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19 Jul

California Breaking-Up. Unlikely Gossip or Game Changer? (Guest Post)

Some people love to gossip about celebrity break-ups. This could be the biggest of all time. California’s 2016 ballot will ask the question: Should California Break-Up into six different states? “The idea … is to create six states with responsive … Continue reading

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19 Jun

Are You A Military Veteran? Your DMV Wants To Know. …Oh? Why? (Guest Post)

I recently received my Driver’s License renewal. Interestingly enough, the DMV is now asking drivers if they are veterans. Well, now, that got me scratching my head and wondering: “Why do they want to know?” According to various state’s DMV … Continue reading

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30 May

Fear And Loathing In Government (Guest Post)

I have been often asked in political polls if I consider myself a conservative or a liberal. My reply is that the two terms are not mutually exclusive depending on there use. My interpretation of State and Federal Constitutions is … Continue reading

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26 Apr

A New And Very Disturbing Alternative Energy Source (Guest Post)

OK, are you ready for the newest renewable energy source? Aborted Babies Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Fight Climate Change One possibly redeeming (or exacerbating) feature of the shocking story that aborted fetuses have been burned at an Oregon facility that … Continue reading

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5 Feb

Rise of the Machines (Guest Post)

A troubling technological development is the growing interest of our military and law enforcement agencies in drones and robots. ‘Patrol-bots’ eyed as surveillance answer: “Knightscope’s autonomous technology platform is a fusion of robotics, predictive analytics and collaborative social engagement utilized … Continue reading

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27 Jan

News: Former Mayor facing Bribery Trial! …What’s Missing? (Guest Post)

So what’s missing? Almost none of the news reports I have found (even those from FOX,) make any mention of former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin’s party affiliation. This is the same fool who let school buses sit parked (where … Continue reading

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17 Jan

Harry Reid And Senate Democrats Support Extending Unemployment For Millionares (Guest Post)

At least that’s how The left would propagandist what happened Wednesday. Republican Senator Pat Toomey introduced an amendment to the to the bill now being debated to extend unemployment benefits. That amendment prohibits such benefits going to people making over … Continue reading

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3 Jan

“Blindsided” or Dereliction of Duty (Guest Post)

The President and his toady MSM continue to claim ignorance, that Obama was unaware of the various scandals of his administration as the following article discusses:

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10 Dec

Budget negotiators looking at military pensions (Reader Post)

This is just despicable. Of all the things the Federal government wastes money on, where are they looking at cutting? Retired military members who gave decades in the service of their nation: “That brings the focus back to a military … Continue reading

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