The Coward Murtha At It Again


Gotta love this new quote from the coward Murtha:

But a few blocks away, Murtha offered a rebuttal to Bush’s comparison to the American experience. “If they’d have kept the French here after 1776 . . . we’d have thrown them out,” he said. “And that’s what I say about what’s happening in Iraq right now. The Iraqis are not against democracy. They’re against our occupation.”

Um really? I was going to go into how much is wrong and just plain ignorant about that comment but Bookworm beat me to it:

First, the French, in the person of Lafayette, didn’t even join in the fighting until 1777, so there were no French to hang about in 1776. And it was only in 1779, after Lafayette’s importunings, that the French government itself sent troops over.

Second, the Americans were losing up until practically the last minutes of 1776 so, if the French had been there helping them, the Americans would never have asked them to leave.

Third, combat didn’t wrap up until 1783, when Cornwallis formally surrendered so, again, the Americans would have been crazy to ask joint combatants to leave. With the insurgents fighting away, America is in that situation vis a vis its Iraqi allies. Some battles may have been won, but it’s not over, and the Iraqis, no fools they, know that they’d be crazy to ask the Americans to leave them to the insurgents’ tender mercies.

The Iraqi Government has not asked us to leave and in fact want us there until at least the end of next year because they know their army is not up to snuff. When they stand up, we will stand down. Not too hard to figure that one out but these liberals will spin anything, lie about anything, and destroy the morale of our troops just so they can make Bush look bad. Pathetic.

How about this quote from the coward:

?There?s no way we can win a war when you?ve lost not only the hearts and minds of the people (of Iraq), when you become the enemy,? Rep. John Murtha, (D-PA), said.

Why is it that this sorry sack of human waste wants nothing more then for our country to lose this war? What kind of person would want this? The recent poll by ABC news, which of course they cherry pick mostly for the negative stuff, show’s 26% want us out now. Sure soulds like we have become the enemy.

Want some more from the poll?

Surprising levels of optimism prevail in Iraq with living conditions improved, security more a national worry than a local one, and expectations for the future high.

[…]An ABC News poll in Iraq, conducted with Time magazine and other media partners, includes some remarkable results: Despite the daily violence there, most living conditions are rated positively, seven in 10 Iraqis say their own lives are going well, and nearly two-thirds expect things to improve in the year ahead.

Surprisingly, given the insurgents’ attacks on Iraqi civilians, more than six in 10 Iraqis feel very safe in their own neighborhoods, up sharply from just 40 percent in a poll in June 2004. And 61 percent say local security is good ? up from 49 percent in the first ABC News poll in Iraq in February 2004.

Nonetheless, nationally, security is seen as the most pressing problem by far; 57 percent identify it as the country’s top priority. Economic improvements are helping the public mood.

Average household incomes have soared by 60 percent in the last 20 months (to $263 a month), 70 percent of Iraqis rate their own economic situation positively, and consumer goods are sweeping the country. In early 2004, 6 percent of Iraqi households had cell phones; now it’s 62 percent. Ownership of satellite dishes has nearly tripled, and many more families now own air conditioners (58 percent, up from 44 percent), cars, washing machines and kitchen appliances.

There are positive political signs as well. Three-quarters of Iraqis express confidence in the national elections being held this week, 70 percent approve of the new constitution, and 70 percent ? including most people in Sunni and Shiite areas alike ? want Iraq to remain a unified country.

Interest in politics has soared.

Preference for a democratic political structure has advanced, to 57 percent of Iraqis, while support for an Islamic state has lost ground, to 14 percent (the rest, 26 percent, chiefly in Sunni Arab areas, favor a “single strong leader.”)

Whatever the current problems, 69 percent of Iraqis expect things for the country overall to improve in the next year ? a remarkable level of optimism in light of the continuing violence there. However, in a sign of the many challenges ahead, this optimism is far lower in Sunni Arab-dominated provinces, where just 35 percent are optimistic about the country’s future.

If you read this whole article you can just feel the surprise felt by those at ABC who sanctioned this poll.

But still, we have become the enemy according the Grand Poobah of Cowards, Mr. Murtha. Shame on him for what he is doing to our troops. I have no respect for this man anymore, not for his past nor his present.

PointFive puts it into prespective with this:

Congressman John Murtha warned President Bush on Monday that quick action was ?critical to avoiding a point of no return in Iraq?, that leading Democrats fear might be approaching with the Thursday parliamentary elections.

?If the elections come without decisive US withdrawal, we fear a cascading snowball effect,? said Murtha. ?Things are looking increasingly bad.?

Murtha has called for an immediate, complete, delayed, six- month- phased, gradual, partial withdrawal/ repositioning/ redeployment of US forces from Iraq, a country he believes is ?somewhere west of Vietnam.?

[…]Murtha failed to capture the attention of the Golden Globe nominating committee, however, who passed over his performance in favor of the touching, poignant work of Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. The committee defended its decision,

explaining that despite Murtha?s obvious enthusiasm, simply asking to take it in the ass didn?t rise to the level of commitment that the Golden Globe demanded. Oh, and Heath Ledger has prettier lips.

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When they stand up, we will stand down. Not too hard to figure that one out but these liberals will spin anything, lie about anything, and destroy the morale of our troops just so they can make Bush look bad. Pathetic.

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