McCain & The Marines


Sad sad day today when 31 Marines died in a helicopter crash. Please put their families in your prayers.


Via The Captain comes the news that Sen. McCain stood on the floor of congress today and put the smack down on the Demo’s for their little whining act they put on a few days ago over Condi Rice.

On the Senate floor Wednesday, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, suggested Democrats are sore losers. Rice had enough votes to win confirmation, as even her Democratic critics acknowledge, McCain said.

“So I wonder why we are starting this new Congress with a protracted debate about a foregone conclusion,” McCain said. Since Rice is qualified for the job, he said, “I can only conclude that we are doing this for no other reason than because of lingering bitterness over the outcome of the election.”

Democracy Good, Terrorism Bad

Bill over at
The Fourth Rail has an excellent blog out today summarizing some reasons why the terrorist’s hate Democracy.

Saudi columnist Muhammad Mahfouz, echoing the overriding theme of President Bush’s inaugural speech in an article published in the Saudi Gazette [!], rejects the traditional notion of poverty as the root cause of terrorism, and lays the blame specifically on the perverted ideology of hate promoted by radical Islamists. The solution to defeating radical Islam is changing the culture that tolerates radical Islam

…Osama bin Laden and Zarqawi believe their ideology is superior to that of freedom, and think they can prevent democracy in Iraq via violence and intimidation. The polls show the majority of Iraqis, over 80%, plan to vote in Sunday’s historic election, even under the threat of violence. That makes for plenty of apostates.

Much more over at his blog, go check it out.

The Lefty Professors Again

Via LFG comes this news that a lefty professor who once likened the victims of 9/11 as ?little Eichmanns,? will be the headliner at a New York college

A professor who likened victims in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann will headline a discussion at Hamilton College, a campus that has been a lightning rod for controversy in recent months.

Ward Churchill, chairman of the ethnic studies program at the University of Colorado at Boulder, will be on the Clinton campus Feb. 3 to discuss his essay “Some people push back,” a treatise written the day after the terrorist attacks.

“True enough, they were civilians of a sort,” he writes of the victims. “But innocent? Gimme a break.”

In the piece, the Native American rights activist argues that the 3,000 people killed in the World Trade Center
attacks worked for “the mighty engine of profit,” calling them “little Eichmanns,” a reference to the man who implemented Adolf Hitler’s plan to exterminate Europe’s Jews.

Lovely. Will we see any protests of this guy? I doubt it since the wacko lefties probably agree with him wholeheartedly.

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