LAPD Shooting, Update


The lapd has released a portion of a surveillance video tape that depicts some of the confrontation between Jose Raul Pena and the LAPD:

The videotape shows Jose Raul Pena holding 19-month-old Suzie Marie Pena while shooting at police, then going back into the office of his automobile sales business, where he remained holed up during Sunday’s standoff.

“As you take a closer look, you will be able to see that he is clearly using the baby as a shield,” Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief George Gascon said at an afternoon news conference. “He is stepping out the door. He shooting at the officers.

“We have indication that he not only said that he wasn’t going to be taken alive, but that the baby will die with him,” Gascon said.

In total, nine surveillance cameras from Pena’s Watts-area business recorded the events as they unfolded, but police Thursday only released a minute-long clip of footage.

Gascon said there were no cameras inside the small office where the final shooting took place, so there is no footage of the fatal shots, nor anything to indicate where Pena and Suzie were when they were shot.

Police also released photographs of items left at the shooting scene. Among them was the 9mm gun Pena fired at police. The weapon was stolen — along with 25 rifles, 20 handguns and some computers — during a 2004 burglary that occurred in Salem, Ore., Gascon said.

In addition, photographs showed a half-empty bottle of tequila on a bookcase and scattered cocaine residue.

Investigators believe Pena was drunk and on drugs during the standoff.

The photos also showed a half-empty box of bullets and a 15-round ammunition magazine, which is illegal to be used by anyone outside of the military or law enforcement, Gascon said.

None of this will not matter to the family who is hoping for a big payday or those who hate law enforcement. It doesn’t matter that the father could of ended this peacefully or that the guy was such a piece of shit that he uses his own daughter as a shield. It doesn’t matter that one of the officers was shot. None of this matters to them, because it’s always someone else’s fault. This wouldn’t have happened in an episode of Law & Order so why should it have happened here….

Redstate has some more commentary on this.


LAPD Shooting

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