A Day Without Criminal Immigrants – Live Thread


Will be updating as the day goes on any news and pictures I find. Your one stop shop on everything criminal immigrant:

First up is the news that the Ralph’s grocery store chain is actually not too worried about today. In fact they told their employees if they are going to participate just tell them and everything will be ok:

Ralph’s Supports “Awareness Day”

“I have heard that many of you are concerned about the ongoing national debate regarding potential changes in our country’s immigration laws and policies. We also believe that law-abiding and hard-working immigrants deserve fair treatment and an opportunity to enjoy the American Dream. We support plans that give immigrants and their families opportunities for citizenship, including legislation that does all of the following:

– Provides qualified undocumented immigrants now in our country a way to earn legal status

– Increases control of our borders

– Provides for a temporary worker program

– Creates an enforcement program that imposes effective penalties for employers who violate the new laws”

“If you are considering participating in ‘Awareness Day’ on May 1, I encourage you to tell your supervisor or Store Director in advance so that we can make arrangements to properly serve our Customers.”

“As you make a personal choice as to how you participate or support this Awareness Event, please conduct youself in a manner that supports our strategy and keeps our business growing.”

E-mail: davehirz@ralphs.com

phone: (310) 884-4100

fax: (310) 884-2505

Dave Hirz is the president of Ralph’s in case you were wondering.


Wayne Farms is closing their operation in support of the criminals:

Wayne Farms LLC is closing one of its three Decatur plants today to permit its approximately 590 Latino employees to take part in rallies advocating immigration reform.

As of Sunday night, the nearest organized rallies during a national immigration protest were to be in Huntsville. Reform advocates there expect as many as 5,000 to participate in a downtown march.

Wayne Farms spokesman Frank Singleton said the company began crystallizing its position on immigration reform about six weeks ago, when it became apparent that the issue soon would come to a head.

“We support immigration reform,” Singleton said Sunday. “We’ve written letters and been to Capitol Hill on the subject and believe a guest-worker visa of some sort is a good solution.”

[…]Singleton said this is the first time he knew of that Wayne Farms has changed work schedules to facilitate employees’ political advocacy efforts.


Here is a little list of some of the companies shutting down. Good list to think of when you go shopping, which should be today:

Six of 14 Perdue Farms plants will close; Gallo Wines in Sonoma, Calif., was giving its 150 employees the day off; Tyson Foods Inc., the world’s largest meat producer, planned to shut five of its nine beef plants and four of six pork plants.


Greg Schirf, owner of Wasatch Beers in Utah, said that when some of his Latino employees sheepishly asked if they could take off Monday, he responded: “How about this? We’ll just take a company holiday. We’ll call it ‘Latino Appreciation Day.’ “



I work in a 25 story building in Los Angeles. In the lobby is a cafe chain called BRIAZZ.

Only one person showed up for work today … out of about 15-18.


Not having that much of a impact in in Minnesota at the moment.

An immigrant boycott of work and school Monday affected some businesses in the Twin Cities while many manufacturing plants in rural Minnesota reported few absences for early morning shifts.

Managers at eight plants operated by Hormel Foods Corp., including Jennie-O Turkey Store plants in Willmar and Melrose, reported normal levels of absences, according to Julie Craven, a spokeswoman for the company.

“It’s having a pretty minimal impact,” she said of the boycott. “All of our plants are fully operational.”


Good site which describes how we can combat this idiocy:

Boycott 364

And here is what’s going on in the Communist city of San Francisco:

Illegal immigrants and their allies gathered Monday for marches, prayers and demonstrations on a planned national day of economic protest, boycotting work, school and shopping to show their importance to the country.

In one of the early demonstrations, about 1,200 people marched in the rural city of Homestead, home to one Florida’s largest Mexican immigrant populations and many major growers of fruits, vegetables and nursery plants.

[…]In Carmel, Ind., Jeff Salsbery said about 25 Hispanic workers skipped work at Monday at his landscaping company.

“I’m not very happy this morning,” Salsbery said. “We’re basically shut down in our busiest month of the year. It’s going to cost me thousands of dollars today.”

[…]n California, a spokeswoman for Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said a boycott would “hurt everyone,” while Democratic state senators passed a resolution supporting walkouts.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa urged students to stay in school and advised protesters against waving flags of their native countries.

