Michael A. Monsoor, A True Hero


Michael Monsoor, a Navy Seal, sacrificed his life for his buddies on Sept 29th. Just like Marine Corps Sgt Rafael Peralta before him he jumped on a grenade to save the lives of the other Navy Seals in his snipers nest:

A Navy SEAL sacrificed his life to save his comrades by throwing himself on top of a grenade Iraqi insurgents tossed into their sniper hideout, fellow members of the elite force said.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor had been near the only door to the rooftop structure Sept. 29 when the grenade hit him in the chest and bounced to the floor, said four SEALs who spoke to The Associated Press this week on condition of anonymity because their work requires their identities to remain secret.

“He never took his eye off the grenade, his only movement was down toward it,” said a 28-year-old lieutenant who sustained shrapnel wounds to both legs that day. “He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEALs’ lives, and we owe him.”

Monsoor, a 25-year-old gunner, was killed in the explosion in Ramadi, west of Baghdad. He was only the second SEAL to die in Iraq since the war began.

[…]Prior to his death, Monsoor had already demonstrated courage under fire. He has been posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions May 9 in Ramadi, when he and another SEAL pulled a team member shot in the leg to safety while bullets pinged off the ground around them.

Monsoor’s funeral was held Thursday at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery in San Diego. He has also been submitted for an award for his actions the day he died.

Blackfive has more on this great man:

SEAL Team THREE deployed to Iraq last Spring and within a month of arriving, Mike had already distinguished himself. As one of the platoon machine gunners, Mike made quite an impression on the battlefield. On May 9, 2006 a teammate was shot in the legs, immobile, and exposed. Suppressing enemy fire with his M60, Mike fought his way to his wounded comrade’s position and dragged him out of the line of fire while maintaining constant pressure on enemy insurgents with his weapon. That action earned him a Silver Star… in the first month of his first deployment.

Fast forward to the final weeks of that deployment and Mike along with two fellow SEALs were occupying an overwatch position on a rooftop in the Mulab district of Ramadi which is basically the most dangerous neighborhood of the most dangerous city in Iraq. A hidden enemy managed to toss a grenade onto the rooftop near the three SEALs, and Mike without hesitation warned his comrades verbally before placing himself in a position to block the lethal blast of the grenade from killing his teammates. One of the SEALs he saved said that Mike’s countenance was completely calm and he showed no fear only resolve. No short timer’s disease infecting this man, he had only a couple of weeks remaining in the deployment and he did not flinch at the moment of truth.

Froggy and others are calling for Michael to be awarded the Medal of Honor, which I fully endorse. I would also like to see Peralta be awarded this honor. The History Channel is doing a special on Peralta soon, but these two men need to be recognized by our Country with our highest award.

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I can’t read enough about Mike Monsoor. His heroism touched me, especially as I had a Marine son deployed to Iraq.

I would love to contact his family to extend my deepest sympathy on not only their loss, but our’s.

Thanks for spreading the word and keeping the faith. When so many people in this country are caught up in the politics of a situation, it is refreshing to see time and emotion spent on the men and women who go to war regardless of the politics involved and of our individual viewpoints. We are not a great country because of our political system, we are a great country because of each and every American who supports, in their own way, the ideals that America was founded on. Thanks

John M
SEAL Team 2


crystal rains,
silent songs
an angel’s breath…..
sweet fragrant memories,
amazing zeal
fragments of the past,
and courage
the fire of grace
danger of the unknown
stepping inside a war zone
never to return
a young life cut short
snuffed out…
a body torn to pieces
hit directly
by the renegade grenade
what for, I ask…
it’s not simply a task..
can anybody tell me why..
questions in marks
no one..but no one
can tell me why…..

the archangel has fallen
the sea has lost its seal
today the sky has no sparkle
the stars refuse to share their light
but the world still turns
and people will never really learn
history is bound to be repetitive
then all is forgotten
what was is what is…

the war cry has sounded
the wing of the angel hounded
his mellow heart wounded
in his flight ,he is grounded

goodbye archangel of our times
know that love in these rhymes
commemorates the bells in their chimes
when they lay you down to rest,
you sleep eternally in your best..

