Those Poor Muslims In France


Now this is rich:

Iran?s Association of Muslim Journalists (AMJ) issued a statement on Sunday condemning the violation of Muslims? civil rights in France and calling on the French government to cooperate with them in establishing a fact-finding commission in order to investigate the conditions of French Muslims.

The AMJ said that the mistreatment of Black French Muslims over the past two weeks has deeply influenced Iranian public opinion.

?We suppose that the French government has carried out the recent discriminatory and anti-human rights acts under the influence of the Zionist lobby in France to limit the social and personal freedoms of the Muslims residing in the country, which is quite unacceptable on the part of a country that claims to be democratic,? part of the statement read.

Quite rich, maybe they should investigate how the Muslims residing in Iran are faring?

I almost thought I was reading a post at Scrappleface, but nope….it’s real.

Although the destruction of property and the injuries sustained to innocent people are regrettable it appears the French have backed the wrong horse when they sided with the Muslims instead of the Americans. I guess kissing the asses of Iran and Iraq didn’t work out to well huh?

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A therapist for reasoning deficiencies? Is that what you see a therapist for? Come on, if your going to put me down at least get it right. I believe reasoning is something learned from school, not a therapist. Good try tho, I’ll give you a b+ for effort.

Also, the sun does only rise when I wake up…didn’t you get the memo?

You really ought to see a therapist of some sort to address your reasoning deficiencies. Or perhaps a fresh start in Kindergarten? With the reasoning method utilised in your articles, you come across as one who believes that the sun only rises when you wake up. Come, come, surely you are capable of more than that?

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