“You should wave the American flag,” he said. “It’s the flag of the country that we all are proud of and want to be a part of. Don’t disrespect the traditions of this country.”



Los Angeles:

Los Angeles officials said they expected between 250,000 and 500,000 people to join a downtown rally for immigrants’ rights starting at noon Monday.

Plus this post at FR, which is unsubstantiated at the moment but worth noting:

Reports are coming out from the store and restaurant owners in the Hispanic Echo Park area of Los Angeles that they have received threats from the illegal immigrant community. Hispanic business owners have been told to close their businesses to show support for the illegal immigrants or they may not have a business to go back to tomorrow.


Good video showing Ted Hayes protesting the Spanish version of our National Anthem in Los Angeles:

[gv data=”https://floppingaces.net/hayesanthem3.flv”][/gv]


I just thought I’d mention something on this thread…

I’m at work and can tell you first hand that…….

WE at COORS are


Nationwide update:

In New York City’s Union Square, the normally bustling open-air market operated at a fraction of its typical activity. Cheap, immigrant-run buses services from New Jersey to the city were not running.

Demonstrators formed “human chains” at several points around the city. Hundreds, including school children, lined up in Queens, stretching for three blocks on both sides of the street waving U.S. and Latin American flags and banners saying, “We are Americans” and “Full Rights for All Immigrants.”

“Everyone’s an immigrant here. The only real American is the Indian,” said Puerto Rican-born Rene Ochart, a doorman at the posh Hotel Pierre in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, who was working as usual.

[…]Across the country, several major meat-packing plants were closed but operators had tried to prepare for the shutdown by stepping up production over the weekend.

Fast food company McDonald’s Corp. said some of its restaurants were operating for shorter hours or drive-thru service only. The National Association of Chain Restaurants said the boycott could hurt its members.

“Unfortunately, these work boycotts have the potential to handcuff the very businesses that have worked so hard for immigration reform,” said association spokesman Scott Vinson.

And the Muslims are getting in on the fun:

Muslim Americans were urged today to join immigration marches locally and nationwide to show solidarity with migrant workers.

“Islam’s message is one of social justice, economic fairness and fair treatment in the workplace,” the Muslim Public Affairs Council said in a statement.

MPAC urged Muslim Americans to join in the 4 p.m. immigration march and rally at MacArthur Park.


Here is a video from Denver that is off the live video feed from their chopper. Recorded about 10 minutes ago (1030hrs PST):

[gv data=”https://floppingaces.net/denverlive.flv”][/gv]


Check out this picture from Al-Reuters…no bias here huh?


Some more video from the Denver chopper taken from 1050 – 1100hrs PST:

[gv data=”https://floppingaces.net/denverlive2.flv”][/gv]


News report from LA:

Los Angeles officials said they expected between 250,000 and 500,000 people to join a downtown rally for immigrants’ rights starting at noon Monday.

[…]Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said he would be in town for at least some of the events and then fly later to Texas for the NFL owners’ meeting. Villaraigosa urged protesters to wave the Stars and Stripes rather than the Mexican flags and sing the National Anthem in English, not the recently created Spanish-language version.

Similar demonstrations will take place throughout the nation on Monday. In the Southland, events are planned in Maywood, Pasadena, Pomona, Huntington Park, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Riverside, San Diego, Oxnard and San Bernardino.

In schools, some students were staying home or planning to walk out at midday, while still others were going to class for the duration. The latter group included 18-year-old Lincoln High School senior Nallely Bravo and her 16-year-old sister, Sarahi, who arrived about a half hour early Monday to a campus that was only sparsely populated.

“There’s nobody here,” said Nallely Bravo as she kept watch for her friends on the campus just east of downtown Los Angeles. The teenagers’ father, a construction worker, was taking the day off to take part in the protests, but the students saw no conflict in their going to school.

“It’s to prove to the government that we can go to school and actually get an education, but we do support the boycott,” said Sarahi Bravo, who added that she took part in a previous walkout.

Freeway traffic into downtown Los Angeles was unusually light, and at the downtown Los Angeles wholesale flower market, wholesaler Willy Portillo described the scene in one word: “Lonely.”