I shed a tear for you today
not knowing who you were..
we have met ,not in this lifetime
but somewhere in the metaphysical
world of spirits
far, far away where none can hurt us
I dream to see your smiling face again…

14 Oct.,2006

To the family, friends, and Navy brothers of Petty Officer Monsoor,

God will make his face to smile upon you, the close ones of a true hero. America is because of dedicated men like Mike Monsoor. Throughout our history, the Mikes have done what needed to be done to keep us free. We can’t take away the hurt of his passing, but we can be thankful for, and celebrate his life!!
May God bless you and all others who serve our great USA!


Michael offered the ultimate sacrifice: His life for the lives of his comrades so they could continue to fight to preserve our freedom. I certainly hope all Americans and all people on this earth realize that through actions like his, we are free and have every opportunity to have a smile on our face. America still has heroes!

Know that God is with Michael.


I just wanted to thank the Michael for making the ultimate sacrifice for us. May the Lord bless his family and know that Michael is a great American hero! My thoughts and my prayers go out to them.

God bless!


this country needs more heros like this and i am grateful for his service and his sacrifice. i wish to offer my sincerest condolonces to his family and all who loved him. his service to his country was remarkable and his memory should live in our minds forever. i am all for him receiving the medal of honor and i would like to give my support to the person who accepts it for him. i will assert that that person is accepting the medal not only for the Monsoor family and his loved ones, but for all who look up to him as a fallen hero (count me as one).

thank you –many of us will never forget your courage and duty

It’s so hard that we are losing guys like this for what? After reading and watching the Fatna movie I’m starting to believe that WW3 is here now. Europe is lost. Muslims can openly call for murder for stupid cartoons. Read some of the signs they carry… Listen to what their leaders are saying. There aren’t hiding their agenda… We are not only allowing it we rush to protect it. They cut a guys head off and there’s no problem whats so ever about that being shown!!! They bomb a train station during AM rush hour and again No problems… Drag dead soldiers by their feet… No problems. Questions any of this and it’s Hate Speech. Have an old woman with no medical training, (Like that would help???) no medical supplies, (Pain meds!!!) come to your house and slice the hell out of your daughter’s genitals and again that’s protected and no one is investigated. But the poor dad who brought their daughter in with a broken arm spent hours explaining over and over that she fell off the bed when using it as a trampoline. Burn the Bible… That’s your right… Burn that other book – Hate Crime – Death! Beam me up Scotty and please do it NOW

I am so sorry for your loss šŸ™

As I sit here and read (along with some crying) The story of Michael Monsoor I am truly inspired by him and all his courage. He will always be loved and remembered by every one as a true hero to our country. My heart goes out to his family and I just want to say that you did a wonderful job in raising your son to be a great man and a great hero to all.
With all my regards,

I got so sad for the loss of this fine young man. I can only congratulate his family for bringing up such a man and his country for making him such a fighter. As an ancient Greek had said: ”Whomever the Gods love, dies young”. May he rest in peace and never forgotten.

Petros, Greece

I am just a civilian who is so grateful for all soldiers fighting for our dear country. I am so touched by this man and his heroism. My heart aches for the family. I can only hope that as I raise my child, she will turn out to be half as brave, caring, and able to sacrifice for her fellow friend, comrade, and country, as this young man has. Thank you, parents, for raising such an amazing man.

