World Trade Center, The Movie


When I heard that Oliver Stone, a man who never met a conspiracy he didn’t believe, was directing a movie about the heroes who went up those towers, instead of down, I was pissed. What kind of liberal crapola would he insert. This trailer of the movie is giving me hope that maybe, just maybe, he will keep politics out of it and just tell the story:

[gv data=”-xVTEURUa9M”][/gv]

You can download the HD quicktime version here, it’s 120mb’s.

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I saw this trailer the other day and it it made me bawl.

This will be another tough movie to watch (ala “United 93”).

If Stone keeps the BS out of it, this looks to be a really good movie.

Very true. Im actually surprised he showed any hint of a plane hitting the towers, thought he would show bombs going off.