“The servers are down. Go home,” said a bridge banner facing Los Angeles-bound motorists on the Pasadena Freeway.

“LA closed for business,” read another bedsheet banner.

Flower market security guard Ezekial Lopez, who did show up for work, said he couldn’t afford to take the day off.

“I need the money. I’ve got two kids, so I can’t really, you know?” the security guard said.

Outside a berth at the Port of Long Beach, lunch truck operator Sammy Rodriguez, 77, said business was very slow Monday morning, with just a few trucks showing up to haul cargo.

“Usually we have anywhere from 60 to 100 lined up,” he said. “Yesterday a lot of the truckers were talking about taking the day off.”

Port of Long Beach spokesman Art Wong also noted truck traffic was unusually light, but added that cargo wasn’t expected to pile up on the docks because shippers, anticipating the boycott, had made arrangements to move some of it in advance.

“If they really needed to have something moved, they probably moved it over the weekend,” Wong said.

Here is some local Los Angeles video of the rally taken between 1145 – 1150hrs PST, no sound since it’s a live feed:

[gv data=”https://floppingaces.net/lavideo2.flv”][/gv]


I’m preparing the local noon newscast to put up here for you to view but I just had to post this screenshot of the video of one of the local protestors:

Yup, a gangster throwing a gangsign. If you watch the video you will see the cameraman pan away quickly and stay away from that guy in a obvious attempt to show only the positive (the MSM showing only the positive, hard to believe huh? They love to do it when it shows their precious Socialism in a good light)

Video up in a few minutes.


Here’s the video from around noon today in Los Angeles;

[gv data=”https://floppingaces.net/lavideo3.flv”][/gv]

The gangster is about 1/3rd the way into the video.


No one could see this coming:

Congressional strategists in both parties say the boycotts and work stoppages across the country Monday are likely to hurt chances of persuading conservative lawmakers to go along with an immigration bill this year. Key aides still hold out hope for sending one to President Bush?s desk before midterm elections, but were shaking their heads as they watched television coverage of small businesses that had to shut down and suburban work sites that were empty because of a national demonstration that proponents call a ?Day Without Immigrants.?


Lou Dobbs:

Most of the mainstream media has been absolutely co-opted by the open borders and illegal immigration advocates. I’m not opposed to demonstrations and protests of any kind, even by those who are not citizens of this country, because one way or another, demonstrations and protests enrich and invigorate the national debate and raise the public consciousness of truth.

But only one newspaper, to its credit, reported that illegal aliens and their supporters’ boycott of the national economy on the First of May is clear evidence that radical elements have seized control of the movement. The Washington Post, alone among national papers, reported that ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) has become an active promoter of the national boycott.

Some illegal immigration and open borders activists in the Hispanic community are deeply concerned about the involvement of the left-wing radical group. But others, like Juan Jose Gutierrez, whom I’ve interviewed a number of times over the past several months, manages to be both director of Latino Movement USA and a representative of ANSWER.

As Gutierrez told us on my show, “The time has come…where we need to stand up and make a statement. We need to do what the American people did when they pulled away from the British crown. And I am sure that back in those days many people were concerned that was radical action.”

Just how significant is the impact of leftists within the illegal immigration movement? It is no accident that they chose May 1 as their day of demonstration and boycott. It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist, and even anarchic organizations.

Take a look at the pictures I took yesterday and you can clearly see the ANSWER signs being held by the protestors:


Aztlan out in force:


Ed Morrissey
is reporting that this walkout by students might have actually shown the residents of California the true cost of illegal immigrants:

However, in a story that will likely have immigration hardliners talking for days, the AP reports that twenty-five percent of the children in the Los Angeles School District failed to attend classes today. After all, LAUSD’s annual budget for its 746,000 students is over $13 billion, or about $17,000 per student. If the walkout caused 25% of the students to strike, that puts the annual educational cost for illegal immigrants at around $3.25 billion — just for Los Angeles.

You can bet that a lot of people will do precisely these kinds of calculations nationwide. How many students walked out in Chicago? In Houston? In Denver? One of the reasons why illegal immigrants existed in the shadows was to avoid this kind of exposure, but that’s no longer operative. Now that they have decided to make this kind of statement, the true costs of their residency will start coming into focus, as well as their production.


