Rich Saddam


Who knew, Saddam was skimming a bit of cash from his people, can you believe it? Only some 21 billion in cash. They’ve broken it down to:

$3.9 billion from oil smuggling before the oil-for-food program
$9.7 billion from oil smuggling.
$4.4 billion in kickbacks on humanitarian goods contracts.
$241 million in illegal surcharges on oil sales.
$2.1 billion from accepting substandard goods and paying inflated prices for them.
$403 million from overseas investment of illicit income.

But my favorite quote is this one:

Rather than giving allocations to traditional oil purchasers, Saddam gave them to foreign officials, journalists, even terrorist entities, who sold their allocations to oil companies in return for sizable commissions, he said.

The reference to terrorist groups referred to evidence that Saddam had allocated oil to such organizations as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Mujahadeen Khalq, a group seeking to overthrow the government of Saddam’s enemy, Iran, Greenblatt said.

But then again, we all know Saddam had no connection with terrorists.

This whole scandal just shows what a waste of time the UN is, they can be bribed and used by a scumbag like Saddam and then they have the nerve to tell us the Iraq war was illegal.

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