If I Die Before You Wake


I’m moving this post up to the top until after Thanksgiving. My heartfelt thanks to our soldiers and their families this Thankgiving for your service and your sacrifice.

This is a must see presentation: (click on the picture)

This is a Microsoft Powerpoint File.

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Awesome and takes my breath away. Thank you.

PS. I tried to download the template file, but PowerPoint won’t work. Could that be because I do not have PP? 😉

Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks Curt. I downloaded the proper software and viewed it. Well done.

Thanks for sharing that very moving powerpoint. I am going to post it on my sidebar for others to see in the future. You all a really nice blogsite here. I have visited it several times and am not sure if I left a message before. I am going to make a concerted effort to let you know in the future you all at Flopping Aces are doing a great job.

Have a great thanksgiving.

R/Bosun :thumbup_tb:

Thanks! I emailed it to everyone in my address book!

Must read is right.

Thanks for posting it.

Leaves you speechless; God bless them all.

what an inspiration thanks for this moving display. how they must be ashamed of the democrats

Thank you

God Bless our Troops and may God continue to Bless America!!
Try this flash version of IF I DIE BEFORE YOU WAKE

I think that this video says far more than I could ever do with words.

It is too bad that none of the major networks have not broadcast this.
It is sad that none of the candidates have not aired this , for I could care less about which sport hero used steroids, this shows what the what is really important! These are the people we really need to cheer for!

its very powerfully it bought tears to my eyes.well done to the men that wrote it.
thankyou for doing such a hard job,may god be with you.