Saddams Nuclear Weapons Program


A HUGE find here folks. Jveritas has translated a Saddam document that details the aluminum tube story as related to Iraqs Nuclear ambitions:

This document CMPC-2004-004404 contains memos dated from 1999 and 2000 about Saddam regime procurements of 81 mm in Diameter, 900 mm in Lenght HIGH STRENGTH AND HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM TUBES. As many of you know the issue of 81 mm High Strength, High Quality Aluminum Tubes were subject for an intensive debate since 2002 because this type of tubes can be used in GAS CENTRIFUGES FOR URANIUM ENRICHMENT. Although the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) said in its final report in 2004 the following about the procurement of these tubes ? Baghdad?s interest in high-strength, high-specification aluminum tubes?dual-use items controlled under Annex 3 of the Ongoing Monitoring and Verification Plan as possible centrifuge rotors?is best explained by its efforts to produce 81-mm rockets?. However the ISG could not prove definitively that these very special tubes were not used as part of Saddam Regime attempt to build its Nuclear Programs and Projects (see link to here). In fact the ISG in its report says also the following ? The limited information found by ISG that ties Iraqi nuclear entities to the tubes also appears related to the 81-mm rocket program and the ISG report also says ? Purported high-level interest in aluminum tubes by Saddam and Iraq?s Deputy Prime Minister?a potential indicator of a program of national importance, such as a centrifuge program.. A 6 March 2003 letter from the Iraqi National Monitoring Directorate (NMD) to the IAEA?s Iraq Nuclear Verification Office (INVO) notes that the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) conducted material composition testing on a sample aluminum tube in early 2001 and In another translated ?memo ? that talks about a secret project by the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission to re-instate the ?Nuclear Reactor Simulators? using equipments from the ?Old TAMUZ (OZIRAQ) Nuclear Reactor?. All this is a clear indication of Saddam intent to restart the Nuclear Programs.

I will translate the first two pages of this 11 pages document. The first two pages are the Quotation Bid regarding these Special Aluminum Tubes by a company called AL Bashair addressed to Al Rasheed General Company which is a division of the Iraqi Military Manufacturing Commission. Page 3 of the document has the Technical Specification written in English of these Aluminum tubes, Diameter, Length, Specification, Chemical Composition, Price, Manufacturing origin etc,,

Beginning of the Partial Translation of document CMPC-2004-004404

In the Name of God the Most Merciful The Most Compassionate

Al-Bashair Trading Co. LTD

Date: 2/11/1999

To: Al Rasheed General Company

Subject: Proposal

Following up to our two letters numbered T 2484 and T 2504 on 30/10 and 1/11/1999 consecutively and attached with it proposals numner/3 related to your invitation numbered (75/3/13) included is our forth proposal related to it:

Please study with the other proposals sent to by our letter above and inform us..

With Regards


Mounir Mamdooh Awed

Acting Director


Best Salute

Indicating to your overture addressed to us regarding the bid numbered (725/99) we are pleased to offer our proposal included and are shown its details of the Technical Specifications, Prices, and the required quantity by you.

Knowing that the cost of a single tube delivered to your respected company warehouses is estimated (105 dollar) one hundred and five American Dollars,

Please take in consideration the following issues:

1. The Manufacturing Origin of the tubes German/European.

2. The equipping will be achieved within a period of 8 months from the date to deposit the amount in our interest and in the order of partial shipments divided during the equipping period above, where the first shipment begins within four months from the period of equipping indicated above.

3. The quantity of tubes required for equipping is 50,000 Tubes.

We hope that our proposal will receive your approval? with the continuous corporation with you to serve the general interest? with regards

Attachments. Schedule of Technical Specifications with prices.




Outside Diameter = 81.0 mm

Inside Diameter = 74.4 mm

Thickness = 3.3 mm

Length = 900 mm.





Tie this together with another document he translated yesterday:

This document CMPC-2004-000167 talks about a project that started in early 2001 by the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) to use components from the previously destroyed TAMUZ (also known as OZIRAQ) Nuclear Reactor to build a Nuclear Simulator Reactor. The TAMUZ Nuclear Reactor was destroyed by an Israeli air attack in 1981. In September 2002, after almost a year and a half since the start of this Nuclear Project and when it became very clear to the Iraqi Regime that the UN inspectors were coming back to Iraq, a decision was made to stop this Nuclear Activity project. What is interesting in this document that the IAEC was warned by the Monitoring Directory within the IAEC that this Nuclear Project is prohibited by the UN resolutions however the IAEC went on with it until September 2002 only when the UN inspectors were on the verge of coming back to Iraq.

This document is yet another irrefutable proof that Saddam had never stopped his WMD activities and programs including Nuclear Program activities.