…the greatest love is shown when a person lays down his life for his friends…
John 15:13


As a father of a first lieutenant i can only shed a tear for the loss of an American hero, Mike Monsoor – my heart goes out to the family of Mike – every day is a day of worry for the parents, relatives and friends for our military heroes – every American grieves for our fallen heroes and are proud of their service and devotion to our country – God Bless Them All

I am a grateful veteran who served during Viet Nam that believes Mr. Michael Monsoor exhibited best of what it means to be an American Soldier. The fact that he was a member of one of our most elite teams, The Navy Seals, magnifies his heroic status. I sit here blubbering like a little baby as I watch and listen to President Bush bestow our highest honor upon him and his family. I always wondered if I could do a similar deed. Seemingly, none of us could ever know until that moment arrives. Although I know that this young man could never have hesitated to do exactly what was necessary. He is the true example that ALL should hold up to our young ones to teach what a HERO is. Thank GOD for Mr. Michel Monsoor and all people like him. Thank you, his parents, for instilling in him that which was necessary for him to be a HERO!!!

I am truly for the loss of this great man, I also lost my Husband in Iraq. I wanted to offer my deepest sympathies to his family and friends. May God bless you all, may God bless all of our fallen heros.

My thanks and congratulations to the Monsoors for raising such an incredible human being, Michael is indeed an angel and his incredible heroism hopefully will inspire each and everyone of us. My deepest sympathy for your loss and America’s.

There really are no words to express the gratitude that I feel to people like Michael Mansoor.

He, like Shannah’s husband, were willing to give of themselves on a level that few can understand and even fewer will ever achieve.

May God bless and comfort the families of these brave men and women.

May our nation never forget and be forever grateful.

The love this man has for his fellow man is magnified by the life he lived. Although I will never meet Mr. Michael Monsoor I feel I owe him a debt that can never be repayed. Serving our country at a time when we needed him most. Sacrificing himself so his friends could live, grow old, and have children of their own. May God bless him, as well as ease the pain his family and friends must surely feel.

This man was…there isn’t a big enough word to describe him. Someone who is willing to sacrifice their life for the sake of others without a second thought is truly someone divine. I am so happy he received the Medal of Honor, but in light of what he did, it seems like such a small award for such a grand person. I send his family and friends my deepest condolences and I also want to thank Michael Monsoor with all my heart and soul for giving as much as he did for me and so many others.

Michael Monsoor saved the life of one my family members in May 2006 when he went thru relentless enemy fire to pull him to safety. Otherwise, he would have bled to death right there. Thank you Michael for saving your teammate, buddy and a member of my family. You can rest in peace now.

I just read this story for the first time, and can only say I bow to this man’s bravery… A remarkable hero. Rest In Peace.

EBrett – UK.

I just watched a story about Mr. Michael Monsoor and wanted to post a blog entry about this fine young man, and to his family. I am a stranger to the family of Mr. Monsoor, so I will not get personal, except to the point of expressing sorrow for your loss. God bless Michael and god spped – he was a fine human.

Ex Libris
Andrew Shevis

I served with Michael Monsoor in Sicily. In fact we transfered from Sicily on the same day and I had a long conversation about where we wanted to end up in life. It was just talk, but with his sunglasses on he said, “There’s so much to do.” I want to express my sorrow for the loss of such a fine young man. It was a pleasure knowing Mikey. He will not be forgotten.


I had the honor of working with a MOH awardee (Vietnam era) while a young PFC in the Army many years ago. What special people they are. The selflessness of their actions is still hard for me to comprehend.
While he earned the award in the military, I suspect the character he possessed to earn it was developed long before they entered the military.
Godspeed Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor

This story brought tears not only to me but also the the eyes of my 9 and 3 year old sons. I can only imagine the heart wrenching pain his mom and family are going through. HE IS A TRUE HERO. We pray every day for all the men and women fighting this war. While I am in full support of every person there I still believe it is time to bring our men and women home — our mission is over. If we want to secure our country then we should close our borders and lock the doors like we would our own homes and we should not let ANYONE through our doors until we know who they are and why they are entering our doors. May God bless all of you. We may not know your names or your faces but we do love you.

