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This piece out today is a must read. Its a post from one of the Iraq The Model brothers and you must go there now…

The situation in Baghdad gets more difficult everyday as the election time gets nearer. The attacks never seize to occur on a daily basis allover the hour. I haven’t witnessed any, but we can hear the sounds of rockets, mortars, RPGs and machine guns on different times through everyday…..

I must say that what’s happening now was expected, and I was not the only one expecting it. Most people saw that as the election came closer violence would certainly grow more and more. It’s truly a critical time in the history of Iraq, the region and the whole world. The terrorists are attacking almost everyone who does not agree with them. Today they threatened to” transfer the battle to America’s land”.

If this should tell us anything new then it should be that the masters of these monsters are terrified as hell. They see all their efforts as not leading to the desired result; the withdrawal of American troops or at least the delaying and then the canceling of the elections.

This is an important point that most of us, Iraqis and the coalition, forget most of the time. Just as we despair sometimes we should remember that our enemies are in even a worse situation than ours. I’m not talking about the terrorists, as these idiots have set up their minds to ride the highway to “heaven” through ending their miserable lives as soon as possible taking as many as possible of innocents’ lives with them. I’m talking about those who finance them. The daily attacks in Iraq cost a fortune that no one and no single organization can afford. It’s not an easy decision for those behind terrorism in Iraq to throw all that money that they worked their asses off when robbing it from their poor citizens to the fire, as no one expects any payback from spending that money other than ruining Iraq, her dreams and America’s plans in establishing democracy in the region. They commit to such difficult decision only because they see it as the only possible answer to what will certainly rock their thrones in no big time….

Much more to this post. Go now I tell you.

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