Check out this recording of the John and Ken Show where they were on live with a local channel here, Fox 11. You hear some funny stuff as usual but what you need to listen for is the ending. A reporter from that channel, Tony Valdez, basically spews forth the Aztlan message that the southwestern United States was taken from them and they want it back. Quite amazing actually.

I’m telling you, they just don’t know the kind of backlash these idiots are creating.


Here is a local broadcast video taken at the 6pm PST hour. The first part is the typical “gimme gimme gimme” crapola but the last part deals with some shops that were threatened if they didn’t close: (No sound for the first few minutes)

[gv data=”https://floppingaces.net/lavideo4.flv”][/gv]


Somebody slipped up on the radio and admitted that the US flag waving is all a scam:

S.E.I.U. Local 105 President Mitch Ackerman Confesses To Propaganda Trick

On 29 April 2006 at approximately 10:10PM, Denver pro-illegal-alien protest organizer Mitch Ackerman, president of the Service Employees International Union Local 105, admitted live on the “Gunny Bob Show” that the handlers he would be providing to the May Day mob in Denver would indeed have large numbers of US flags to hand out to the protestors. The ruse is designed to deceive uninformed, easily manipulated viewers into believing the protestors are patriotic Americans.

Moments later, realizing that he had just blundered by admitting to the scheme, Ackerman attempted to backtrack and claimed his group had not acquired flags to hand out. His tactic failed: the Gunny verbally disemboweled him, much to Ackerman’s chagrin.

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Philadelphia was undisturbed (more or less) by illegal immigrant protestors. The city was open for business today, just like any other Monday.

It was a pleasant day in center city Philadelphia, I imagine this is what it would be like if everyday were “A Day Without Illegals”

I live in California. My neighborhood has a large Asian population, mostly from China and India but some Korean and Japanese immigrants too. They all appear to be at work. The Chinese dollar store is open, the Korean liqour store is open, the schools neighborhood elementary school seemed normally busy this morning as did the high school.

I would say our neighborhood is 60% Asian 30% European 10% Hispanic/Black/Other

Looks like business as usual here.

Some very smart person (not me) on one of these blog threads had the idea about sending their “hundred buck” gas rebate to the minutemen to help build a border fence. Hey, that sounds so good I may use that one…but what do you think of using half to send to the minutemen and half to reinvest in, say…Exxon! Does anybody think that Exxon is NOT making hand over fist for their investors? As a matter of fact, alot of retirees and 401k holders do just that (although they may not be aware of it). By the way, if Congress really does want to encourage conservation for businesses they could offer rebates/tax credits etc for THEM. I don’t know, I’m winging it here. As for private cars, as long as we choose to use them in the same way we always have, we will have to take our lumps. Businesses however, are paying MUCH higher costs for fuel and then passing that down to us through increase costs for goods and services. So a tax break to them would, in effect, help lower the cost of milk, transportation, clothes, and a whole bunch of other things.

Look…I know I don’t relish going to the pumps and paying almost 30-40 bucks for a fillup, but I put most of that so-called oil “profit” firmly in the gas taxes that are placed on each gallon of gas BY OUR GOVERNMENT!!! Can’t these Congresscritters just once, get their fingers out of their ears and other more disgusting orifices and listen to their constituents who are desperately trying to tell them something.


And HEY…if everyone gives 50 bucks to the Minutemen or some other border security effort, (are you listening DHS? You could be out of a job) just think what can be accomplished even WITHOUT the government’s “help”.


I’m making a point of buying something today that I wouldn’t normally buy, just to offset this stupid protest.

I just got back from working with a morning client. On my street corner is Campos. I was in the mood for 2 cheese enchiladas for breakfast. Guess what? Completely closed. *sniff* *sniff*

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I have half a mind not to patron there anymore and to let them know why. Sure, they can do what they feel is right; but so can I.


A Day Without An Illegal Immigrant? We Can Only Hope……

***SCROLL FOR UPDATES*** “A Day Without Immigrants” has arrived. Sadly it’s not as good as it sounds. Instead of being a good day, like it sounds, in which we ship a bunch of illegal immigrants back to their home countries,……