I read many months ago about that fateful rooftop battle and I printed it to keep as THE example of bravery and love for fellow Man. I am so sorry for your loss. I came to this country 21 years ago and not a single day goes by that I am not grateful and it is all possible because of men like Monsoor.
You can be sure that I will read about that battle from time to time and hope to pass it on to my children. May he rest in peace.
Bounrith Ly

To the friends and supporters of Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor.

Curt, this BLOG’s owner, has another post honoring Michael at the link below. This post details the awarding of the Congressional Medal of Honor this week.

Medal of Honor To Michael Monsoor

We sincerely thank you for your visits and comments on this site and hope you also visit Curt’s post honoring Michael.

Yours in Service,

Chris Galloway
Major, USA

In case no one has noticed, I think it’s all hype about these white, military “heroes.” Why hasn’t there ever been ONE such story of an Afrikan-American male, type hero? Are all Black soldiers cowards?

Heck, I bet there are many white men walking the earth today, due to the heroic efforts of Black military personnel. If not, why do they recruit us in greater numbers to serve (train, teach)?

Don’t Blackwoman/men produce any heroic figures?

With the recent exposures of how white heroes are fixed, faked and made-up, I don’t think any stories of any such should be published. It’s obvious the media and military press does all it can to colonially put fear into the hearts of other people–making it look like white men West/U.S. is full of heroes.

They’re only heroes when, as MLKJ-Muhammad said, the opponents are [financially] poorer, [militarily] weaker, and Of Color.

Manger Borne,

I have never served in the armed forces, therefore have no real right to judge anyone who has. But from reading the story told of Michael Monsoor, one cannot, I mean absolutely cannot call his heroism ‘hype’. This is no place for political, racial or personal argument, but a place to honour this particular man for his magnificent heroism leading to saving other people’s lives. Regardless of his skin colour, and of those he saved, he simply took the path that led to his death, and those around him – life.

I hope no-one else comes here to argue or politicize, but to simply pay respects to a man I never had the honour to meet. Sometimes we can all be selfish to the core, having disregard for our neighbours or colleagues, or even our own family. This story has reminded me of one simple fact: I hope that I too can one day sacrifice my time, or my pride, and hope that I will never have to sacrifice my life – and that is what separates me from Michael Monsoor – he made the ultimate sacrifice and we MUST honour that FACT, not dilute it nor detract from it.

Rest in Jesus’s peace Michael,for you are HIS beloved son.May all of your family ,friends and us have comfort for knowing that you are in Heaven. You will always be in our hearts . Although I never knew you but seem to be very close to my soul. I love you .

In response to Comment #29, where someone whines about combat heroism awards only being given to “white” soldiers.

Perhaps if you actually knew something about Medals of Honor awarded to Black soldiers, dating back to the Civil War, you’d bring something intelligent to this discussion. I know of one battle, near my home, where TEN Black soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor in the Civil War — and this is back at a time when regiments were strictly segregated, so it was a hardly a secret to the Army Headquarters who approved the awards that they were awarding them to Black soldiers, since they were assigned to the Colored Infantry. I suspect it’s safe to say that there was, even back then, less discrimination in the Army than anywhere else.

Do you have the slightest idea how many Black soldiers, sailors Marines & airmen have been awarded the Medal of Honor, not to mention Silver Stars and other awards for heroism in the last 150 years? Probably not, since the self-proclaimed “Black Media” doesn’t give a damn and you’re obviously too lazy to even Google up some research. I personally knew two Black soldiers in Vietnam who got the Medal of Honor, and I couldn’t even guess at how many Black soldiers I saw wearing the Silver Star.

You might ask Ebony, Jet or the Black Entertainment Channel just why they make not the slightest effort to mention these genuine heroes, instead of degenerate scum like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Farrakhan. It’s probably safe to assume that you’ve never even met anyone who could name a single Black Medal of Honor or Silver Star recipient. Don’t blame me — blame the phony “culture” you seem to embrace, that seems to ignore real character and sacrifice so they have more time to cover Gangsta rappers and the degenerate culture they find so attractive.

