Those Who Are Ignorant Of History Are Doomed To Repeat It…Or…Our Education System Is Irrevocably Broken. Either Or Both Work!


by CBD

So a presumably Jewish high school teacher went to a rally in support of Israel, ersand that is beyond the pale for the current crop of multicultural leftist fascists in our nation’s schools.

The incident at Hillcrest High School in Queens occurred on Monday after pro-Palestinian students learned the teacher had a photo on social media where she held a sign, saying “I stand with Israel.”

The student body rioted…and had they been any brighter or had planned this impromptu lynching any better, the teacher might not have survived the ordeal. Because this is a NYC public school, where normal human social norms are not observed. It is nothing more than a conglomeration of feral youth that are barely controlled by mostly terrified teachers and administrators.

But that’s not new. That has been the status quo for most schools in NYC for generations. The difference is that the Jewish teacher was targeted for being Jewish and having the temerity to demonstrate in support of Israel. You know…evil Israel that has 2,000,000 Arab citizens and is a flourishing liberal democracy with full rights granted to blacks and gays and trannies and hispanics and you name it. Hell, Israel has a gay pride parade!

‘Radicalized’ students storm pro-Israel teacher’s classroom in New York

What is really interesting (but not surprising) is the whining comments from the teacher and the local councilman! “I’m shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here.”

here’s the teacher…

  • I have worked hard to be supportive of our entire student body and an advocate for our community
  • It’s my hope in the days ahead we can find a way to have meaningful discussions about challenging topics with respect for each other’s diverse perspectives and shared humanity.
  • Unless we can learn to see each other as people we will never be able to create a safe learning community

She just doesn’t get it. All of her multi-culti bona fides and support of every liberal cause and wearing the correct political buttons won’t protect her from the mob looking for Jewish blood. That is the real Left, and this naif doesn’t understand. Add in the institutional blood-lust of Islam and you get mobs of teenagers racing down corridors looking for Jews. But rest assured, she will be voting reliably leftist in November 2024!

And here is the Democratic Councilman Robert Holden…

  • I don’t know why these students are so misinformed, so intolerant and so radicalized. They don’t even know the history of the Middle East. They haven’t been taught that
  • It’s evident they’re clueless about Middle East history. When did our education system fail so miserably?

What an amazing twit. Has it occurred to him that it is the responsibility of city government to ensure some basic quality of education? Or are hours-long seminars on pronouns, microaggressions and anal sex more important?

What’s that you ask? The demographics of Hillcrest High School?

Hillcrest demog.jpg

[Hillcrest High is on the left, and New York state as a whole is on the right.]

So where did the vicious anti-Semitism come from? Black anti-Semitism is baked into the cake. Asian is a bit surprising, and Hispanic is undoubtedly a byproduct of the overwhelming leftist cant in most of the Hispanic world. But the media-driven pro-Hamas “news,” coupled with the abject ignorance of the most basic history of the Middle East is a good start for the professional agitators who just love to manipulate the mush-brained on our college campuses and now in our high schools.

Just go back to the free speech movement of the 1960s and you will find clear connections to communist organizations. And the violence that accelerated in the late 1960s? Anyone care to guess Bill Ayers’ political affiliation? Or Angela Davis?

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So where did the vicious anti-Semitism come from? 

I think today’s youth lead such empty, aimless lives (because ambition, patriotism and work ethic is all racist) that they clamor for something to follow. All it takes is for someone to call themselves “victims” and provide the students with an excuse to ditch classes (or work, if they happen to have a job) in order to “make a difference” and “right a wrong”. They have no idea what they are lending their support to. This is the intellect and ability to process facts that the leftist “educational” system has produced.

Even tho the black leaders tell leftist whites that all their alt-sexuality, tats and commie claims will not be protection for them when it comes time to really clean out whiteness from power, ignorance of history makes white leftists think “it will be different/better this time.”
It won’t.
Che’ killed college girls personally in Cuba.
Pol Pot killed all the intellectuals in schools and business, over a million.
Mao killed millions and especially those who could think and therefore oppose him with facts.
Stalin killed land owners, the wealthy and intellectuals he considered to be threats to his power.

Our education system is teeing up our youth to become the next “Red Army,” turning in their own parents only to later be exterminated by their own Chinese commie party.

Jews represent all that is white and therefore bad in the mind of Leftists:
Hard-working, punctual, independent thinkers, striving for higher education, not dependent on others.
That is the opposite of today’s Dem Party’s platform.
Either be dependent, or be one of those doling out taxpayer’s money to those dependent.
White leftists think they can safely attack Jews now and somehow be safe later….they’re wrong.

Deport all those Rioters to the Gobi Desert with just the Clothes on their backs

You cant teach all of history, teachers fail cause they dont have the fortitude to tell the feds the programs are failing the majority to try to save the few. No child left behind, SEL, school to prison pipeline, Zero tolerance all garbage. Hey if at first we fail just fail fail again. They begin pilot programs of some retards brain fart, manipulate about the results or use such a small success demographic to shove the crap nation wide. Yes its been done for decades thats why new teachers cry on tic toc when they are mis-gendered by the pre-k kid. Why its ok to hide the transgender rapist, slide them into another school to rape again. They really just collect a paycheck while turning the kiddos into a homogenized pile of useless goo. Can’t pass the test lower the standards.

You still have no idea at all what SEL is.

Social emotional learning, and it has obviously not improved education.Feelings are not knowledge nor are emotions.
Students chasing down people to harm them for their religion or their opinion proves that.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

I don’t mean what the letters stand for; I mean what it’s about—and you still don’t.

This week, my district’s prescribed lesson is about helping kids learn how to reduce stress by developing their time-management skills.

How insidious!

Equity, a code word for homoginized, nose under the tent for dont let those that excel get anything. So lets cut those programs out. Yes I looked at the description of SEL it is insidious. Problem is you just cant see that. Are you telling us your lessons cause stress? Gee what about the chill kid that understood it last week, got his lesson completed in time, why are you holding that kid back from learning something new?
I know you got a bone and are going to chew on it, so go ahead make an ass of yourself.
comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

You really went off on a tear about a situation you fabricated entirely in your brain.

I hate to link to all the in your face evidence.
comment image

Please don’t let my expertise get in the way of your opinion.

So you are an expert bwahahahaha.
comment image

comment image

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

I would say that having administered SEL content for decades, first on an ad-hoc basis and then using an established curriculum, does make me an expert compared to you, who has never done so and who knows no more about SEL that can be gleaned from NewsMax.

Your district isnt top in the nation why not look at a model that is and a world contender like before SEL and its pseudo psychology ruined the US educational standing in the world.!
you are lazy and ignorant not an expert.
Newmax isnt a source of mine , another fail.
this is SEL
 Classroom content of dubious academic value based on pop psychology.

Last edited 2 months ago by kitt

Yes I looked at the description of SEL it is insidious. Problem is you just cant see that. 

He sees it. All the left sees it. Those who create it see it. They simply agree with it.