The France Riots Back To “Normal” Levels


Hey everybody, everything is back to normal in France, nothing to see here:

PARIS, Nov 17 (Reuters) – Urban violence in France fell to normal levels on Thursday after three weeks of rioting in run-down suburbs, allowing the government to begin mapping out plans to tackle the problems that sparked the unrest.

Ninety-eight vehicles were set ablaze during the night, a sharp drop from the peak of the violence when 1,400 vehicles were torched in one night on Nov. 6 by youths who say they are excluded from mainstream French society.

“The situation has returned to normal because about 100 vehicles are set on fire each night in France,” a police spokesman said.

[…]About 9,000 vehicles have been set on fire and 3,000 people detained during the unrest, which has mainly involved youngsters of Arab and African origin, but also some white youths, torching cars and setting fire to buildings such as schools and churches.

“It was necessary to make a gesture to everyone and show we are committed to restoring order. I think the message has been clearly heard by everyone,” government spokesman Jean-Francois Cope told France’s RMC radio.

President Jacques Chirac has been criticised for saying little during the crisis, which began on Oct. 27 after the accidental deaths of two youths who were electrocuted as they hid in a power substation while apparently fleeing police.

But he raised his profile on Monday by addressing the “poison” of discrimination in a nationwide television address and announcing plans to create a voluntary task force to train youngsters and break down their sense of exclusion.

[…]Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin has also announced he will restore 100 million euros ($116.9 million) in axed credits to local associations, outlined new plans to create jobs and said he will lower to 14 the age for apprenticeships.

Many disillusioned youngsters doubt the government will make good on its promises, but ministers say they are determined to deal with long-running problems such as poor housing, crime and unemployment.

Tourism Minister Leon Bertrand, one of only three non-whites in the government, called in Liberation newspaper for a “political response that goes beyond the ordinary rules of governance by opening … a national debate on the changes in our society to rekindle social dialogue.”

First thing that pop’s out at me is the fact that a 100 car’s a night are burned everyday in France, or so the spokesman says.

It seem’s the French work their butts off to get nothing done. Except capitulating to Islamofacists.

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