Italian Idiots – Update VIII


Well, as we're finding out more everyday, the Europeans are just a bunch of pussies. Italy has once again agreed to the terrorists demands and will be hauling ass out of Iraq.

Leading U.S. ally Italy said on Tuesday it would start withdrawing its soldiers from Iraq in September, in a fresh blow to President Bush's shrinking coalition. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, one of Bush's most vocal supporters, said he was in talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair (news – web sites) about a total exit strategy from Iraq, adding people in both countries wanted their troops to return home. "We will begin to reduce our contingent even before the end of the year, starting in September, in agreement with our allies," said Berlusconi, who faces an election next year and went against public opinion to deploy troops in Iraq. Asked on RAI state television when a total withdrawal would take place, Berlusconi said: "It will depend on the capacity of the Iraqi government to provide adequate security." Despite strong opposition at home, Berlusconi sent some 3,000 troops to Iraq — the fourth largest foreign contingent after U.S., British and South Korean forces. But pressure has mounted on him to withdraw the troops since intelligence agent Nicola Calipari was killed earlier this month by U.S. soldiers shortly after rescuing an Italian hostage. The incident has strained Italy's relations with the United States and Bush has promised an investigation.

It never ceases to amaze me how cowardly the Europeans can be. We had to save their ass 65 years ago and they will never learn. Not only did this government pay the terrorists money to get this witch out of Iraq, now they will be turning tail and running. How do they look at themselves in the mirror when they see how happy the Iraqi people were while voting, see the demonstrations in support of Democracy in Lebanon, see the demonstration today in Iran:

Tehran was left in a standstill this evening as the population poured into the streets to mark the national 'fire' festival of Chahar-shanbeh Souri despite intense pressures by the Iranian regime to prevent a possible uprising. Eye-witnesses reported that full-size puppets of high-ranking officials, such as the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the regime's president Mohammad Khatami, were set on fire by youths at numerous locations throughout the Iranian capital. Trucks belonging to Iran's security forces were also set ablaze. "Guns, tanks, the Bassij (Para-military security forces) no longer have an affect", large crowds shouted in central Tehran, as they took part in the traditional celebrations where Iranians jump over fires ablaze on the streets. Despite a general ban on the festival by the regime and repeated demands by the Iranian authorities that people avoid leaving their houses on the day, the main Iranian opposition group, the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI) issued a call for the nation to take part in the event and call for the overthrow of the clerical regime. The authorities brought in State Security Forces to create an atmosphere of fear, causing tensions to spark, leading to riots and clashes in several districts throughout Tehran. "Khamenei resign! Get off your thrown", youths shouted, as the government unleashed its Revolutionary Guards to crack down on the demonstrators.

How do they not see fighting for Democracy is a good thing? I just don't get it. Yeah, I know Berlusconi wants to get re-elected, but I guess a politician with balls, who stands up for his convictions like George Bush did, is hard to find in Europe. But these people don't see it….the Mideast sure does:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates Listen to the conversations in the cafes on the edge of the creek that runs through this Persian Gulf city, and it is hard to believe that the George W. Bush being praised by Arab diners is the same George W. Bush who has been widely excoriated in these parts ever since he took office. Yet the balmy breeze blowing along the creek carries murmurs of approval for the devoutly Christian U.S. president, whose persistent calls for democracy in the Middle East are looking less like preaching and more like timely encouragement. Nowadays, intellectuals, businessmen and working-class people alike can be caught lauding Bush's hard-edged posture on democracy and cheering his handling of Arab rulers who are U.S. allies. Many also admire Bush's unvarnished threats against Syria should it fail to pull its soldiers and spies out of Lebanon before the elections there next month — a warning the United Nations reinforced last week with immediate effects. For Bush, it is not quite a lovefest but a celebration nonetheless. "His talk about democracy is good," an Egyptian-born woman was telling companions at the Fatafeet (or "Crumbs") restaurant the other night, exuberant enough for her voice to carry to neighboring tables. "He keeps hitting this nail. That's good, by God, isn't it?" At another table, a Lebanese man was waxing enthusiastic over Bush's blunt and irreverent manner toward Arab autocrats. "It is good to light a fire under their feet," he said.

The Italians, the Spanish, and the rest of the cowards can go to hell as far as I am concerned. Maybe them leaving is a good thing, at least it will be harder for the terrorists to fund themselves. Check out The Jawa Report, Short Family Online, The Dread Pundit Bluto, My View Of The World, LGF, Jihad Pundit, Captains Quarters, & Ace Of Spades for much more.

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