips.


Looks like we were thinking along the same lines about the same time. For some reason there was some delay from when you posted till it showed up on the Power Line News page; probably didn’t cost you a lot of traffic that time of night but if I’d known you had a new post up I’d have linked it sooner. I excerpted and linked at Jamil identified, facing arrest? — Day 3 (CENTCOM says AP’s "Iraqi police source" isn’t Iraqi police — Part 31).

“She also said attention should be paid more to the war than to AP’s use of one source. ‘I think a little perspective is warranted here,’ she said. ‘While this has been going on, hundreds if not thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed and hundreds of serviceman have died.'”

Nope, no agenda here. Just fair and balanced reporting.


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