Susan Estrich Gettin’ Slammed


Apparently Susan Estrich just got bodyslammed by O’Reilly:

BILL: Why does Senator Clinton support the war in iraq?

SUASAN: Well, you know, that’s an interesting question …

BILL: What about illegal immigration?

SUSAN: She has taken a much tougher stance there as well.

BILL: Susan, Susan, what’s the tougher stance? What is she going to do?

SUSAN (having a tough time): Well, I think she is going to prosecute. But I don’t think she is going —

BILL: Prosecute who?

SUSAN: Prosecute illegal immigrants.

BILL: Really? Hillary Clinton is prosecute to poor illegal immigrants?! Really?

SUSAN (uncomfortable): Not the poor ones — not the poor ones — just the rich ones.

BILL: Let’s put it down we don’t know what she will do down the border. She is —

BILL: You write a book ‘The Case for Hillary Clinton’, and you don’t know what Hillary Clinton thinks about anything.

SUSAN: Yeah, I can.

BILL: Let me ask you another one.

SUSAN: Sure.

BILL: These are easy. You got a book “The Case for Hillary Clinton” but you don’t know —

SUSAN: Give me an easy one.

BILL: Here is an easy one. Does Hillary Clinton support universal health care that is health care for all americans, paid for by the government?

SUSAN (pause)No.

BILL: She doesn’t?


BILL: Are you sure?

SUSAN: She doesn’t, yeah, I’m sure. Isn’t that too bad?

BILL: Who gets it?

SUSAN (uncomfortable): The lucky people get it.

BILL: The lucky people. Who might they be?

SUSAN: That’s true. There it is.

BILL: The lucky people. Is there any definition of the lucky people? Or just a lottery that we just —

SUSAN: No, it’s not lottery. Obviously some people — it’s not a lottery. Obviously some people get it through their employer, and some can buy into it.

BILL: But we don’t know who.

SUSAN: I’ll tell you exactly who. But we’re playing a game and we’re having fun in the spin zone.

BILL: The no-spin zone and not playing any games. I want to know what the woman believes in and where she stands.

SUSAN: I’ll tell you as much as I can.

I have no love for Bill O’Reilly but this appears to have been classic. The witch looked like a fool while peddling a book she supposedly wrote about Hillary. Funny how she doesn’t know a damn thing about Hillary’s positions tho.

How much do you think the plastic surgery cost her?

Video here courtesy of The Political Teen.

I have no love for Bill O’Reilly but this appears to have been classic.

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That is just TOO good! I wish I had seen that.

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Fools Leading Fools

The exchange between the two caught Flopping Aces’ attention with good reason.

It was a classic.