You might also question the reason why it’s almost impossible these days to find a single Black (or African-American, if you prefer) enlistee who will volunteer for the elite units, like Airborne, Ranger, Special Operations Command, SEALs, Air Commandos, or Special Forces. If you want to win medals, you’d better go where the action is. You don’t get ASSIGNED to high-risk elite units, you have to VOLUNTEER. And pass some damned tough training, too. I could, of course, point out that there is no shortage of Hispanic and Asian volunteers … just why there seems to be a shortage of Black volunteers is something you might care to deal with inside your own community.

You can blame this all on “white racism” if it makes you feel good, but the sad fact is that if you don’t take some responsibility for your own life, and your own actions, you’ll never be anything but a whining little sissy who doesn’t understand why he’s middle-aged and still working down at the car wash.

And doing a bit of research into some real Black heroes — of which there is no shortage — might not do you a bit of harm, either.

Thank you Mike Monsoor for living as a hero. To all our service men and women, thank you for living as heros.

What a selfless man your son is. The honor and love in his heart is beyond my understanding. I am proud to say how lucky I am to have had your son protecting my homeland and my family.
I would also like to say that I know he is still protecting our homeland and our families.
Thank you Michael. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Monsoor for giving our Nation such a beautiful loving soul.

Peace and Love

Thank you Michael from the bottom of my heart. You were a true patriot and a believer in freedom and freedom of religion. You will always be a hero in my heart. I know that you are indeed in a very special place in heaven. Patriots like yourself, are special people, very very Christ-like. I have no doubt about this.

God Bless You, Michael, your Family and your comrades in arms. We are forever in your debt.

@JoAnne Egitto: Hi Joanne, I am a songwriter Producer from Georgia USA. I wrote a song in honor of Michael Monsoor. I would also like to get a message to his family along with my song. You can hear it and watch the video I made about Michael on you tube. Here is the link

Please watch it and leave a comment and if you should get the Monsoor family’s mailing or email address, please pass it on to me so I can send them my tribute song.

Ed Gowens

Michael Monsoor embodies everything that is good in our fighting men and women in uniform. In an all volunteer military, he put himself in harms way on behalf of his country, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice for his shipmates in battle. I first read of his extraordinary bravery and courage last year and I was so moved, I had a “heros bracelet” made which shows his his name and the day he gave his life to save his buddies. I wear that bracelet every day so that I and those around me, are constantly reminded of the sacrifice he made on behalf of his team and our country. My heart goes out to his family with the hope that they have found some peace in knowing that they raised one of America’s finest sons.

God bless him,

Robert Min, STG2(SW), USN(R)

For men like Michael Monsoor its not important that they be awarded the medal of honor. what is important for them is protecting the man to his right and left. Michael should be remembered by every American the same and even more then the way most Americans know and remember their favorite actors.
Men like Michael should the average kids hero. As an American and presently an Israeli soldier its hurts me to see the lack of recognition men like Michael and the rest of the men in the military receive. In Israel every man and woman at the age of 18 are required to serve in the military, due to this every Israeli fully appreciates and understands the armed forces here. Sadly the same can not be said in America, the lack of recognition, respect, and appreciation is by far not enough for the magnitude of the sacrifices that are made by the service men and woman.

I did not know Monsoor personally, though i was in the neighborhood the day he died, and i had the pleasure of fighting alongside him and his guys. I had worked with Delta-platoon Team 3 for a few weeks, and they were some heavy hitters. From what i saw of Mikey and his fellow SEAL’s violence of action and their professional nature, i was not at all surprised that he would make the sacrifice he did for his fellow warriors. It is very sad that he had to go down so close to the end of their time in Ramadi. To all the guys out there that day, im sorry it took us so long to get the casevac out to you, and i am proud to have fought in your shadows.
Commando 1-5