Illegal Immigrants


First off, my prayers and thoughts go out to a fellow Deputy Sheriff,

Dep James Tutino.

I worked with him at Men’s Central Jail some years back where he was in the jail’s gang unit. He was still working in that capacity when he was killed yesterday. I did not know him well but remember him as someone whom everyone liked. I am so appreciative of those firefighters and fellow law enforcement who draped his body with a flag and saluted as he was recovered.

Sheriff’s Deputy James P. Tutino was so popular at the Men’s Central Jail that even the inmates liked him, friends and co-workers said.

The 47-year-old expert on street gangs was among the 11 people killed Wednesday in the nation’s worst train wreck in nearly six years. A suicidal man apparently parked his SUV on railroad tracks in Glendale, then changed his mind and ran as the train carrying the deputy and hundreds of other commuters slammed into it. As that train toppled off the tracks, it struck a northbound commuter train and a parked Union Pacific locomotive.

Before Tutino, a 23-year veteran of the sheriff’s department, was removed from the train, a firefighter retrieved a flag and draped it over him. As rescue workers carried his body away, two lines of deputies, police and firefighters formed to salute him.

“He was a really good guy and was really well liked by everyone,” said Deputy Gordon McMullen, a co-worker at the jail. “Even the inmates liked him. He was a really good person.”

Tutino, defensive coordinator for the Simi Valley High School varsity football team, was married and had four grown children.

“He really took the time to get to know the kids as a coach and would carry it to another level and get to know them as a friend,” Simi Valley Principal Jan Britz said.

What makes me so angry is this idiot didn’t have the balls to kill himself in a way that no one else would get hurt. Then there is news that this guy might be illegal to boot, argh!

Michelle Malkin has tried calling various offical’s to get his current citizen status with no results

I called the Glendale Police Department, which I’m sure has been swamped, and am waiting for a call back. I also talked to Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca’s press person, Steve Whitmore, after Baca made comments on the George Putnam radio talk show about Alavarez’s citizenship status. The answer so far is: They don’t know. I’ll let you know when I hear anything more.

I could run him but would get my ass in a sling big time so I won’t be doing that. She is also reporting the fact that he has some drug related arrests which doesn’t surprise me, this guy is a loser and should of died a loser.

It’s good news to hear Sheriff Baca proposing some common sense initives in actually identifying illegals when they are arrested.

A controversial plan to train clerks at the Los Angeles County jail to identify inmates who are illegal immigrants and turn them over to immigration officials was approved Tuesday by the county Board of Supervisors.

After hours of intense debate, the board voted 3 to 2 for the plan, the first time a California jailer has agreed to screen inmates for immigration violations.

“People who come here illegally and commit crimes need to be prosecuted, do their time and then return to their home country,” Sheriff Lee Baca said Monday.

Via Discarded Lies comes more wacked out immigration news it appears as if Mexico wants to go to an international court (uh, yeah) to block Arizona’s new law.

Mexico may turn to international courts in an effort to block a new Arizona law limiting services to illegal immigrants, Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said Wednesday.

He said in a radio interview that Mexico might take such a step after it has exhausted all possibilities under U.S. law to halt Proposition 200.

“We are seeking all the legal opportunities that exist, first using the legal capacities of the United States itself and … if that does not work, bringing it to international tribunals,” Derbez said.

He did not specify to which international bodies Mexico could appeal.

Mexico’s Foreign Department and lawmakers have repeatedly complained about Proposition 200, which voters approved in November. The measure requires proof of citizenship to vote and proof of immigration status to receive some government benefits.

This is why we should never legitimize a international court, they will get crap like this handed to them. Holy crap, a US State actually wants to only give tax payer’s money to legal citizens…what a concept. Go Arizona!


When I hear this kinda crap out of jackass’s like Ted Kennedy I just wanna strangle him.

Talk of withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq is simmering on Capitol Hill.

It’s mostly from Democrats ? Edward Kennedy on Thursday became the first senator to say “we must begin” withdrawal ? but Republicans, too, expect the discussion to increase as an Iraqi government takes shape and Congress considers more billions of dollars for the war.

Hmmm, let me see…I’m a terrorist and find out the US troops will be leaving on June 1st. What shall I do? How about wait around till they leave and then go on the offensive….how idiotic.

Then there is the good news from the Muslim world via Chrenkoff, Here are a few tidbits.

From the past few weeks, a selection of some positive steps and encouraging trends towards greater freedom and democracy throughout the Islamic world.

Region-wide: Not the first – and hopefully many more to come – stirrings of a reformist spirit in Islam.

Egypt: Great news for economic integration in the Middle East:

“Israel and Egypt signed a three-way trade deal with the United States yesterday in a move that signalled a further warming of relations between the two neighbours and gave momentum to renewed hopes for peace negotiations in the Middle East.

The Gulf Region: Signs of increasing openness and debate:

“The absence of Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz from the GCC summit, reportedly due to his country’s announced reservations over a Bahraini-US free trade agreement, is ‘a strong’ signal that the old style of ‘hiding’ inter-GCC problems is being replaced by a newly-emerged way of open discussions and criticism, analysts said yesterday.

Iran: You can’t keep freedom of speech down, even in mullahocracy:

“In September 2001, a young Iranian journalist, Hossein Derakhshan, devised and set up one of the first weblogs in his native language of Farsi. In response to a request from a reader, he created a simple how-to-blog guide in Farsi, thereby setting in motion a community’s surreal flight into free speech; online commentaries that the leading Iranian author and blogger, Abbas Maroufi, calls our ‘messages in bottles, cast to the winds.’

“With an estimated 75,000 blogs, Farsi is now the fourth most popular language for keeping online journals. A phenomenal figure given that in neighbouring countries such as Iraq there are less than 50 known bloggers.

Sudan: “Cellphones, roads, and girls in school. Is this south Sudan?” asks the “Christian Science Monitor” as Sudan slowly reawakens from the long-running nightmare

Much more there, go check it out.

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Center for Sanity

Arizona Sheriff – Throwing Illegals Aliens in Jail…

It is always the Americans that are ‘vigilantes’ for wanting to enforce our border security, at least at the State level, we have yet to really see anything of enforcement at the Federal level….