Beginning of Page 3 Translation of document CMPC-2004-000167

In the Name of God the Most Merciful The Most Compassionate

The Republic of Iraq

The Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission

To: The Respected Mr. Chairman of the Engineering Department

Subject: Simulation Reactor

An inspection was made to the suggested hall to build the Simulation Reactor and that contain recently laundry equipments (Laundry) and the hall was closed and the location abandoned and neglected for a long time and based on this it requires the following:

1. Remove all the laundry equipments and machines.

2. The structural division should inspect the hall and to repair and remodeling and fortify the building after determining the cost of these works.

3.Transfer the equipments and systems specialized in the control of 14 TAMUZ Reactor from storage 14a to the location of the hall and by phases.

4. Distribute the engineering and technical staff proposed for work in the project to the days of the week where engineer will be dedicated for one day.

5. Dedicate one of the technicians to fully work in the location.

6. Prepare the timeline schedule to finish the project and for the duration of a full year.

Please review and comment

With regards


Adnan Salim Girgis

director of the Electronic Support Division


End of translation of page 3

Beginning of the translation of page 9

In the Name of God the Most Merciful The Most Compassionate

The Republic of Iraq

The Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission

The Engineering Department

Number: 10/2/1000

Date: 1/9/2001

To: The Respected Mr. Chairman of the Comission

Subject: Simulation Reactor

Previously you instructed to re-install the Simulation Reactor. Please approve the delivery of hall that was dedicated for it and currently occupied by the Laundry to the Electronic Support Division with the dedication of 15 millions Dinar for the purpose of starting the work.

Please review and comment? with regards


Doctor Hisham Mahmood Ahmad

Chairman of the Engineering Department

End of translation of page 9

Page 11 of the document memo dated September 9 2001 that talks about the approval of Chairman of the IAEC to build the Nuclear Reactor Simulator

Now in page 7 of the document ( the order of the pages is not chronological) there is a secret memo dated May 30 2002, the Monitoring Department within the IAEC warned the IAEC that this Nuclear Program is totally prohibited by the UN resolutions.

In page 5 of the document there is a memo dated September 12 2002 asking the IAEC Engineering Department to stop working on this project because it is prohibited by the UN. Again it took the Iraqis almost a year and half to stop working on this Nuclear Project and only after they were absolutely convinced that the UN inspectors were returning to Iraq in matter of few months as they did indeed return in November 2002.

The Iraq Survey Group released a report about these tubes and pretty much came to the conclusion that they didn’t know what they were going to be used for. How did they come to that conclusion? By inspecting less the 1/4 of 1% of Iraqi ammunition and by inspecting 11 weapons depots out of 1000.

Almost sounds like how CNN/Gallop conducts their polls.

These two documents prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Saddam was well on it’s way in reconstituting its WMD program prior to our invasion.

This is another biggie which will be ignored by the MSM of course.

The left argues that these tubes very well could of been for the purpose of regular artillery.? Yes, unlikely but they could have been.? The fact remains that either way they were not supposed to have them. These high tensile strength aluminum tubes are controlled by the IAEA for the simple reason that they can be used as centrifuges. As Colin Powell stated:

He is so determined that he has made repeated covert attempts to acquire high-specification aluminum tubes from 11 different countries, even after inspections resumed.

These tubes are controlled by the Nuclear Suppliers Group precisely because they can be used as centrifuges for enriching uranium. By now, just about everyone has heard of these tubes, and we all know that there are differences of opinion. There is controversy about what these tubes are for.

Most U.S. experts think they are intended to serve as rotors in centrifuges used to enrich uranium. Other experts, and the Iraqis themselves, argue that they are really to produce the rocket bodies for a conventional weapon, a multiple rocket launcher.

Let me tell you what is not controversial about these tubes.

First, all the experts who have analyzed the tubes in our possession agree that they can be adapted for centrifuge use. Second, Iraq had no business buying them for any purpose. They are banned for Iraq.

I am no expert on centrifuge tubes, but just as an old Army trooper, I can tell you a couple of things: First, it strikes me as quite odd that these tubes are manufactured to a tolerance that far exceeds U.S. requirements for comparable rockets.

Maybe Iraqis just manufacture their conventional weapons to a higher standard than we do, but I don’t think so.

Second, we actually have examined tubes from several different batches that were seized clandestinely before they reached Baghdad. What we notice in these different batches is a progression to higher and higher levels of specification, including, in the latest batch, an anodized coating on extremely smooth inner and outer surfaces. Why would they continue refining the specifications, go to all that trouble for something that, if it was a rocket, would soon be blown into shrapnel when it went off?

Sometimes it just takes some common sense.

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