Getting Baldilocks Angry


Man oh man, do I wish I could write like Baldilocks. Here she responds to a commentor who brings up all the old clich?s. The same one’s I have received to my Tookie posts as she has hers. One thing I cannot do is slap the commentor silly as well as she can:

Sometimes it?s of use to respond to one?s more problematic commenters, if only to make a point or ten.

Jeremy, a William and Mary student, writes in my only other Stanley ?Tookie? Williams post:

how come you all seem to be picking on tookie. about his impending execution when no one that has posted anything on this page was not in the court room when his trial took place you didn’t here the evidence. so dont comment about it. As for his impending execution I hope Gov. Arnold gives him clemency because even if tookie did those murders. I believe and so do thousands around the world believe that stanley “tookie” williams has done more good then bad. It is possible that he commited those murders and killed four people. But he has saved thousands check that millions from making those same mistakes that he made and probable has saved many lives in the process. Oh and another thing people talking about killing tookie because he may be a murderer. How about we kill the actual murderers like charles manson and stop protecting him behind laws. Oh yeah he’s white.

from a 19 year old white william and mary student

Frankly, Jeremy, unlike you, I acknowledge that you are free to comment all you want from your dorm room or the library at William and Mary–as is your right—about anything and everything. But frankly, sir, I find your academically and experientially unlearned opinion wanting and, conversely, I am free to tell you why I think so.

(As an aside, were I one of the faculty at William and Mary, I?d give you an ?F? simply for staining that august institution?s reputation by displaying your poor writing skills; it wouldn?t matter what subject it was. Were I one of your parents, I?d demand a refund for your tuition. However, I?m glad that you are only nineteen because you will have time to improve all of the writing-skill deficiencies displayed above.)

As to your research skills, two seconds of Google work took me to the Crime Library, where I found out that Charles Manson had indeed received the death penalty for his infamous Helter Skelter gang murder spree, but the verdict?along with dozens of others?was commuted to life in prison when California abolished the death penalty in 1972. I wonder whether you think that the white residents of California?s death row of the time were the only ones to receive that little get-out-of-Hell-free (for now) card. (The California Death Penalty was reinstated in1977; however all of those who received clemency under the old law retained it, including Charles Manson.)

(Second-person off.)

Of course Jeremy knew nothing about that little historical tidbit because he didn?t care to look for it. To be fair, I actually remember when this happened?long before young Jeremy was born.

Other types of skill deficiencies displayed by this young man are more problematic–his ability to detect BS, for one. The idea that Stanley ?Tookie? Williams might not be guilty has been planted all over the Internet and Jeremy–along with a boatload of others, if my comments section is any indication?have been reeled in to this bogus notion; hooked in the corner of their mouths like hapless fish. So, in order for their position to make some semblance of sense, the fish have to insert their fish-like logic into the mix: ?you weren?t there; you don?t know what *really* happened, so shut up,? forgetting that they weren?t there either and are merely going by the news and propaganda reports from “geniuses” like Bianca Jagger just like the rest of us.

Attention: just because the rumor is being passed all over the Internet that ?Tookie? might be innocent doesn?t mean that it?s TRUE.

Okay, Little Fishies, let?s play a game. Let?s say that ?Tookie? is indeed innocent of the four murders for which he stands to be executed at 12:01 AM PST on Tuesday, December 13, 2005. As the founder of the Crips, one of the most notorious TERRORIST organizations in the world, do you think he murdered anyone other than Albert Owens, Yen-I Yang, Tsai-Shai Yang and Yee-Chen Lin Yang during his reign over the neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles in the seventies (I?m not buying the ?South Los Angeles? moniker) ?

And all you black, white and other ?upholders? of the black race?like Jeremy proclaims to be in my comment section?if you concede that ?Tookie? might have murdered others, do you think that any of those other people were black? As an aside, did any of you grow up in ?Tookie?s? South Central Los Angeles of the 1970s like Cobb and I did? Do any of you live there like I do right now?

I?m curious about the answers to these questions for two reasons.

Leaving aside those who oppose the death penalty for moral/religious reasons, few of you have seemed motivated to move into my South Central LA neighborhood to see what ?Tookie? and his Crip co-founder Raymond Lee Washington (who?s burning in Hell right now) have wrought for the last thirty-odd years. And I know that you won?t be choosing to live here anytime soon. That?s understandable; however, don?t tell me that we should coddle these TERRORISTS like ?Tookie? and those he created if you don?t have to put up with them. (Okay, you can tell me, but you can expect a barely polite response and that?s if I?m feeling generous.)

There is much more then this and wowza, you need to check it out. I included her discussion about the impact on her neighborhood by the Crips for a reason tho. Some of my regular readers know I patrol this very same area. I see the destruction this gang has done to the area, and I have only been patrolling there for 8 years. There are many good people in these area’s who are being held captive by these criminals. Almost everyday someone is shot, some die, some live. You would think that the victims are other gang members, and while that is the case many times it’s also the case that the scum is just shooting at a race. The Crips or the Bloods will shoot at a Hispanic person. The next day Florencia, B13 or any of the other Hispanic gangs will shoot at a Black person. This is the ongoing cycle of violence that Tookie helped grow. Was there violence before Tookie came along, of course. But he has the distinction of founding a group that has grown larger, and done more to terrorize, then any other gang in recent memory.

While I don’t live in this area, I do work this area. I SEE his legacy with my own eyes everyday. That is why I drank a toast to his victims last night at the announcement of his death. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

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As a college student, I would like to apologize on behalf of all college students for the ramblings of this Jeremy fellow.

I can only hope, as noted in the amazing reply, that he gains the knowledge and experience during his time at W&M to make him a functional member of American society. I will also hope that my time at a lowly state school in Ohio will do the same for me. Thank you and keep up the great work.


Thank you for linking to me and, most especially, thank you for what you do.

I know that the police catch a lot of crap where I live. That’s why I always try to be nice to them when I can. For one thing, I wave at them if I can catch their eye when they roll down my street.

I have many peace officers in my family; some are LA County Sheriffs, others are Inglewood PD. (By the way, my uncle is Roosevelt Dorn, mayor of Inglewood. My IPD cousins from another side of the family, hate him. Oh well.) Still another close relative (my mother’s little sister) is Chicago PD. That’s part of why I’m sympathetic to your plight. However, the *main* reason is that I know that the vast majority of you want the best for the citizens that you protect.

God bless you and keep you safe and strong.