Why there can be no recovery as long as Obama is President [Reader Post]

Barack Obama has unveiled a crisp, fresh and new campaign theme.

“It’s not my fault.”

President Obama has devised a new strategy for dealing with troubling economic developments: Showcase optimism about turning around the economy while reassuring voters that although he understands their fears he isn’t directly responsible for their pain.

Short Takes May 8th, 2011 [Reader Post]

1) Osama bin Laden was on the 3rd floor of his compound, and it took quite awhile for Navy SEALS to break through the inner wall and get up to that third floor. There were guns on that third floor. Laden did not grab a gun and come out with his guns blazing; he did not grab a gun and take cover, and start shooting. Apparently he threw one of his wives at a Navy SEAL, and that seems to be the extent of his resistence. Where is the great terrorist who would like to take as many Americans down with him at his death?