Bad Parents Raise Criminals


Baldilocks has a great post about that 5 year old handcuffing incident. Being a police officer I can’t see myself ever handcuffing a 5 year old, I believe I would of thrown this kid into the back seat of the patrol car and let her do her thing back there. Our back seats can take alot of damage and still keep ticking. But I digress. The MSM as usual just focuses on the actual handcuffing incident, not the reason why the police were there in the first place. Plus you know who the MSM and the kid’s mother blames, the police. Not the damn parent who raised this demon:

Get a load of this:

The girl was to return to the classroom today, but her mother said that won’t happen. “She’s never going back to that school,” Inda Akins said Thursday evening from her apartment on 39th Lane S. “They set my baby up.”

Ah, the legacy of Marion Berry.

The 31-year-old single mother of three said she is consulting an attorney.

No I?m not clairvoyant. It doesn?t take a crystal ball to figure out that there is no father in the home in which this little girl grows up

But in the Akins home, not only is there no father, the ?mother? can?t even make a decent show at trying to regulate her offspring.

As [Akins] spoke, her three children rambled through the apartment. The girl, the oldest child, rode a pink bicycle through the living room, one of the training wheels missing. Her brother got up on a table and swatted a light fixture, laughing.

Recall the video of the little girl climbing on the classroom table. Riding a bike in the living room? There is no discipline in that home!

And of course everything is that awful assistant principal?s fault.

That?s right. No part of this incident is the mother?s fault. And this woman expected the assistant principal of her daughter?s school to stay away from one of her students. This gives us an idea of the mentality these school officials have to put up with.

I feel really sorry for all three of Akins? offspring.

It?s still hard to accept seeing police officers put handcuffs a five-year-old and I still think that they went overboard. However, it becomes more evident that any method of resolving this situation would have come out badly.

I agree completely with her assessment. These kids will end up in court some day at the defendants table.

I see this all the time in the area that I patrol which is low-income and includes a few of the notorious projects of Los Angeles. There are some very good people there who are just trapped by their economic situation but I also see many screwed up households. Parents who are druggies and will blame everything on someone else. Of course when their kids do end up in trouble its always because we were picking on them or profiling them or blah blah blah.

Some people should not be allowed to have kids.

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