A Goodbye To President Ford


Vice President Cheney gave a wonderful eulogy today for President Ford that you need to watch.  It’s 10 minutes long but worth your time:

Gerald Ford became President at a terrible time in our country’s history and served admirably.  He did what was necessary, at great personal and professional cost, to heal this nation and did it without hesitation.

After he left office he left the spotlight for good, as any President should.  His successor, who served this country terribly and caused so much grief and pain that lasts to this day, went down to a defeat that ranks as one of the worst of any Presidential elections in 1980.  Ever since then he has embarrassed himself and this country with his idiocy.

Not Gerald Ford tho.  He was a accidental President who did his duty and then went on living his life.  As soldiers do…..you did well President Ford and for that I thank you.

Goodbye President Ford and God Bless.

Tribute video done by Katherine Schindewolf.

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Yes Gerald Ford did some good things, or tried to.
In 1974 he gave amnesty to the draft dodgers of the VietNam War. I can’t forgive him for that. Not ever! JG

Sorry President Ford….I was wrong….it wasn’t you but rather Jimmy Carter, several years later. Please forgive me for putting both feet in my big mouth on this one. Figures it was Carter.JG