MSM At It Again – Part IV


No, it’s not about newsweek this time. I doubt many of you have heard that 450 economists, including 5 nobel laureates, endorsed President Bush’s Social Security fix. You know why you haven’t heard about it? Because the friggin MSM is ignoring it:

Last week, the Cato Institute issued a new advertisement listing 450 economists, including 5 Nobel laureates, from across the country who have publicly endorsed personal accounts for Social Security. This may be the first time you?ve heard about this because the Washington Post and the New York Times haven?t reported it. Neither has USA Today or the LA Times. According to a spokesman at Cato, it hasn?t been reported on any of the major TV networks, either. No one is reporting this story.

All of this, of course, is completely unconscionable.

Would it be newsworthy if 450 climatologists signed a joint petition saying that the ozone layer was being depleted? Or, to stay on point, would it be newsworthy if 450 economists jointly agreed that President Bush was WRONG to endorse personal accounts? Would the liberal media report it then? Of course they would. They would report the story even if 450 Hollywood actors agreed that personal accounts were wrong, and they aren?t even experts.

But when 450 economists ? people whose expertise we rely on when it comes to fiscal matters like Social Security ? collectively agree that personal accounts are the way to go, the liberal media turns into a pack of church mice.

This is the kind of crap that we are sick of, and why I barely even touch my local communist rag…the LA Times. The bias is just incredible. How is this story not news? To the big wigs of the MSM this isn’t news because it doesn’t jive with their view of the world.

This is another reason that blogs and talk radio are slowly eroding the popularity of the MSM.

Check out Ace Of Spades & Say Anything for more.


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