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Michelle Malkin blogged today about Deputy David March, a fellow Deputy Sheriff who was killed 3 years ago today. I have blogged about his family’s plight in the past and will continue to do so but am grateful that someone with the kind of traffic Michelle gets is bringing attention to this issue. Killer’s are getting away with murder by just crossing the border, and Mexico is shamefully culpable.

At the Hold Their Feet To The Fire dinner Wednesday night, I had the honor of meeting Teri March, widow of slain Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy David March. Deputy March was killed three years ago today by illegal alien criminal Armando Garcia–a beneficiary of open borders, catch-and-release policies, and America’s failure to get tough and enforce its extradition agreement with Mexico. Like hundreds of other cold-blooded fugitives, Garcia escaped south of the border after killing March and remains there protected by the Mexican government.

Teri has continued to press the Bush administration to action. She met with the State Department this week. President Bush has yet to fulfill a promise he made to the March family personally to bring Garcia to justice. Shamefully, the White House had not bothered to respond to March’s letters and letters sent on the March family’s behalf from 33 House members and the L.A. District Attorney’s office pushing for Garcia’s extradition.

“I need justice,” Teri told CBS News last year. “Our family needs justice. Law enforcement needs justice.” She’s staying strong and was buoyed by the passion and activism harnessed during the Hold Their Feet to Fire campaign.

If you are in the San Gabriel Valley, Calif., area, there will be a candlelight vigil tonight in Deputy March’s memory at the Irwindale Speedway from 5:00-7:00 PM.

If you have a spare moment, go here for things you can do to help the March family’s cause. And keep them in your prayers.

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