Acceptance of Terror


Bill over at The Fourth Rail has an excellent essay on how the MSM and the UN, even the leftist countries in Europe, are basically accepting terrorist organizations as legitimate forms of a political party:

On the same day Palestinians protest in support of Hezbollah and Syria, the terrorist group Hamas has indicated it will participate in the scheduled upcoming Parliamentary elections. To the north in Lebanon, there is serious debate within Hezbollah about entering the Lebanese political process in light of Syria’s promised withdrawal. Syria has agreed to withdraw under the conditions set forth in UNSC Resolution 1559, which has already begun. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has indicated it is time to “recognize Hezbollah” after easily being duped by “the message on the placards they are using”.

This acceptance of blatantly terrorist groups as legitimate freedom movements is a cancerous tumor on the United Nations and the media. Over three years after 9-11, the United Nations, despite their attempts to project strength in fighting terrorism, still cannot properly define the word “terrorist”, waffling over the issue of whether the murder of innocent civilians are terrorist acts. The media routinely obscures the lines between terrorism and legitimate resistance, as the recent article by Daniel Okrent of The New York Times demonstrates.

The decision to sidestep the obvious to satisfy the need to avoid confrontation does not bring peace, but only delays the eventual conflict as the predators of Hamas and Hezbollah exploit the inherent weakness of the internationals and the media.

I’ve been fuming over this fact for a few weeks now, ever since some organizations and governments suggested we need to accept the fact that Hezbollah will get involved in running Lebanon. Wtf is this? This is a terrorist organization plain and simple.

This is the organization that bombed our Marine barracks in 1983, took Americans hostage throughout the 80’s and now they should be considered a legitimate organization?

This is just another reason to never trust the MSM, and certainly not the Europeans.

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