19 Sep

International Talk like a Pirate Day Open Thread

Ahoy thar, ye band o’ scurvy scallywags! Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Feel free ta discuss anything ye’d like in this ‘ere open thread; just make sher ye talk like a pirate, or yer landlubbin’ comment will find itself walkin’ the plank! Aaarrrrgh!

President Barack Obama “meets” with speechwriter Cody Keenan, who dressed as a pirate for an Oval Office photo taken for use in the President’s humorous speech to the White House Correspondents Association dinner May 9, 2009. “But as I said during the campaign, we can’t just talk to our friends. As hard as it is, we also have to talk to our enemies, and I’ve begun to do exactly that,” the President said in his speech.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.)

President Barack Obama reacts to seeing speechwriter Cody Keenan outside the Oval Office on May 8, 2009. Keenan dressed up as a pirate for an Oval Office photo shot for use in the President’s speech to the White House Correspondents Association dinner May 9, 2009

So grab some grog and pull up an empty chair and start Eastwoodin’!


Did ye blogganeers know that our 44th president got his early start as a pirate?

Friends and family of Stanley Ann Dunham
Barack Obama with his mother in Hawaii.

Mayhap he is secretly Somalian and not Kenyan? Aaarrrrr…..

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8 Responses to International Talk like a Pirate Day Open Thread

  1. Nan G says: 1

    What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?
    Most would guess it is RRRRRRRRR.
    But they’re wrong.
    It’s the C.

  2. Mad Capn Bob says: 2

    Well, the lubberly, bird-witted chowder-head got the plundering part down pat, scupper me hide…

  3. Dc says: 3

    Arrrrh….sumbohdy arsked me who much do ye drink?

    I drink till its faare and partly cloudy. Then I take on some ballast. That sets me akeel for a while but, also gives me sumthin’ to heave ovaher to right meself should a sturm cumon.


  4. Jim S says: 4

    Avast ye swabs! Considerin’ who be a doin’ th’ plunderin’ th’ wrong lubber be wearin’ th’ pirate garb! Keelhaulin’s too good fer the like’s o that chum.

  5. Dc says: 5

    Odd. Stanley Ann Dunham looks just like she could be John Kerry’s illegitimate love-child. (the chin).

  6. DrJohn says: 6

    Longest letter in the pirate alphabet?


  7. Jim S says: 7

    Even the local classical radio station be into the act, with a special edition of their film classics show featuring music from pirate movies.

  8. Almost time for that scurvy dog to walk the electoral plank, as it were


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