Italian Idiots – Update X


Oh boy, this is some good stuff here:

High-level European intelligence sources report that the 51-year old slain Italian SISMI military intelligence agent, Dr. Nicola Calipari, killed by U.S. sharpshooters while accompanying the freed Italian hostage?Il Manifesto journalist Giuliana Sgrena?to Baghdad International Airport, was a prized target of opportunity for American assassins because of his knowledge about past Republican White House ties to Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program.

Calipari was also reportedly privy to information about illegal U.S. covert operations in Iraq from his sources within the bloc of Iraqi resistance fighters led by former Republican Guards. Moreover, European intelligence sources report that Calipari was not the first Italian intelligence agent with expertise on Iraq to be killed by U.S. covert “wet affairs” operatives.

Wait, there’s more:

In 1989, the former Italian military attach? in Baghdad, Air Force Colonel Giuseppe Schiavo, was found shot to death in his home in Turin. Police ruled the death a suicide, however, Schiavo’s diplomatic and military colleagues in Baghdad claim that Colonel Schiavo had stumbled across critical evidence of a complicated scheme by the George H. W. Bush administration, the CIA, Italian businessmen and government officials, U.S. auditors, Iraqi diplomats, spies, and central bankers, British and Italian intelligence agents, and Saudi bankrollers to finance Saddam Hussein’s NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) weapons program through U.S.-government-backed credits provided by Atlanta’s Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL). Schiavo was killed before Italian magistrates could question him about his knowledge of the Iraqi weapons affair. One colleague of Schiavo in Baghdad called him a professional and not someone who would kill himself. “He was taken out because of what he knew,” claimed the colleague.

You really gotta love the moonbats dont ya? They will find a conspiracy in ever facet of life. The article goes on to name Bush Sr, the Clintons, and just about every American company in a vast conspiracy to make Saddam strong, so one day he too shall become a superhero.

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