15 Dec

Hillary Stumbles, Suffers A Concussion, Won’t Testify

Some might wonder if it was the cervesa or the stomach flu, but it looks like Hillary took a dive and is down for the count.

From The Department of State:

While suffering from a stomach virus, Secretary Clinton became dehydrated and fainted, sustaining a concussion. She has been recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly by her doctors. At their recommendation, she will continue to work from home next week, staying in regular contact with Department and other officials. She is looking forward to being back in the office soon.

How convenient, she is looking forward to getting back to work after the hearings are finished. Will our RINOs in Washington be satisfied with this excuse from our globe trotting SoS who can run through a hail of sniper bullets on the tarmac to do her job.

She has been recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly by her doctors,” Reines said.

Reines added that at the recommendation of Clinton’s doctors, “she will continue to work from home next week, staying in regular contact with Department and other officials.” He claimed she “is looking forward to being back in the office soon.”

Congress will hold hearings on Benghazi next week, and Clinton had been scheduled to testify. She took “responsibility” for many of the security failures leading up to the attack.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, after withdrawing her name for consideration to be the next Secretary of State on Thursday, said that Clinton had initially been asked to go on the Sunday shows immediately after the attacks. Rice claimed she took Hillary’s place because Clinton was too worn down from her travels to do the interviews.

It’s amazing how the stomach flu and a concussion can render an old trooper like Hillary nearly helpless in the face of a testimony. However, now that we know Rice just took the opportunity to tell lies for Hillary on the television, because Hillary was too tired to be up to her true form, the situation is becoming more tedious and convoluted. Three months later, we are still learning bit and pieces concerning the deaths of our ambassador and his associates. Is it possible that Obama wasn’t telling the truth when he said he would have the most transparent administration in history.

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10 Responses to Hillary Stumbles, Suffers A Concussion, Won’t Testify

  1. joetote says: 1

    Shocking. Absolutely shocking! I assume when all is said and done on this some time from now, her memory of exactly what happened (I’m sure she has some sort of amnesia now due to her concussion) as to Benghazi will miraculously reestablish itself in the same manner the “lost” billing records suddenly appeared on a table in the White House.

    Poor Hillary. Mist be sad having to come up with some kind of memory trauma every timr she gets her ass in a sling

  2. rich (the conservative one) says: 2

    Oh my,
    Should she even be working with her brain damaged like that?

  3. JDR says: 3

    rich (t.c.o.)

    To be fair, her brain has been damaged since she had it twisted by Saul Alinsky.

  4. Tricjy Dick says: 5

    Just the continuation of the biggest coverup in the history of this nation. Bengazi needs to be settled and those responsible held accountable. Why haven’t we heard anything from the survivors? I’m quite sure Obama’s doing everything in his power to make sure we never hear their stories.

  5. Wm T Sherman says: 6

    A seasoned professional like Hillary will get past this. It’s certainly not the first time she’s slammed her face into the carpet.

  6. Skook says: 7

    @Wm T Sherman: That must be what the wink is all about.

  7. Smorgasbord says: 8

    One report said she never went to the hospital. I guess the doctors knew that since it was her head that she fell on, there couldn’t be any major damage. It’s a good thing she fell on her hear or she could have heart herself.


  8. james raider says: 9

    Protecting Obama and Clinton, here are the first Two to practice self-immolation by leaping under the Benghazi bus:

    Assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security Eric Boswell
    Deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security Charlene Lamb.

    Perhaps we can expect a public announcement from the White House on this sacrifice. No?

  9. Skookum says: 10

    1/8/14 It’s been over a year, our RINOs are still watching Hillary pick her nose and scratch her ass, while she gets ready for her presidential run.


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