The Secretary of Education don’t know much about history







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Just one imbecile from a group of imbeciles. The department of education along with many other useless departments need to be scuttled.


I doubt Trump will be able to scuttle the nation’s government from a prison cell.

Do try to get help, the article did not mention Trump and TrumpWon’s post didnt either.

Nothing that TrumpWon posts ISN’T about Trump. Robert Crumb figured Trump out 25 years ago.

This is why you leftists can never solve a problem or come up with programs that appeal to the majority; you live in a demented fantasy world.

Actually, this drawing explains the origin of Trump’s complicated comb-over.

Now take it easy there, you could loosen one of those clot shot time bombs, you need to get help now, become an established patient. When Trump wins 2024 all the good shrinks will be full up taking no new patients.

It is unlikely that any help would possibly have any effect on greg. He is a lost cause.

A lobotomy and castration didn’t help him; it only rendered him unable to answer simple questions like is Putin smart.

Gone are the days of the sanatorium. greg would be accepted regardless of his race or ideology.

Make looneybins great again!

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona’s statement is one of the worst twisting of history attempts I have ever seen.
How could he stand up there with a straight face and pretend that was what President Reagan meant?