Tookie Denied Again


Good news that the California Supreme Court has denied Tookie’s last appeal:

The California Supreme Court late Sunday refused to grant a stay of execution for Williams, who has publicly becomg an outspoken critic of gang violence during the last 24 years in prison. Last-ditch federal appeals are also in the works.

[…]The state Supreme Court ruled 6-0 against staying his execution, saying Williams’ last-minute appeal lacked merit and was untimely. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Brault had implored the justices early Sunday to dismiss the petition, writing that it “is without merit and is manifestly designed for delay.”

[…]Prosecutors and family members of Williams’ victims have urged the governor to deny the request, in part because Williams continues to deny guilt in the slayings. No clemency request has been granted in California since 1967, when Ronald Reagan spared a mentally ill killer.

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Ahnold says NO… Tookie pays the price at midnight!

Justice is slow, but Justice is not denied!

fuck arnold